Simon Bridges gives John Campbell his beans

Uppity teleprompter reader John Campbell has received a kicking from Simon Bridges who is also drawing attention to the manipulative media practices of Campbell Live.

A war of words has erupted with prominent broadcaster John Campbell essentially accusing Tauranga MP Simon Bridges of being incompetent.

Campbell made the accusation after Mr Bridges failed to return a Campbell Livereporter’s calls this week but Mr Bridges said the broadcaster had a narrow view on oil and gas issues and was only out to embarrass him.

At the end of a Campbell Live story about deep-sea oil exploration near Kaikoura on Tuesday, Mr Campbell told viewers Mr Bridges, the Energy and Resources Minister, refused to be interviewed on the subject.

“This is an issue of real public interest and a complex balancing act of pros and cons. There is much for the minister to discuss but Simon Bridges simply refused to be interviewed. Why? We think this is precisely the sort of issue a competent minister can and should front on – responding to public concern, explaining the economic benefits and offering meaningful reassurance about environmental protections.”

“… Minister, the invitation does remain open.”

On the previous night’s show Mr Campbell told viewers neither Parliamentary Service nor Mr Bridges were interested in discussing the living wage with the show.

“In fact, Simon Bridges is proving to be a very difficult minister to get to respond on any issue at all,” Mr Campbell said. 

Why would you go on the show when it is just show boating for John Campbell to roll his eyes, talk down and generally be a poisonous lefty twit with an agenda.

But Mr Bridges last night told the Bay of Plenty Times he was in Tauranga on Monday but could not be on Tuesday’s show because he was on a flight to Australia to meet the new Government’s ministers – but would not have done the interview on Campbell Live’s terms anyway.

“I wouldn’t have done it the way they wanted because they wanted to do a pre-record where they could cut me down to the most embarrassing half second,” he said.

“I’ve done serious interviews on mining and petroleum with all the big TV stations and radio shows. With Campbell Live [the same reporter] did a reasonably lengthy interview with me on another occasion and didn’t run any of it. It seems to me that the reason they didn’t was because it wasn’t embarrassing enough for me.

“They seem to have a slant on the issue. That leaves me a little bit jaundiced about what they want to do with it.

“I’m happy enough to go on the show on the proviso it’s a serious, considered interview that’s live and not edited …”

Campbell Live is not going to bully me on to the show. It’s a free world. He can say what he likes.”

live and unedited is the best way to prevent them putting words in your mouth via judicious editing. Of course not everyone can do that, you have to be quick on your feet and be prepared to have a donny-brook with unctuous twats.


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  • maninblack

    Get John key on there again to smash him…

    • Whafe

      Exactly, if Campbell didn’t learn from that , he is even thicker than two short planks

      • mike

        He did learn, hence why he doesn’t want to interview them live

      • Never in the dark…..

        C’mon, that’s a little unfair……to the planks I mean.

    • Ratchet

      If you’ve seen Simon smash Jacinda to pieces during live interviews, you’ll know that, as an ex-QC, Simon is more than capable of holding his own in live pieces. I’d even put forward that Simon may even make a better job of smashing Campbell than JK did….

  • Whafe

    Good work Simon Bridges, fulkl respect for you in turning down the ego maniac John Cambell…..

    • Bunswalla

      The arrogance of Campbell, especially now that the Walrus has gone. He thinks he owns week-night current affairs and people have to dance to his tune. It’s very rare I agree with anything Helen Clark says, but he really is a “sanctimonious little creep”.

      • MarcWills

        He certainly has little competition – I was unfortunate enough earlier this week to have to watch Seven Sharp on TVOne. Two gays and a metrosexual fronting a tabloid show that would give ‘Womens Weekly’ and ‘New Idea’ a run for the title “Dumb and Dumber” in terms of intelligent content.

        • John Phillips

          The complete idiots at TV1 handed Campbell increased ratings on a plate when they axed Close Up.

  • BG

    Simon’s a class act.

    JC is still smarting from the pantsing that JK gave him live so won’t go one on one with anyone who isn’t there to only agree with him again.

  • Michael

    TV3 has a pro-Labour/Green editorial position. Why would National co-operate with them. You don’t get Labour in the UK providing exclusives to the Daily Telegraph (aka the Torygraph).

  • dumbshit

    the rot is inherant top to bottom

  • blokeintakapuna

    Campbell doesn’t realise he’s on a Bridge to no where… or the bridge he thought he had is actually a plank… no… it’s actually a self-spanking wooden spoon!
    Great response from Simon – make it Live – then no editing can be done! But that would show up the telly prompter reader immensely and he would likely suffer numerous paper cuts shuffling all the papers in front of him. That is – if all his huffing and puffing didn’t blow them all over the studio.
    Mr. Bridges – it would be great of you to do an exclusive guest post on WOBH about oil exploration – where the issue can be talked about credibly without the leftard slants and ideologies getting in the way of clear communication.
    It would also be a great way to rub Campbell’s nose right in it too…

    • Muffin

      Problem is that we aren’t the audience he needs to convince of the economic benefit of oil and gas exploration and extraction in NZ

      • opusx

        You ain’t ever gonna convince greenies and lefties no matter how simply and slowly you explain it….GCSB ring any bells :-)

        • blokeintakapuna

          Has Shearer still got the tape?

      • blokeintakapuna

        True…. But it would demonstrate to the biased MSM how to go about developing credible debate on a given topic.

        Most of NZ hates agenda-driven propaganda created by selective portions of sound bites and want to hear The full story, so a Euchre March against Campbell would not only be an excellent Whale spanking handed out, it might also give TV3 owners pause asking why are they paying Campbell more than $40K to read a TelePrompter?

    • philbest

      Bring on “WhaleTV”…….!!!

  • OhopeBeachBugger

    Love how Campbell seems to think everyone from the PM down is beholden to him and MUST RESPOND IN THE AFFIRMATIVE AND GO ALONG WITH HIS PLANS IMMEDIATELY. Cock.

    • opusx

      My invitation to John Campbell is to shut the fuck up and fuck off….it’s an open invitation too.

      • rickh

        What opusx said….. Campbell is a complete and utter tosspot.

        • David Tocker

          I prefer ‘fucktard’

      • Euan Ross-Taylor

        John Campbell, there is an open invitation to come and eat shit at my house for you. If you do not accept, then in your words, that makes you incompetent. Your downhill dive is accelerating.

  • blokeintakapuna

    After trying to watch one of his programmes again recently I came to the conclusion that the BSA is either completely incompetent when it comes to ensuring fair and balanced reporting from TV media, or they are giving a “free pass” to TV media as they are ideologically sympathetic, or a combination of both.
    How does the TV media get away with such blatant bias night after night? Where is the watch dog?

    • opusx

      Aren’t the BSA state owned though?

    • manuka416

      Aren’t the BSA reactive rather than proactive? e.g. they only investigate when complaints have been received? There’s been a few occasions when the media have been forced to retract and apologise by the BSA for inaccurate or slanted reporting.

    • I think the BSA take the view that if you are stupid enough to watch Campbell Live, then you are stupid enough ….

  • GregM

    Good on him. The best thing the government could do is just refuse to appear on any of these bullshit programs. Campbells credibility and relevance would end up in the sewer where it belongs.

    • opusx

      Exactly…there’s nowhere written that MP’s must front media to have their words twisted, tainted and have some biased twat try and embarrass you for ratings….they have Question day in the house for that.

      • Euan Ross-Taylor

        Good point. So Campell should contact his local Labour MP and get them to ask his questions in the House!

        • DLNZ

          There’s already enough stupid questions asked in the house by Labour and Greens without adding John Campbell to the mix.

  • rightoverlabour

    People still watch the little gnome’s show? Not that I watch much TV anyway…..

    • Team ENZ

      I do not watch any TV3’s news nor that slimy lapdog JC Live.. I just switched to History channel, much educational than TV3’s crap.

  • DavidW

    Stopping buying Mazdas would be a small but economically significant start to showing Campbell where the power really lies.

    • DLNZ

      Ironic that JC is spouting on about drilling for oil, while he is sponsored by a company that makes petrol powered cars.

  • Macca

    This just makes me like the cut of Simons jib even more!

  • Simon Bridges is proving to be one of National’s rising stars. I like the cut of his jib.

  • Phar Lap

    Campbell always acts and looks like a feeble minded little pest.Rumour has it he suffers from small man syndrome,and like people of his ilk ,full of made dog shite.

  • Jman

    Campbell probably doesn’t want to do another live show after the spanking John Key gave him. Maybe he should rename his show Campbell Edited.

    • opusx

      Exactly. So lets get this right..JC fronts a show called Campbell Live, but they want guests to front up earlier so they can pre-record the show, then edit it to their liking, then run it as a ‘live’ show. I think the producers may be a bit safer in calling it Campbell at 7′ or some other such inane title. And the kicker is some other complete and total plonker is paying them to do all this. It would actually be funny if it wasn’t so tragic.

  • Col

    Go Simon, well said.

  • Well done Simon Bridges. If enough interviewees took that attitude Campbell would rapidly be replaced with a responsible ethical journalist – and I might go back to watching TV3.

  • rockape

    What Simon Bridges should do is invite Cambell at short notice to Parliament. Allow the interview to be conducted with one camera and no producer present. No earpiece and Cambell sitting on a chair. I would cut an inch off the front legs of the chai( an old interview technique,to make Cambell a bit uncomfortable. See how the leftie wonderboy does then. Cambell, a TV legend in his own mind,a minnow in mine.

    • Bunswalla

      And make sure #HeyClint is nowhere around to tell him if he’s happy or not!

  • philbest

    Great, scarcely anything is more needed in this country than conservative/free market politicians and other spokespeople who can stand up to the lefty media propagandists. Sometimes one sees some great stuff on US TV shows, that we never see over here. Lefty interviewers like Piers Morgan getting their ass handed to them.

  • Patrick

    What is the point of this 20th century media like Campbell anyway? If National need to get their message out then use the tools available & leave a tool like Campbell to his socialist Labour Party arse licking.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    I think the garden gnome will never do a live interview after his backside was canned heavily by the PM…..

  • Meg

    This is what passes for a giving of beans by WO these days????

    Rather weak. Now I would love to see a thread about how the Education Minister has had another one of her decisions overturned by the courts for being illegal, as opposed to these too common panic threads designed to save National at the next election.

  • Bruno 32

    As a Kaokoura voter I am very happy to find out if there is oil on my doorstep. Extracting it will be another story. Campbell should do a story on why Kaikoura has the highest number of alcohol related hospital admissions per capita compared to all other health districts in Canterbury. Sir Marks comments would be a great introduction.

  • Bryan

    well he wanted him and he got him with a left hook and a right hook and he was not going to be interrupted by Campbell that’s now two National guys have done him over and he even begged for 2 more minutes from his producer and made it worse he is just so basically rude, simple manners expect that when you ask someone a question you let them answer not shout over them John that was appalling last night and going on the last time many people would have changed channel and you really lost it towards the end petty name calling is gutter stuff those producers have ruined you, you used to be good but no longer

  • SDCLFC1 .

    Bridges came across as a shouty mad man frothing at the mouth. What was his issue?I’m not a National voter but have to concede how good Steven Joyce is at fronting an interview. Bridges would’ve been better adopting Joyce’s relaxed and measured approach rather than the fury he adopted last night. Would not have been surprised if he got a visit from Malcolm Tucker this morning.

  • rouppe

    It’s not just John Campbell either. Samantha whats-her-name this morning was regularly interrupting and talking over the Prime Minister