Sunday General Debate (Labour Weekend: DAY TWO)

Today’s General Debate post is brought to you By Kellogg’s Pep

via Twitter @BrilliantAds

via Twitter @BrilliantAds

I love vintage ads.  They are a great window back into time to see how society and our expectations and standards have changed over the years.

Today’s GD post is all yours.  If you like to have something to get you started:

Right now, the ad I hate the most is … because …


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  • Statehousekid

    Those were the days, when whimen knew their place.

  • Rodger T

    LoL..this is gonna be an awesome thread

    • I’d like to upvote this, but I’m afraid to leave evidence

    • Pissedoffyouth


      • Col

        This looks like Lenny Dorklander, when he is Rooting in the dark with his eyes on full beam saying, ” where is it where is it aah that’s it that’s it, time to go” ah tissue ah tissue Len falls down.

        • dumbshit

          she kicked the bucket out from under him

          • Col

            Yes the old biscuit tin joke, but he got the sent and his eyes light up with excitement, these little Lennys only last for 2 minutes and the lights go out, they need to be quick.

  • LesleyNZ

    Len Brown again. The NZ Herald are in denial.
    “Pead PR managing director Deborah Pead said no one had escaped the scandal unsullied but some of the leading players would in time be able to make a fresh bid for public office”
    Is the scandal over?
    Chuang cleared of criminality –

    The name Hamish Price has come up again. Who is he? “Hamish Price, who has been acting as a spokesman for Chuang, confirmed Buckingham had provided a legal opinion in the matter.”

    And of course the EXCLUSIVE on the elusive Luigi.
    Luigi Wewege: ‘I was very politically naive’
    Now that is so ridiculous. NZ Herald’s Len Brown Apologetic campaign continues….

    • DTG

      Not to mention the article on….I see ipredict pricing on a Brown resignation has slumped to 20%…is that the Whale dumping his stock?

      • Not at all…I’d buy at that level.

        • DTG

          Would you buy at 50%? 75%? Just trying to gauge your confidence.

          • Yup still money to be made there

          • DTG

            Glad to hear that…just a little depressing talking to people who seem to have bought the Herald spin and seem to think that it is aberrant affair by good man that has been used to advance the political aspirations of Palino..the longer that goes unchanged the more embedded the view becomes.

      • Jonathan Pull

        The likely hood of Brown resigning is as good as the sun rising each morning, the good bets would be on how long it takes and how embarrassing its going to be.

    • metalnwood

      I just read the Luigi article and thought it was fairly sympathetic to him considering its the herald.

      • Cowgirl

        Yes I thought so too – he really is just the fall guy I think

    • Bad__Cat

      More Red Herrings. (I just realised the significance of the colour!)

    • MarcWills

      So Buckingham has provided an opinion… well that’s it then. The el supremo has spoken, so pack up your tents guys, nothing to see here, move along, the science is settled. LOL.

  • LesleyNZ

    Kellogg’s did vitamin pills! At least they acknowledged back then that cooking, cleaning and dusting is hard work!

    • I wanted to say “Is that why you have been so cute for so long?” but thought better of it. These things never turn out right.

  • Michael

    I hate Kiwibank ads. Because they play on xenophobia and don’t reflect reality. My wife and I own shares in Aussie banks, so they ship some of the profit back here.

    And then if you go into a Post Office, the queues are long and the counter staff can accept a transaction but can’t help with anything else, you have to use a phone in the middle of the shop where everyone can hear.


    • Agreed. I’ve dealt with Kiwi Bank on behalf of my mother after my father died, and it was a pillar to post end to end joke. “Oh we don’t do that here, you need to [travel 6km to another branch].

      “Oh, you’ll need to make an appointment”.

      Speaking of which, going around the world getting one of your parents taken out of various systems because he died is a frustrating experience. Get yourself 20 copies of the death certificate and be prepared for some absolutely absurd requirements and personal reactions from the people you deal with.

      • Patrick

        Wait until you have to get the name/ownership of shares changed for a dead person.

        • uhuh.

          I only revealed the tip of this iceberg.

          wait until the dead person has overseas interests.

          everything you write has to be signed by a JP, email doesn’t work because of it, language differences, and the fun of a 2-3 week mail cycle.

      • Alfred12

        I dealt with them a couple of weeks ago for the first & last time, I thought I had travelled back to 1958, old duck behind the counter asked if I had a letter providing a code, I said no letter but “here’s my phone with text” she went white & passed me onto another staff member, she then told me their copier/scanner had a fault & I had to go to a local copy shop to use their scanner. To think we the taxpayer funded this shambles!

      • P1LL

        My sister & I are going through this Kiwi Bank nightmare now.
        Go in with legal Documents/ power of attorney / death certificate etc, no sorry you need to make an appointment.
        Get an appointment , come armed with Lawyers letter / death cert / power of attorney , Kiwi bank chick rings the help line then follows their in house ask website, copies all documents because it has to go to the deiced estate dept ( Dad and Mums signature required but Dad has passed away) Get a ph call by some woman saying that Dads signature is required to close the account , we remind her that she has Dads death cert and power of attorney documents & he cant sign , Oh I will get back to you tomorrow . This was two weeks ago and no ph call back or anything in the mail.

        • Sorry to hear that. I know what you’re going through. Kiwibank were by far the least prepared. Followed by share registries and pension funds (of all things).

    • Michael

      TSB ads suck as well!

    • Cadwallader

      Agree. Through a super-scheme I hold shares in Westpac and am pleased to have my interests invested in such a well-run institution. Besides: I detest Jim Neanderton aka Jim Il Soong.

    • Whanga_Cynic

      And they are just about to close most of them!!!

    • Tom

      They pale in comparison to the crackhead that pushes supplements. Sweaty loon.

  • Bart67

    Well, the NZ Herald is just a joke innit, they do have a head in the sand approach to Len Brown. It would seem that as far as the office of Mayor is concerned, they are the archetypal three monkeys. Ohh, look, a banana!

    • Phar Lap

      Same as Wellingtons Newspaper.Lascivious Len gets a free pass.It is all a right wing plot.Even the dirty pictures.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    I love the parodies that the Chasers War on everything did around these ads:



  • Toryboy

    I am saddened to read Doug Myers is very ill with cancer; I hope he improves soon.

    • LesleyNZ

      So sad – brings you back to reality. Life is so very fragile. Eternity is forever.

    • GazzW

      He was a talent whose business skills were lost to NZ way too early in his career.

  • GarethsPussy

    Another day passes, no more revelations.


    Lentils is winning.

    • No he isn’t

      • dumbshit

        hate to be paying his head-ache pill bill and I wonder if the cook has tired of lobbing frypans at him everytime he pokes his head around the corner

    • Col

      You need to have a holiday, never break the News before the weekend, always at the start of the week.

      • GarethsPussy

        I’ll believe it when I see it. Wasn’t he supposed to be gone by Friday?

        Lentils is still mayor.

        Will he be still there next Friday? Ipredict says “yes”……

        • There are many Friday’s.

          • GarethsPussy

            Friday 2016?

            Is toying with readers a great way to build a trusting relationship with them?

          • You need to understand, this is not all about you :)

          • GarethsPussy

            It’s about Lentils.

            All I know is revelations have been hinted at but haven’t arrived and Lentils is still in office. iPredict says Lentils will stay.

            But wait, there’s more…..

          • If iPredict told you there was a good chance you would jump off a cliff in the next week would you believe it?

          • GarethsPussy

            One is a loyal WhaleOil reader. Proud to be in the Whale army.

            One wonders if one is being led up the garden path.

            But one lives in hope one is not….

            Sorry for the self-absorption. Perhaps one was expecting something sooner.

          • Col

            Good things take time.
            Old fisherman said he who have one hook, one fish, he who have many hooks will have many fish to fry.

          • Cadwallader

            To quote Carl Sagan: “Before you can bake an apple pie, first you have to have a universe!”

          • Patience Master Luke :)

          • LesleyNZ

            You need to learn patience.

          • Patrick

            Unlike Brown this ain’t gunna be a two minute wonder.
            If it is all getting too much for you & you want to explode try counting sheep…or think of Lennie’s hands under that desk.

          • “It may not happen in an instant, but it will happen”

    • Mrbadger

      Is it just me, but I am getting the impression that there are no new sordid Len Brown revalations in the pipeline?

      • Steve (North Shore)

        Pretty sure there is more. WO is just waiting for Len to build confidence, raise his head and start the high moral bullshit, and then he will get slammed again, and again, and again.
        Good things take time

        • Mrbadger

          I admire your confidence Steve, but I would not like to see Len get his head too far above the parapet. Grubby little weasel.

        • Tom

          Let him raise his head. Cam’s gotta be a good shot :)

          • Steve (North Shore)

            That’s sorta what I meant Tom, Cam is a good shot – just a bit more bait and fucking bang

    • Azeraph

      Move along, nothing to see here.

      • kehua

        You must be new here, it doesn`t work like that. As my old nanny used to say, “wait and see.“

    • LesleyNZ

      Remember the story of the Tortoise and the Hare?

  • Azeraph

    Och Aye Laddie! The Itai has buggered off with a fuck you new zealand and a finger. The stage is set to now turn back to Len.

    • Cowgirl

      Here’s hoping

  • MrAuz1989

    There was a print ad for a brand of cigarettes back in the 1950’s. The picture was of a man blowing smoke in a womans face. The caption was “Blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere!”……….remind you of anyone?

    • Bunswalla

      You mean this one?

      • MrAuz1989

        Brilliant! Cherry favoured and at 5 for 25c as cheap as chips (or Warehouse lingere).

    • Sponge

      A very off colour joke I heard last night.

      “What have Len Brown and Kodak films got in common?

      They both come in yellow boxes”

  • Jonathan Pull

    Looks like the movie industry needs more subsidies. Oh joy.
    I guess when you fold under pressure once they think they can apply more pressure and we’ll fold again.

    • GazzW

      Could be even worse if we have Helen Kelly & her Aussie union mates calling the shots next year.

      • Jonathan Pull

        I honestly don’t know so am genuinely asking, would they subsidize the industry further or would they demand better pay etc and drive them away?
        In my mind neither is desirable, one is more tolerable than the other (obviously) but to me at least it still sets a dangerous precedent.

  • Dick Brown

    I probably hate that blatantly racist carpet company advertisement.

    White man conforms to racial stereotyping while being totally talentless at it at the same time.

    • williamabong

      Is there anything you don’t hate???

      • Kopua Cowboy

        Mr Brown confirmed yesterday that he does, indeed, hate everybody. At least he’s consistent :)

      • Dick Brown

        Mathematics, physics, the universe.

  • Kopua Cowboy

    Noticed on Stuff, they are running a poll about how well the readers think NZ dairy farmers are looking after the rivers. 70% thought they were doing a shit job.

    Why is the public so out of touch with whats going on? The media has a lot to answer for.

    • Tom

      70% of NZers wouldn’t know a dairy farm if it shat on their feet

    • cows4me

      It’s called cultivating a story, easy to make the hillbillies look like environmental criminals while turning a back on your own backyard. People like villains and the rural population is a great candidate, small in numbers ( little political voice), usually seen as rich ( envy card played here ) and very independent (don’t suffer townies and the bullshit coming from their politicians). It wouldn’t matter how good farmers were doing environmental, that doesn’t work up the masses does it.

      • Whafe

        Very sad indeed that half of these numpties don’t actually realise that with out primary industry NZ would be well fucked. It is a simple as that.

        Wake up NZ, no matter what side of the fence you sit on, without primary industry, I.e. Farming, NZ is rooted

        • Polish Pride


    • Patrick

      As the same Kiwis if they are willing to either pay more for products or do more i.e. force recycling measures upon them & the answer will be no way. Far easier to have a crack at so called “rich farmers” than to put the focus on themselves.

  • James Growley

    Cooking, Cleaning and Fucking are all places in China, aren’t they?

    • Len Brown certainly thought so

    • Kopua Cowboy

      Fucking is in Austria, actually.

  • Eiselmann

    Just watched Q and A and the interview with Steven Joyce owning that John Campbell wannabe who even objected to ‘Cunnliffe bashing’ the interviewer should have worn his Labour Party rosette and remove all doubt of his leanings


    I hate the ad where the guy is cleaning the shop window without enough water on his squeegee.
    So hokey and contrived and screwed up.
    As if some guy would have toilet paper and other (new product) wiping equipment right to hand ready to clean his arce, on his window cleaning job.
    To me it shows just how moronic the ad blokes think the general population is. Maybe we are.
    All right, I’ll shut up now.