Spot on Cameron

Cameron Brewer is spot on in challenging Len Brown over his idiot support of the living wage.

If he wants to introduce the living wage then he should cut services elsewhere, he won’t instead he will sock ratepayers again.

Auckland Councillor for Orakei Cameron Brewer says Mayor Len Brown needs to get the fat council salaries under control first and foremost before he puts his hand out for even more money from the poor old suburban ratepayers with his recent promise of introducing a Living Wage at Auckland Council.

“Our wage bill is growing significantly every year and it’s now at $702m for 10,616 staff. Let’s focus on managing that before even digging even a bigger hole for ratepayers to fill. 

“It’s totally out of whack that the number of Auckland Council staff (including the CCOs)  earning more than $100,000 has increased by 20.4% in the past 12 months to 1,510 people at 30 June 2013,” Mr Brewer says.

The latest Annual Report also reveals that the total number of council staff earning over $200,000 is up another 15 people, now at 113. While the total number of council employees is up 459 from 10,157 to 10,616 in the past 12 months – outpacing overall increases in rates income.

The total annual wage and salary bill hit $693m in 2012/13 up from $655m on the previous financial year. It the current 13/14 year the staff bill will exceed $700m.

“Despite these out-of-control numbers, the Mayor and a majority of his centre-left councillors keep pushing management to adopt a Living Wage – a policy that is now estimated to cost the council at least another $3.75m each year.”


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  • maninblack

    fuck Len Brown, and fuck his living wage.

    Go back to fixing pot holes, and keeping the parks in order Len. FFS.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Don’t trouble Lentils with mundane issues bro.

  • ConwayCaptain

    An av salary of just over 66K per person

  • Team ENZ

    mark my words.. LB will still be voted in…and the rates will rise, wages will rise, spending will rise.. win win for all…

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Now that you have realised the philosophy of the left, you will attain peace and live happily ever after under the regime of Lentils and Curryleaf….

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Lentils has calculated introducing living wage will cost only a mere 2.5M extra per annum. Just a 1% rate increase will cover that folks….

  • cows4me

    Lefty Lenny is just engaging in what all lefties crave the most, a beholding bloated bureaucracy that needs constant feeding. Thus Lenny is the master in control of the swill tap and all must lick the master’s arse . 10,616, geez you poor bastards are getting screwed to the max. Fuck that’s 10.6 or so people per square Km, you guys must have heaps of work up there.

  • rusty

    Council and their apologists claim they have to pay market rates to compete with the private sector. As someone who deals with council planners, engineers etc I can assure you dear reader that less than 10% of council staff are in any danger of being employed in the private sector. hence there is no risk of them losing staff to the private sector so pay them less.

    The same applies for Auckland Transport and Watercare. How many top staff from council are from the private sector? Sweet FA. Any planner, engineer etc who leaves the private sector to work at a council is ridiculed by their peers and branded a lazy prick.

  • FredFrog


  • AnonWgtn

    Len Brown is like Barak Obama – Insert Socialism to get me voted, but not reducing any expenses to pay for it
    – borrow more after all in Auckland it is only the ratepayers who will pay for any debts incurred. (plus my Trains additionally).
    Remember Clinton and Illinois Senator Obama (at the time) created the US Sub Prime Mortgage situation exactly the same way (only bigger).

  • Feck

    If this is a living wage, then presumably the current isn’t. So they are dead. Which explains the levels of service.