Simon Bridges swings while John Campbell breaks the law


Last night John Campbell got a taste of his own medicine with Simon Bridges coming out swinging against the typical biased reporting on Campbell Live.

Campbell meanwhile, will be plotting his revenge on the young minister – by using those good old cleaners in Parliament as mere pawns in his drive for more ratings.

As highlighted on this blog, John Campbell is about to ensure MPs break the law


In a stunt to highlight the plights of Parliament’s workers – who are actually employed by BSC member Spotless Cleaning Services, some MPs are blatantly about to ignore Parliament’s health and safety  requirements. Not a good look to have MPs breaking their own laws.

But what John Campbell doesn’t quite realise is that he’s actually helping Simon Bridges bring about changes to the Employment Relations Amendment Bill, particularly that little clause Part6A.

Currently Part6A required organisations to directly employ individuals at short notice, sometimes without providing any opportunity for the employing organisation to manage its health and safety risk.

As these MPs seek to support exploit the cleaners by undertaking their work on Parliamentary premises, what’s the bet John Campbell isn’t following the requirement to:

  • undertake a health assessment to ensure the individual can undertake the activities that they’re engaged to do
  • Ensure they’ve passed a drug screen test
  • Assessed the competency of the individual (in this case MPs) to ensure an adequate level of supervision and instruction required to ensure that individuals safety while cleaning working in Bowne House
  • Assessed the suitability of the individual (insert MPs exploiting cleaners) to comprehend and follow work instructions, work safety and avoid causing harm to themselves or others
  • Provide an adequate Health and Safety induction process to ensure they are kept safe and are aware of their obligations

But Simon Bridges isn’t quite off the hook.

Information via the tip-line is suggesting all is not rosy with Part6A which may in fact expose the Government to culpability in the event of a workplace injury or worse – a fatality, where it’s demonstrated that an organisation  Campbell Live was unable to take all practicable steps to ensure the safety of a person Labour/Green Taliban MPs/pretend MP Brendon Horan, due to restrictions imposed by this legislation.

Looks like the war between Simon Bridges and Campbell Live may take some exciting new twists.



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  • Michael

    I wonder when John will turn up on the labor list.. .

    • OT Richter

      I wonder when John will turn up on top of the labour list.

    • AnonWgtn

      Even they would not have him.

  • OhopeBeachBugger

    I wasn’t too impressed with Simon last night as that tool Campbell managed to remain calm while Bridges got a bit huffy. Would have been better had Bridges remained icy cool like JK did, and get blustery paper shuffling fuckwit Campbell on the back foot. Anyway. One thing was for sure – Campbell is a fucking tool of note. Who does he think he is, an elected representative of the people?

    • Michael

      I do agree a bit, Simon was getting ruffed, he has some learning to do from Key on how to slap down Campbell.

    • AnonWgtn

      Probably pity Bridges was not in the studio for the discussion and not via link.

  • Guest

    I wonder when John will turn up on top of the labour list

  • LionKing

    If Campbell Live doesn’t treat the health and safety laws with respect then they should be prosecuted. It’s not good enough for Labour MPs to bang on about health and safety in the workplace and then go and ignore them. There’s a word for that and it starts with a big H.

  • Agent BallSack

    Is anyone else getting sick of Campbell clutching his head whenever something is said he doesnt agree with?

    • Andy

      I just want to punch the guy. Then he’d be holding his head

      • Agent BallSack

        He should pluck his eyebrows on his own time.

      • pukakidon

        What punch that spaghetti armed little whimp. He would run off crying to his mummy.

    • Patrick

      Poncey little drama queen not getting what he wanted. Bet he huffs & puffs & whines all the time when Mummy says he has to do his chores at home.
      Perfect candidate for a smack on the arse, that’ll sort out his attitude.

      • Callum

        You are so bang on Patrick. You can just tell that Simon Bridges would throw a tantrum and run to Mummy if he didn’t get his own way.
        God know why he got a Cabinet position.
        I think Key would do well to distance himself from from that poncey whiner.

  • Andy

    This is seismic exploration. We haven’t even got to the drilling part, and we may never do so

    • expression07

      Indeed. Wish Campbell and the Green Party understood this. Finding a viable reservoir at which to drill is far from certain, and even if it is it may not be financially viable.

      • Patrick

        Oh they do understand it but will never let facts get in the way of their propaganda & hoodwinking of the voters & audience.
        Kiwis need to be smarter.

        • Andy

          The seismic work scares the whales
          I have heard that several times

          • Patrick

            You can rest easy because during Campbell’s piece last night we were introduced to a local who will be monitoring the whale behaviour. Never mind some sort of scientific approach to see if there is a change in behaviour what we have is a chappie involved in the local whale tourism industry who will be able to cry foul every time the tourist numbers drop. I am sure he will do his best to remain impartial.
            Never let it be said that Campbell lets the facts or a scientific study get in the way of taking pot shots at progress and jobs.

        • philbest

          Exactly, tourism is a low wage industry anyway. Everyone should watch the late Sir Paul Callaghan’s presentation on “Beyond the Farm and Theme Park” and “Mapping our Future”

          I promise you, not a waste of watching time. This should be “viral” stuff for New Zealand

    • Andy

      Looking at the map on the Anadarko website here:

      The Pegasus basin prospect looks to be closer to Wellington and the west coast of the NI than to Kaikoura

      Am I missing something?

  • BW_Lord

    The left is all up in arms singing the praises of comrade Campbell for his performance last night.

    They seriously must have been watching a completely different interview (and I use that word with a bit of skepticism). I think Simon did as well as could be expected in getting across the issues, in the face of an opponent rather than a journalist, who clearly had no interest in hearing the answers to his own questions.

    C’mon TV3, haven’t we had about enough of this anti-everything communist prick on our evening tv?

    • Agent BallSack

      Drama is News, ergo News should be Drama

    • The weapons grade howling would suggest Simon Bridges hit the mark

      • Callum

        Are you suggesting Simon Bridges intended to explode this issue into a shouting match rather than calmly dealing with it Whaleoil?
        Or are you grasping at straws in an attempt to try and find some kind of positive out of this whole mess.

  • Mr Sackunkrak

    I think Bridges may have over-egged it. But then again, when faced with a crusading “journalist”, perhaps a good shout down was in order.

  • Callum

    My Lord, I’m as bigger John Key fanatic as you’ll find as many of you will know. But come on people, there’s showing your support and there is being delusional.

    Lets face reality here, Campbell made Bridges out to look like an freakish angry little mad man.

    This issue should have been capped off, instead bridges blew it up into something bigger than the gulf of Mexico.

    I worry about National’s depth and the state of the right. Especially if they are claiming something like this as a victory when it clearly is not.

    • James Howlett

      A calm statement of facts, maybe walking through the consent process start to finish, explanation of the benefits. You need to acknowledge work at depth is going to go beyond what is currently being done but weigh any risk up against the benefits to the country. That’s all we needed. Campbell went into the Key interview looking for a fight and came across very poorly. To me it looks like Bridges has made the same mistake. Frustrating because the facts are on the government’s side and this was a real opportunity to convey those facts.

      • OhopeBeachBugger

        Agree 100% James. Bridges went into the interview with an axe to grind and it was apparent. Whether or not he has an axe to grind is besides the point – he should have risen above that, instead of taking Campbell’s bait.

        • Patrick

          How does the saying go – “sometimes the rapier is better than the longsword”
          Bridges would have achieved more with a “silent assassin” approach rather than a slanging match

    • BW_Lord

      It would take almost superhuman patience and control to even contemplate sitting at the table with the arsehole..

      Bridges probably could have done better by controlling his temper, but the points he made were about as concise as possible in answering the commies questions.
      The problem was Campbell was pushing on with his agenda before even waiting for Simon to answer.

  • GarethsPussy

    “Ensure they’ve passed a drug screen test”

    The results of which will be most interesting….

  • AnonWgtn

    Watched Shortland Street as instructed – more sex there.

  • Patrick

    About time National fought the bullshitters but they need to fight fire with facts & take the emotions out of their responses. Bridges obviously despises Campbell (join the queue & it is a friggin long one) but he needed to calm it down a notch, otherwise they risk handing Campbell the high ground. Key’s interview is the example to be emulated.
    With all the back ‘n forth I suspect the facts have been missed – at this stage we are talking about seismic exploration only, not dozens of wells all over the place. Once it is established that there is indeed oil worth going after then we deal with the risks.

  • anrky_al

    Ssshhitttt…! the sound of rope being severed as Bridges is cut loose. A boy who definitely was shown today as unable to do the job.

  • slade52

    Campbell needs to learn that the second part of asking a question is listening to the answer. No doing so is just rude. He’s got two ears and one mouth and should learn to use them in that proportion.

  • Bryan

    well sometimes the best defence is attack, as campbell did not like been given some of his own rudeness back and his blantant bad manners is turning women viewers off in droves, to the point now they find his style too stressful to watch after a busy day at work or at home, so they just turn it off

    He needs to go back to Paul Holmes style where he relaxed them and then quietly would drop in a short phrase that was a time bomb and his interviewee would start to answer and then suddenly really realize what he had asked and then it was too late they had done the damage and Paul would just grin knowing they had done it we really miss his skill

  • This_comment_was_deleted

    That was a spectacular own goal by the Minister. I was embarrassed for him.

    His inexperience showed and unfortunately he was slipping about inside the ministerial shoes that night.

    For the first part of the interview he gave the appearance of schilling on behalf of Anadarko, giving the appearances that he’d just come from an industry media briefing.

    Unfortunately in this instance he forgot he was a Minister of the Crown.

    His utilization of the ‘wall of white sound’ tactic, whereby you attempt to create a discordant barrier of sound to prevent the others words from be intelligible to the audience and contest the control of the airspace, is a questionable tactic when employed against another guest or political opponent, but when against the host?

    My word, if this is not the hubris of one ill advised man but an example of National’s new media strategy for the coming election year it will have their opposition weeping with joy.

    Attacking the hosts and disrupting the interviews will play to the brown shirts and extremes but repel the civil moderates.

    I’m presuming the tirade was his own idea, as professional media advisers would be more circumscribed. If not, then he needs to off load them asap as he came across as an arrogant mouthy prick, with the final flourish of a smarmy smirk issuing forth from what I can only describe as an eminence of hubris-tic sense of besting his ‘foe’, confirming such. “We should do it again sometime’.

    Really, play ground behavior from a minister?

    The only reason the interview wasn’t cut short was in recognition of his office. Its a pity the same eluded him.

    And all this fhis from the man that when in private practice told the Author of the legal text book on the matter before the court, that he obviously didn’t know the relevant law.

    It’s a pity he did check the copy he was referencing on his own desk before launching into condescension. Nothing has changed it appears.

    This is also the minister who was responsible for negotiating the Iwi exception clause in the recent FCV bill and whom then ran a mile from when becoming aware he’d crossed certain industry interests.

  • DLNZ

    If it was me I would have let JC rant and rant, looked at my watch and asked him when the interview was actually going to start and shot him down in flames.

  • maclir

    Do you know what a Bill is?

  • Never in the dark…..

    I put my self through as much agony as I could take of this episode on TV3 OnDemand.

    To suggest that JC won this bout would be a stretch, but whether SB was the outright winner, I don’t know. He’s obviously got a long way to go. Ballsy and able to serve it, sure. Sell it? Not quite there yet.

    He was certainly right to support Anadarko though. Far from a shill though. They’re at the centre of the project and the base that JC’s prelude started on. While they may have injected US$4billion into the rig that failed in the Gulf, they weren’t part of its operation. Something JC is well aware of. But why let the facts get in the way of a good story?, as they say. But that’s something SB should’ve known JC would harp on, and should’ve been able to more forcibly counter.

  • ozbob68

    The oil companies haven’t reached the point of drilling so trotting out pictures of current limited resources in no way indicates resources will be lacking at the appropriate time later. John seems to think this should be decided by the media, not the scientists, and oooh, he just happens to have a tv program with his name on it. What a creep.

  • WABloke

    John Campbell is a fuckwit.

  • Richard

    John might be Len Brown’s new love interest after the careful staged tear jerker – that – fooled- no one tonight.

  • pukakidon

    What a contrast in the space of one day. First of all Campbell doesn’t let the interviewee answer his questions because they don’t give the answer he thinks is right. Then he licks the backside of Lecherous Len. We don’t need any more evidence to prove what a biased twit he is.

  • sider

    Hahaha. This website is a riot. I visited because of the Len Brown publicity and stayed for the laughs. You guys (I assume there’s more than one) are well worth the price of admission. I would happily pay double that to read all this. Best website since The Onion started.