Sunday General Debate


Well, what about that game eh?

(I have no idea how it turned out, as I’m queueing this post the night before!)

But yeah!  Wow!!   What about that ref?

Another open debate post – use the following debating topic if you need a nudge

Local Body elections.  Should you bother voting?  If not, why not?  With such low turnouts, if you don’t vote, the crackpots will get their say.


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  • Pete George

    If you are from Dunedin and like the picture of the tree than don’t vote, Cull the watermelon mayor will deliver the same old – which is not much unless you ride a bike.

    If you want a mayor and council that values job and economic growth then vote for candidates who can deliver more than vague green ideology – Dunedin city desperately needs more business and political savvy

    And vote against ‘Greater’ Dunedin dominance, they should have been honest and called themselves Greener Dunedin.

    Vote for a positive change, otherwise Dunedin remain in the doldrums but will have plenty of near empty cycle ways.

    • Honcho

      Please edit this for grammar Pete.

      I do love the sunlight you have shone upon the Greens and their even dodgier hangers on, but if you want support then please at least make your writings readable.
      The greens most unlike the trees they at least claim to hug, shrivel and die when exposed to sunlight.

    • Dave

      Pete You still owe me a response to a post last week, take a look at last Sundays General Debate.

      Dunedin and Otago occupy some of the most beautiful areas in NZ, yet the region is one of the least progressive and the council Choc-a-bloc full of numbness and execs who simply resist all change to protect their own patch. It is in need of a very very serious clean out.

      Please answer Pete, where do you stand?

      • Pete George

        I don’t owe you a response but am happy to give one, I misse your question last week.

        I agree that there is a problem in council with some people trying to protect their patch and some people resisting initiatives that I think would be beneficial (for example the rail tunnel trail which would be a boon for tourism).

        Rather than ‘a serious cleanout’ I favour a serious change in culture so council is 100% there to do what the CEO, the elected councillors and mayor and the people of Dunedin want them to do. Leading by example and putting a splotlight on negative activities is one way to achieve this.

        • Dave

          Hmmm we seem to agree in principal. Councilors, voice and ears, strategy formation, Mayor to get unison and one voice from council direct CEO to draft Strategy and budgets, referred to council for finessing and budgetary approval.

          Seriously take a look at the council Exec staff, anyone on over say ….. $80K, then take the average of a comparable private sector organization, and say Pnth and the Tron councils, you will find the average exec team member tenure with council and the average wage is higher with less being achieved. Dunedin CC is amongst the most archaic council in NZ!! thats a biggie when there are so many small councils in bu….F nowhere.

          A spotlight, NO, it needs serious leadership from a STRONG council and MAyor, and a very strong CEO to lead Change – thats LEADERSHIP. A lot to do there Pete.

          • Pete George

            I agree that Dunedin needs a strong mayor and council, much stronger than at present, but you have to remember that the council staff are managed by the CEO, not mayor. Nevertheless I want to see a redirection of focus from strategies and plans to actually doing things. Current council has spent a term “developing an economic development strategy” while doing bugger all about economic development. That’s a scandal that needs to be rectified.

  • Phar Lap

    What a game.Also what is happiness,watching 63,000 Yappies leaving Ellis Park,before the game was over.Maybe an exaggeration,just looked that way, as the mighty All Blacks smashed the Springboks 38 -27.

    • Mrs P got up at 4am to watch. As I had to be at work by 7, I decided to forego the chance, but now I’m a bit sore I did. A true spectacle I’m told.

      • Phar Lap

        Yes you missed the game of a lifetime.Mrs Phar Lap made sure I would be up.She said no up”.NO UP’.

    • David

      ALL BLACKS!! Yes, great game well worth rising at 4am to see. All the players gave their all on both sides and the ref, Nigel Owens, was excellent too. We are the champions.

  • Michael

    It’s hard to make a sensible vote when all the candidates are blander than boiled bricks. All my local choices promise low rates, better services, and free puppies. At least the Wellington Regional Council is more interesting, with all the pro Super City candidates likely to be voted off and replaced with anti Super City ones.

    Our suburban giveaway has gone feral on our Mayor by virtually endorsing a nut case who wants to build a skifield in Wainuiomata, and also a long serving councillor who they incorrectly accused of being in his 80s and a bit doddery because the other candidate is young and pretty.

    • I really intended to take it seriously, but I instead got bogged down in the mind numbing or hair raising material to make my judgement on. Perhaps I’ll choose sitting councillors and a new mayor. Should keep things off balance enough.

    • Cadwallader

      Agree. Sometimes a conscious decision not to vote is preferable to a vote for the sake of it. My papers have been destroyed intact.

    • Hazards001

      A skifield in Wainuiomata? That’s right up there with a white water rafting center in Manukau.

      These troughers just have an endless well of over abundant stupidity to draw from when funded with other peoples money don’t they?

      • Michael

        Well, at least this idiot is going to lose by 20,000 votes. Out of 30,000 votes cast.

  • Bunswalla

    – Win the Rugby Championship twice in a row, winning every game? Marvellous

    – Win both halves despite conceding two tries in each, playing half the second 40 with only 14 men? Courageous

    – Beat the Boks at Ellis Park for only the 4th time ever, after horrendous travel, and playing at altitude with a Captain returning from serious knee injury? Inspirational

    – Watch the jaapies first go silent, then file out of that magnificent stadium early because they know they’re beaten?


  • tarkwin

    I drove through West Auckland yesterday. Election bill boards everywhere. The people responsible for said bill boards looked even dodgier than the crop of shady characters up here. I suppose a bigger trough is always going to attract more undesirables.

    • Tell me about it. The streets and roads I frequent to and from work are littered with them, thanks Greg Presland.

      • tarkwin

        It’s frightening to think our future leaders look like the kind of people who sell Amways or used cars.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    So did anyone show up to this Greenpeice protest thing? Haven’t seen any images about it so i assume it was less than 5 people?

    • snakebit

      Yeah i was there…was supposed to bring the kool-Aid but couldnt find any so got 7Up instead…they were not happy.

      • Dave

        Did you all share a 600 Ml bottle, seems enough to go around.

  • What about that ref? A world class performance, that’s what. It’s easy to bag referees, but Nigel Owens contributed hugely to a magnificent game of rugby.

    • He did a good job, poor bugger nearly blew a valve.

      • Bunswalla

        Yes apparently he blew a calf. Thought it was a Greenpeace rally when I heard that.

        • Dave

          Hate to see the green party whale blowing anything.

    • David

      Agree, that was the best refereeing display I’ve seen for a long time.

    • Bunswalla

      Apart from allowing the Boks to take a quick tap penalty when he still had time off after sin-binning Liam Messam.

      Have a look at the replay – the clock stays the same until well after the try. He had called time off to dish out the yellow card, which is usual, but hadn’t signalled time back on. Messam was still on the pitch in any case.

  • Tantric

    First there was the Peoples Choice candidate for the Hagley community board who was sexting a young girl and had to quit, and now I am informed about the Peoples Choice candidate for the Burwood/Pegasus community board who belongs to a swingers group and is not only living in a threesome relationship (along with her children), but apparantly is also in another threesome relationship with another older couple. One might think that her sexuality is none of our business, but remember the Peoples Choice is tied to the next mayor of Christchurch, Lianne Dalziel and the community board is just the first stop before becoming elected as a city councillor.
    Do we really want these immoral men and women representing us? I for one certainly dont!!

    • Sidey

      Do you have a vested interest in bringing this to our attention anonymously? Are you standing for the board yourself, or related/know someone who is? Or just a Ned Flanders, curtain twitcher type? If someone was to sift through your personal life, how squeeky clean would you be?

      You certainly seem to a know a lot about the alleged situation.I agree it all seems more than a little unsavoury, but you seem to have gone to some trouble to bring this our attention. Why not stand yourself and publicly campaign on this if it offends you so much?

      • Tantric

        I am not involved in politics in any way and am not standing for any position in the local body elections.
        My life: reasonably squeaky clean, but I’m sure someone could find something that they don’t agree upon about me. But then if I was to run for elected office, then I would have to be prepared to put my life out in the public for whatever scutiny was required.

        • Sidey

          Fair enough, thanks.
          You do have to wonder what goes through people’s minds when they decide to run for public office knowing stuff like this is floating around. Blinded by $ & power probably.
          Mind you, you do have to wonder what goes through people’s minds deciding to stand for public office at all…

          • Tantric

            I’m not sure what reasons Ms Cummings may have for running for community board, and I have no reason to believe that she is not genuine in her wish to represent people in her ward.
            Just as those electors have the right to know if there is anything in Miss Cummings personal life that would impact on her decision making!

  • Tantric

    Photos lifted from a swingers website of a candidate for Burwood/Pegasus community board!! Would you vote for someone who does this?

    • People voted for Georgina Beyer. I guess it comes down to how capable she is when she ain’t swingin’?

      (as an aside, and this goes to everyone – our Terms and Conditions for running ads on our site is that we keep certain standards – please consider this before posting images to the comments if they are appropriate for everyone. If not, then provide a way for people to choose to see it – thanks)

      • Tantric

        How do I delete the post with the images?

        • I replied to your email. In short, Disqus doesn’t allow management of attached images – not even to Admins. So the only options are to let it ride or to delete the whole message.

          Just let this one be.

          • Tantric

            Okies…. lesson learned :)

      • Tantric

        Community Board members make lots of decisions affecting all of us, including decisions based on morality (eg placement of brothels in the city). If a member of the community board has an openly predesposition to liberal views then how can we be sure they are not making decisions based on there own personal viewpoint rather than what is best for the community?

        • Bunswalla

          Of course they make decisions based on their own personal viewpoint, that’s the whole purpose of it. Their decisions about what’s best for the community have nothing to do with your perceptions of “morality” whatever the hell that is.

          Belonging to a swingers’ club is none of anyone’s business and if nobody is harmed and consenting adults get their jollies, so what?

          If you want to take down a candidate you don’t “approve of”, best thing is to stand yourself, get out on the hustings and tell people why YOU offer a beter solution than whoever it is you don’t like.

          Let the voters make their choice on what you and your rivals can do for the community, not on your narrow sexual hang-ups.

          • Tantric

            I’m sorry, but I disagree. If someone is standing as a candidate in local body or national politics, then I have a right to know any relevant information about them. These people are quite often called upon to make moral decisions on our behalf (eg the current controversy about prostitutes in Christchurch) and therefore we should know if a candidate has moral issues that may impact on their decision making.

      • Tantric

        Georgina Beyer was at least open about who she is and her personal life was fully out there for people who may be considering to vote for her to know.

    • Lion_ess

      She looks like she’s already in a trough – she doesn’t need another.

      Anyone stupid enough to put photos of this nature out in the public domain, precludes themselves from holding public office. Credibility is zero, plus the potential for conflicts of interest and/or blackmail. This pig doesn’t need paying from the public purse.

    • williamabong

      Just two questions
      1. What were you doing on said website?
      2. Did you find what you were looking for?

      Edit. Link please, purely for research of course.

      • Tantric

        I was shown the website by another person who was concerned that the Peoples Choice candidates seem to be involved in activity outside of the norm and not disclosing it to their electors. I am not a member of that website, and would never want to be a member. My husband and I are perfectly happy to be faithful to each other and have no need to pursue sexual activity outside of our marriage.
        But I guess it is relevant that the website in question be disclosed so people can make their own minds up: Southern Cross Swingers

        • Bunswalla

          Oh wow, people choose to have sex outside their marriage – shock horror probe!

          Wake up Princess, it’s 2013 now and you better figure out what the new ‘norm’ is, and FYI girlfriend, I wouldn’t be surprised if that husband of yours knows more about that site than you think ;-)

          • Tantric

            So you really believe the new “norm” is swinging?
            And if my husband wants to show an interest in a swinging site then that is his personal choice. The point you seem to be missing is not whether the candidate is a swinger or not, but whether her electors have a right to know that she is a swinger!! And I still believe that anyone choosing to run for public office has a responsibilty to do a full disclosure about themselves so that we really do know who we are voting for!!

    • Rodger T

      FFS,tell Paul to put his shirt back on!

    • GazzW

      Swingers is a fairly apt description.

  • Steve (North Shore)
  • johnbronkhorst

    Posted this last night. Maybe you didn’t see it. I think it is more stupidity and economic ignorance from the greens.

    it will be easier for people to generate their own electricity and sell any surplus to the national grid under a proposal announced by the Greens.

    “At the moment there are no directives or incentives for power companies to purchase surplus power off small scale generators,” Gareth Hughes, the energy spokesman for the Greens, said on Saturday.
    Just read this drivel on Yahooxtra.
    To go “off grid” ie supply all your own power, let alone generate enough power and storage (which is necessary), to sell back to the grid. will cost you between $30 000 and $50 000 for the wind and solar generation and the batteries to store power when you can’t generate it.
    At an average power bill of say $300 per month it will take at least 8 years and 4 months to pay for the installation.
    Maintenance costs of around $1000 per year (I think, were the quoted numbers).
    So for 3 months you get nill return due to maintenance ie only saving for 8 months a year So pay back is about 12 1/2 years replacement is required every 15 years ie life of the system.
    So all things being equal you will get 2,5years of free power after 12.5 years. IF and it is a big if, nothing does wrong in those 12.5 years, no storm damage earthquake etc.
    Expected battery life maximum of 7 years, but can be as little as 3 years.

    • Patrick

      Sounds good – I am considering a small scale nuclear power plant smilar to this – Costing 25 million (US), supplying 20k homes, shouldn’t take long to pay back the investment. No bigger than a bathtub, I could even get half a dozen, put them in the garage. In drought years I will be the only game in town.
      Will the Greens sign off on the RMA consent?

  • johnbronkhorst

    1500 of Auckland Council’s most poorly paid workers are likely to be the biggest winners in this month’s local body elections.

    Mayor Len Brown has endorsed the living wage of 18-dollars-40 an hour.

    Earlier this year councillors voted to investigate adopting the living wage as a minimum payment – at a cost to ratepayers of $2.5 million.

    Mr Brown’s endorsement is helping the idea gain fresh traction.

    Councillors including Cathy Casey and Richard Northey are now reiterating their support.

    Well Auckland, you know who vote against now!!
    Ask Hamilton how the living wage went down, there.

    • DLNZ

      Yeah it went really well for Hamilton. Especially when ratepayers got told how much their rates would go up to pay for it.

    • Honcho

      In Hamilton wasn’t the final costing over ten times what the proponents were initially advertising? wouldn’t at all be surprised if there is a typo there, an ‘ohh woops’ from the office of len brown, “my press secretary had a bit of finger trouble, that ‘m’ was really meant to be a ‘b’, $2.5 billion is what it will actually cost”

    • AnonWgtn

      They do not care about the costs – after all it is only ratepayer’s money.
      They are very happy to spend other people’s money.

    • sheppy

      On the sensible side of the fence John Palino has nominated Cameron Brewer as his Deputy Mayor if he gets in.
      Camerons accepted the offer too

  • Hazards001

    Right! I’ve mailed my vote.

    If you were:

    -Standing on the North shore
    -Standing in multiple electorates and for multiple boards
    -Support higher rates and the implosion of the economy via a living wage
    -Supported community services such as mental health, housing etc.
    -Support increased rates to add more layers of bureaucracy
    -Have done nothing for the last 15 years but work for council or boards
    -Have a genuine belief that you know what is best for me and how I should live
    -Have experience in the touchy feely world of social policy
    -Have no business experience

    Have all the above + avoided a jail sentence for shit driving causing death


    • Tom

      Still trying to get ahold of my bloody voting papers!

      • Steve (North Shore)

        Just ask someone to print some more for you :)

        • Tom

          You think that’d be easy right?