Sunday General Debate

Hey, it’s a Sunday!

Let’s kick back and enjoy the day.

If you want a chinwag, this is the place for it.

If you need something to wag your chin about, try this for size

Performance enhancing drugs should be legal in sport, but you only compete against others that use them also.


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  • dumbshit

    great idea shoot it up and watch the freak show

  • The day has come.

    Fill the beer fridge.

    Get meat for the bbq.

    Reposition the couch.

    • What? You’re about to change a light bulb?

      • Dave

        Nah Petal, Travis someone else do that for him.

        • I’m not a rich prick. Just a prick.

          • Dave

            Just as well Travis, SCS would have you on his Rich Pricks list and be devising a way to tax everyone who watches Bathurst. his connections are pure evil!

    • Dumrse

      Prelim work was yesterday. House is already in lock down mode, car parks filling.

      • Top 10 shootout was great last night, thought Van Gisbergen had it for a while there.

    • Pissedoffyouth

      Have a slab of VB cans to get me into the spirit!

      • Dumrse

        Slab #1is just to get to the start line….

      • Patrick

        Good luck with that considering VB stands for Vomit Bomb. Keep the chunder bucket handy.

    • Rodger T

      I`m picking Courtney and Murph, also bolter Holdsworth and Baird somewhere in the mix cos` Baird knows how get the best out of the Merc.

      • Whincup, but any kiwi (regardless of car make) after that. Would be good if Murph came back as a co driver with some magic, like Skaife did a couple of years ago, certainly possible.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Invite the messiah Curryleaf and let him talk about car races…..

      • The best place for him is standing in the middle of Conrod straight standing behind a piece of grey ply wood.

      • Ronnie Chow

        Cunliffe is the antichrist .[The New Testament treats false messiahs, and antichrists as synonymous.]

      • Ronnie Chow

        Cunliffe is the antichrist .[The New Testament treats false messiahs, and antichrists as synonymous.]

    • Stuarts.burgers

      But have you got the Super Cheap “onese” like the bloke in their ad.
      Just love the Happy Bathurst Day promo such a piss take but so much fun as well.

  • Michael

    Athlete vs Athlete or Chemist vs Chemist?

    • Tom

      Like F1, a drivers championship and a manufacturers chapionship

      • Bunswalla

        They already do this in bodybuilding. There are two kinds of competition – bodybuilding, and “natural” bodybuilding. The natural guys/gals are supposed to be roid-free and do it all naturally. Even then I have my doubts.

      • Dave

        issue 2 medals, one for the athlete and one for the drug manufacturer.

  • BG

    I’d rather they draw a line under the performances from about 1995 and admit everyone who won anything from about 1974 to 1995 was a drug cheat and the records set during this time no longer count.

    Example: Valerie Adams is one of the greatest female shot putters ever yet her best is still about 2 meters behind the world record set in 1978! 1978!!! FFS

    • 1987. Didn’t have to Google far to find that.

      Record was held by a Soviet era Russian, I think we can discount the legitimacy of that. Doping was pretty much policy in the Soviet Union back then.

      • BG

        My bad. Still 87 is fracken long time ago. the alternative is to amend the weight of the shot, discus etc by a few grams and start the records over again. They had to do that with the javelin a while back from memory as they were throwing it on to the track on the other side of the stadium and threatening to kill runners – made the 10,000m a bit exciting tho.

    • Lion_ess

      Draw that line back to the Munich Olympics 1972.

  • onelaw4all
  • Rodger T

    I still maintain that the Seoul Olympics 100 metres was the best I`ve ever seen, not least because of the look on Lewis` face while he`s staring at the back of Johnsons head.

    • Bunswalla

      I think there were very few in that final that didn’t have a positive test in their career – in fact in the top 5 only one never had a positive test in his career (Calvin Smith). Carl Lewis was dirty, as was Linford Christie and Dennis Mitchell.

      • BG

        Described as the dirtiest race in Olympic history, yet only Ben was made to walk the plank for it. It was suspected that Lewis failed a test earlier that year but it was washed under the carpet by US Athletics, which must have been riddled with drugs. Two words…Flo Jo.

  • Honcho

    Yeah, it’s called professional body building. Have a look at the likes of Jay Cutler and tell me he, and everyone he is up against are not on it.

  • Col

    Oh well next is the House sitting on Tue, that may be fun, may even see Hone make a guest appearance ?
    Also asset sales vote coming up, $9million wasted, that could have bought Turei many new jackets, and voice lessons for Noddy Norman.

    • dumbshit

      and a spare flag

    • GazzW

      We will no doubt see a relaunch of the Cunliffe Blitzkrieg – his first effort required a serious revisit to the drawing boards. The Nats front bench is way too smart.

  • Jmac

    Actually the drugs in sport era was already kicking off in the late 50’s. Generally it wasn’t until about the 80’s when usage really got excessive dosage wise.

    As for the debate question, there is still a place for tested sport. Ensuring a level playing field is rather hard when many countries don’t test out of competition that much. I highly recommend the Joe Rogan experience podcast number 277 with Victor Conte for an informed opinion.

    Last thing: No Jamaican sprinter got tested within 5 months of the London Olympics. Valerie would have had about 15 tests in that time.

  • James Howlett

    Am curious as to the general opinion of how prevalent performance enhancing drugs might be in professional rugby. Our AB’s dominate internationally to a degree that if they were, oh say cyclists, there would be big question marks over them. Any thoughts?

    • Can’t say the thought hasn’t passed my mind. But if so, then I also expect it to be happening with the Saffies and the Ockers too.

      Of course, we know the Blacks Caps take drugs. Just not the kind that enhance performance.

      • Guest

        Nah, travis has someone do that technical stuff for him Petal.

    • Nechtan

      The ABs along with the Boks have been a dominant force in rugby long before performance enhancing drugs. I think it has more to do with playing the game as a young child and having the infrastructure like clubs , schools etc that support game. That aside aren’t the players randomly tested?

      • James Howlett

        The infrastructure and NZ cultural norms, combined with the fact it is a niche sport globally, definitely give us an advantage – similar to say Ice Hockey in Canada. In a similar vein our development systems ensure we get close the the best possible outcomes from our small player base. All true, and it would be nice to think this is the full explanation.

        • BG

          true…Brazil and football?

          • James Howlett

            I don’t really see it the same way BG. Football is not a niche sport like rugby. There are many countries similarly crazy about football and with excellent football development systems.

    • GazzW

      I really don’t think so James. These guys can & do play top-level rugby for 15 years and the sport requires 60-90 minutes of maximum physical effort. To my knowledge there are no drugs around that could enhance performances for that length of time without complications or serious implications in later life.

      I might be a tad naive but I don’t think that performance-enhancing drugs are part of the whole rugby ethos.

      • James Howlett

        I honestly have no idea which drug you’d take I’m just curious as to whether people think about drugs in relation to rugby. Rather than 60-90 minutes of max effort, I think of rugby as a series of repeat efforts with effort levels and recovery dependant on position. I’d say if we were really keen we’d find an appropriate drug to help out, maybe different ones for tight/loose forwards/backs? :)

        • Nechtan

          It would be naive I think if we thought there wasn’t some drug enhancement in rugby, maybe not for the 90 mins of game time, but muscle building perhaps? Like you I hope its a minor problem.

        • Martin White

          Um maybe the peptides that according to AADA are sure are prevalent in the NRL and ARL. I would be astounded if there was widespread use of drugs amongst NZ ITM, Super and All Black players.

    • Patrick

      South Africa was rife prior to their readmission in the early 90s. I saw a Currie Cup final in 1990 & could not believe the way they battered each other for 80 minutes, then a few years later the stories came out about the use of roids.

      I believe the players are regularly tested, at least two chosen at random after test matches but am unsure about the lower level competitions such as S15. If you recall there have been a few caught out during RWC – from memory there was a scare involving Anton Oliver using pseudo ephedrine prior to 1999 RWC. I am not casting aspersions on Oliver merely using that incident to suggest there is some sort of drug testing involved with rugby.

  • rockape

    OK Sorry to rain on all this light hearted banter but I am realy pissed. Living wage is driving me nuts!
    WHY; because no socialist can explain this very expensive policy to me other than “its only fair”
    WHAT: is the living wage, well its not $18 an hour. It was worked out on the basis of NEED with no regard to consequence or cost and worked out not by proffesional accountants.
    WHO: As this is based on NEED are we saying all workers have the same NEED. Does the 16 year old flipping burgers have the same NEED as the married guy with a family of 3 to support?
    WHERE: Once again the LW was based on NEED< are we saying that the need for a family is the same in Invercargyl as in Auckland were house prices are 3 times that down south ,where rental is double where transport too and from your place of work is hugely different. The WHAT,WHO and WHERE questions remain unanswered!
    David Cuncliff your DUMB fort putting out an uncosted knee jerk policy.
    John Key your just as dumb for allowing this snowball to gather momentum unchallenged.
    Gardner,Cambell and Espiner brothers your Dumb. You call yourselves Journalists, and investigative journalists at that. Have you looked at both sides of this. thats what an investigator does, gathers ALL the information and presents both arguments. What you do wouldnt get you a job on the local village paper other than in NZ. If you put sensational soundbites before ballanced argument the term hack comes to mind rather than Journalist.
    Fuck! I am glad I got that off my chest!

    • Cadwallader

      What the socialists really want is a dying wage…in other words a cradle to the grave benefit!

    • Tom

      You missed who this is all aimed at.. The lazy, the stupid, the couldn’t-care-less, the unaware, the apathetic.

      • GazzW

        Just the wellworn but highly successful labour tactic of buying votes. This is why JK and his senior Ministers have to get out there amongst the grassroots and go on the attack. The MSM won’t do it for them and the Nat’s media people are worse than useless.

    • Alfred12

      Good points Rockape, like you I have been concerned by the lack of response from the Govt, I emailed Simon B last week & he assures me they are working on a response! Let’s bloody hope so and soon!

    • Phar Lap

      All of the so called idea has come from the Anglicans.Perhaps they could start by selling off some of their massive assets.

    • Patrick

      Go back to the origins & those promoting it if you want to see whether it has validity. Ask why $18.40, why not & $15.40 or $25.40? How long will it be after it is implemented (looks to all intents like it will come as we will get a Labour administration shortly) that $18.40 is not enough, after all the “rich” folk still have Sky Sports & fibre to the home & the “poor” don’t. The “rich” have big fridges with icemakers & the “poor” don’t. The “rich” have new Callaway golf clubs & the “poor” don’t. This living wage is only the thin edge of the wedge for the socialists as they set about creating their Utopia of a “fairer society.”

      • sheppy

        And it’ll sure as shit have to go up to cope with the out of control rates increases everywhere it’s passed.

    • Don’t hold back, Rock. Call it as you see it …. LOL

    • Blueballs

      John Key and National are purposely letting this red snowball get as big as it can before next years election, then watch them take a blowtorch to it as the election debates and policy notifications ramp up. They certainly aren’t dumb they are just biding their time and Cunliffe is playing right into their hands.

      • rockape

        Sadly I think your wrong. The trouble is as time goes by expectation rises. JK may gain smarty points by busting Labours bubble, but at the same time he will be disappointing some voters, the more stupid ones, there are no votes in that. The best tactic is that when Labour produce a dumb policy it is immediately and decisively smashed! That way Labour never appears as a viable government in waiting. Bad tactic disappointing voters.

        • Blueballs

          Not necessarily, the more Cunliffe is left to state and reinforce and restate his flawed policies very publicly via the media platform the harder it will be for him to implement an exit strategy when the policies are proven to be fundamentally flawed and unachievable. Obviously you cant let him spout on to long unchallenged but you also need to give him enough rope to hang himself,

  • justin

    Good Q&A this morning. Highlighted just how stuffed up the global economy is. But kiwis don’t get it Corin was asking about the influence of US default and asked something like “what about kiwis facing higher mortgage rates” – bat shit stupid interviewer the whole country is mortgaged to the eyeballs.
    The panel reveled their ignorance of the matter attacking the Tea Party as being international terrorists (they even used those words)… the panel thinks that the world can continue to borrow and borrow and borrow to utopia.

  • Pissedoffyouth

  • Phar Lap

    Just been reading “anybodys” Deborah Coddingtons in the Auckland paper.Her comments on John Morrison must be a case for a libel claim.Even though her partner a lawyer has a track record, as well as her as far from squeaky clean.

  • williamabong

    I can’t see what the problem with Lance Armstrong and drugs is, when my friend was doing drugs he couldn’t even find his bicycle.

  • LesleyNZ

    Chinwag – now that is an old fashioned word!

  • James Growley

    Green affordable housing………

    • Imagine the consent fees that Len Brown would charge for this …..