Surprise, surprise David Bain’s camp objects to reports despite being involved at all steps

Michael Reed QC continues the crusade to hurl murk against Robin Bain in an attempt to score big time in the compensation stakes.

He is claiming that the police report into the marks on the thumb and finger of Robin Bain. This despite being included in forensic review.

Michael Reed of course ran off to their pals and enablers at TV3 to spread their story.

He repeats the outrageous claims that the marks line up exactly with the feed lips of the magazine. The Police, like my reader showed this to be demonstrably false.

Mr Reed says this conflicts with not only the opinions of independent experts spoken to by 3rd Degree, but also those of Dr Alexander Dempster, who did the original examination of Robin’s body.

Dr Dempster said in August there were no cuts or abrasions on Robin’s hands at all.

“Start with the black marks that are there,” says Mr Reed. “We know they’re there, everyone can see them. Suddenly the police now say, when they look at it in the morgue, that they’re superficial. Well, where have the black marks gone? 

“We know [they disappeared] because the police – in their inept investigation – rubbed the marks off by not wrapping the hands.”

The police report doesn’t rule out that the marks could be gun residue, but Mr Burgess says the likelihood is “very remote”. Mr Reed says the police should allow an independent investigation of the evidence by overseas experts.

“I challenge Mr Burgess to come on here with TV3 and face me or [prominent David Bain supporter] Joe Karam, and be questioned on the right questions and answers,” says Mr Reed. “I challenge him, and I also challenge him to have an overseas investigation by independent experts, not their own.”

Note the phrasing…ignoring all the evidence that the marks weren’t residue but abrasions or cuts. He bizarrely asks why the black marks were rubbed off…uhmmm..they weren’t black marks they were cuts, and you can’t rub those off…only in their fantasy are the black marks “rubbed off”.

Then note the bullying challenge to come on TV and debate with Michael Reed and Joe Karam…these guys are just show boating.

They are now questions forensics and firearms experts…and the quite obvious details of the research…all of which they were part of at every step of the way.

Now that the report, which they were part of doesn’t produce the results that morons at 3rd Degree claimed they are now mounting a full court press against the report with the compliant media.

We are now starting to see the problems when media invest themselves in a story or angle.


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  • rouppe

    I heard on a new item yesterday I think that the pathologist said “if there had been marks on the fingers I would have photographed and cataloged them”. This means that we can see something on David Bain’s hands in the photo, but the pathologist didn’t see anything – i.e. there were no marks by the time the autopsy was performed.

    • manuka416

      “there were no marks by the time the autopsy was performed” – that’s quite an assumption.

      The ODT reports that the pathologist (Dempster) said: “anything observed would have been noted in the report”, i.e. Dr Dempster suggests he would have reported the thumb marks if he observed them in his examinations. This doesn’t mean the marks were not there at autopsy.

  • nudgy

    Will this ever go away. Bain is flogging a dead horse. Any idiot lawyer could have got him off at the last trial with all the doubt created over 13 odd years by Karam and the MSM. All they had to do was create doubt. But now the roles have reversed and the burden of proof has shifted to Bain to prove he is innocent beyond reasonable doubt. He will never be able to do this. You can’t have your cake and eat it to. Piss off you murdering scum and be thankful that you got out of jail 2 years early which is more than you deserve.

  • Lord_Montrose

    I wonder if anyone realises that fingerprints are always reversed, and need to be reversed again when comparing with a photo of a fingerprint?

    And the photos need to be rotated so they can be compared properly. Doesn’t anybody know how to do that?

    • Agent BallSack

      How blind was the pathologist? I can clearly see marks at the first knuckle on Robins thumb yet he reported no marks on his hands.

  • JeffDaRef

    I challenge Reed and Karam to take Bain to trial with no suppressed evidence, then see how he goes….

    • Agent BallSack

      Would that be the evidence that David said it would be easy to hide a murder and pretend he was on a paper round several weeks before the murders took place?

      • JeffDaRef

        Yep that, and I’m pretty sure some of the forensics too but cant remember 100%

  • steve and monique

    No money for someone who cant be proved guilty, or innocent. Get that in your heads David and Joe, because we have.

  • Team ENZ

    jeez, these two blood sucking parasitic leeches are still chasing compo money..

  • Orange

    And the marks are red, not black.

    • Bunswalla

      And they’re not even close to being parallel