Sunday General Debate


Today’s General Debate post is ready to go.  Start your own topic, or share snippets of news you think others might find of interest.

If you would like something to argue about, try this one today

Police and emergency hotlines clearly record an increase in activity when there is a full moon, yet people do not think there is any credible science behind Astrology.  Explain.


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  • What does everyone think of the ads?

    • conwaycaptain

      Cancel the Herald one you mean. Wait for them to come after you

      • Nechtan

        I’m sure that if WO wants to do a “Steve Irwin” (poke with a stick) he will have made sure its not stingray he’s poking.

    • CommonSense404

      A public service

    • Nechtan

      Nothing like poking them with a stick eh?

      • 1951

        They poked theirs first! (never come between a mother & her kids, same effect for father/sons)

        • Nechtan

          Agreed, I should have said “Nothing so enjoyable….”

    • blokeintakapuna

      That’s rubbing their noses in it. First Whale gives them the equivalent of a group Wedgie, followed by a collective down trou…

      Even better than slapping them with a couple of stinky snapper!

      I just hope you don’t need eyes in the back of your head… But plenty here will be watchin’ ya back.

      I’m still amazed the MSM are not focusing on the corrupt actions of the Mayor, but are rather trying Character Assasination of the individual who brought the Mayor’s deceit into the sunlight. NZ’s media can no longer stake any claim to being the defender of our democratic freedoms… That would be highly hypocritical of them.

      I hope the Press Council are observing their members behaviour surrounding this topic. The outing of corrupt practises by an elected official should be everyones responsibility. Not a topic or individual that needs protecting through propaganda and coordinated misinformation campaigns.

      The Press Council should be on notice their entire industries credibility is on display by their members… And those that fall way short… Like Rudman for instance and others at the Herald, perhaps they might need some compulsory and remedial lessons on reporting facts, ethics and standards.

      • sarahmw

        I wouldn’t mind if only they put there hand up to being the biased lefttie it is all John Key’s fault(somehow)hypocritical sad excuse of reporters that they are. The title Journalist is not fitting as they are no where close to being one. I no longer watch Campbell as it is so blatantly biased as to be an embarrassment.

    • snakebit

      Love them.

    • dumbshit

      are you charging

    • cows4me

      I bet the herald is thrilled to bits, this well go down like a shower of shit, love it.

    • mick le prick

      I missed it but not get it, love it

  • Rodger T

    What ads?

  • Rodger T
    • Rimutaka

      To be authentic he would of had to have a penis reduction as well.

    • cows4me

      Should have spent the money on a brain implant.

    • Hazards001

      Hopefully it never breeds. The American gene pool has enough problems.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Couldn’t happen to a better media organisation. Someone is screaming their nuts off!

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Shit, it should be a reply to WO – never mind

  • snakebit

    How different would life really be under labour / greens next year? We already pay lots of tax, no government seems to have the ability to take the heat out of the housing market and its not like we are opening any new mines? Sure those on the benifit will get an easier ride but thats been the case since day one. Might even be fun to see what happens when the drunk monkey is allowed to drive the bus?

    • Chances are you WILL find out next year.

      • snakebit

        Oh well aware of that…i live up the road from their main voter base in auck. How sober do you have to be to vote?

  • History of Violence

    Give Len 7 days to resign or march on Town Hall and drag this lying prick out on the street by chains if necessary. Its called a voter recall.
    Non violent extreme Civil Disobedience is now clearly required, wait for his first (then every) public meeting, We have the moral authority. Large number’s 100’s will be needed and white crash helmets, blue overalls only and rate bills in pockets. I’m looking forward to visiting the Ngati Root room, I think my $6k rates a year entitles me to a visit and a face to face explanation. Apart from dubious entertainment value I’m not getting value for my rates.
    This is what you get Len when you shit on ratepayers and you are not Man enough to quit, hiding behind your family skirts and commie media mates. The Horrid is next, now they have been exposed for what they are, we need a non literal “night of the long knives” in Auckland. Take a piss on any Heralds you see stacked up, that’s all they are good for. If Len can spray sperm around without consequence, its game on in the Ngati Root Room fro all rate payers, the Maoris don’t mind as rooms isn’t sacred. I’ll be bring the Herald for other reasons with visit (to open in case of fecal urgency only) just in case, wouldn’t want to be caught short.

    • 1951

      Have you had your coffee yet?

      • History of Violence

        Yes 2 thanks, but how much can a bloke take, the left have no shame

        • OneTrack

          Tell us something we don’t already know :-)

  • Steph H

    Who or what is the MSM referred to with this whole Len thing?

    • History of Violence

      Main Stream Media
      (manufactured) News Papers, Commie TV etc

      • Steph H

        Ahhhh of course! Thanks

        • OneTrack

          Now formally renamed as LSM -Left Stream Media

  • MrAuz1989

    Speaking of Ad’s…..How long have those anti drink driving ads “knowing when to go….legend” been around. They seem to have surfaced since the Len Brown affair. Is someone trying to tell him something?

  • rockape

    Am I alone in feeling like the one dissenting Trojan! Stood by the gate as the wooden horse was dragged in, saying beware Greeks bearing gifts. Well the Horse is the Len Brown affair, Troy is election 2013. Cam Slater is at the forefront pulling that old wooden horse. Maybe time will prove if he is right or wrong on this one. I dont think Len is going,he is too filled with his own importance. Cam we are flogging a dead horse on this one and its a wooden horse at that.

    • Martin White

      Na – I reckon his (LBIAFC) goose is cooked.

    • You’ve seemingly made the assumption there isn’t more to come.

      • rockape

        You seem to be making the assumption that Len Brown is an honourable man and will do the right thing. I dont know of a mechanism to remove him if he doesnt want to go.

        • I’m what? I think you’ll find I’ve already stated that Len will hold on as long as he can. But there is a mechanism to remove him, it’s called pressure, and as I said there is more to come. A dead horse flogging it is not.

  • Azeraph

    Damn!, I didn’t realize just how nutty the Lengate was until i read that CNN article.

  • hookerphil

    Full moon, a person who goes to vehicles when filled with the wrong fuel Diesel/Petrol and cleans them out says that he has 3/4 calls a day perhaps – during one 2 hour period of a full moon he had 7 calls.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      He is called “suckimoto” I think the numbers are higher up than that.
      Sometimes it is the same people doing the same thing!!

      • hookerphil

        Probably is percentage wise in the Auckland area, I’m from Christchurch.

  • Toryboy

    I think it is a bit rich for Simon Everett to start being a crybaby.

    Maybe if he had sold house and his Lexus a couple of months ago, and paid his debts to ‘honest’ businesses in Southland, there may be a bit more sympathy for him.

    What goes around comes around, eh Simon?

  • blokeintakapuna

    Considering our physical bodies are largely made of water… And the moon has considerable effects on both tides and the timing of mating/spawning of fish and aquatic creatures, it’s highly probable the Moon does have some metaphysical effect on humans – although probably not measurable or detectable in many ways. Certainly not much with naked eyes or ears.

    Not sure about Astrology, but ask a Pagan about the Moon’s significance…

  • It’s just the lumens and the extra warmth.

  • Jonathan Pull

    Figured this is good as any place to ask, is anyone elses WOBH opening up in mobile format from time to time and not able to be changed? Web sites doing some odd things since the Brown scandal dropped.

    • Yep occasionally.

    • James Howlett

      Same for me Jonathan. Try clearing your browser history, 90% worked for me but still a little inconsistent. Suspect it’s just traffic spikes creating the issue.

      • Jonathan Pull

        Certainly not a bad thing for cam.

  • James Howlett

    Anyone else see the Sunday News and Sunday Star Times both flashing ‘exclusive’ Jesse Ryder stories on front pages today? Haven’t bought a newspaper in so long I’m wondering if they changed the meaning of ‘exclusive’. Yes, they’re both ultimately owned by Fairfax but come on.