Taking on Tasmania’s Green Taliban

The Palmer United Party is coming good, in Tasmania at least.

They are calling to account the actions of the Green taliban and fronting them in a very aggressive manner.

The Palmer United Party has fiercely attacked Tasmania’s Greens, saying they should be subject to a Senate inquiry over the state’s high unemployment rate.

PUP’s federal senator-elect for Tasmania, Jacqui Lambie, is laying the blame for the unemployment squarely on the Greens and says she will seek to instigate the inquiry after she enters Parliament in July.

Tasmanian Greens leader Nick McKim. Photo: Peter Mathew

“I simply believe that the Greens have destroyed all hope in Tasmania,” Ms Lambie said.

“Labor and the Libs have actually had more than enough time to get this under control and they’ve let this go riot.”

Ms Lambie suggested Greens members had been sabotaging international markets for Tasmanian timber products.

“I just want to get to the bottom of it: exactly what have they been doing over on the international scale, what have they been saying to these companies, why have we lost so much investment?” Ms Lambie said.

“Christine Milne and Bob Brown, how much damage are they doing behind the scenes?

“Something stinks here and I want to know what’s going on.”

Ms Lambie, a former military police officer, said she had been gathering “intelligence” on Greens activities.


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  • Col


  • Kopua Cowboy

    Blimey. Australia, home to the beginning of the end for the environmental socialist movement? Being ex MP she’s likely used to being hated and far too sick of hearing bullshit.

  • WTF – a politician calling it like it is! Maybe she will inspire some of ours to do the same.
    Did you hear that cloth eared fool Gentry from Minnesota railing on about the Destruction Gully project on Radio Live this morning? ‘Haters and wreckers’ the She-Beast called them. One of the few things she ever said or did that I could agree with.

    • Team ENZ

      transmission Gully is LONG overdue! bloody hypocrites, if the green talibans truly believed in what they railed about, they should be on bicycles and horses travelling to other cities, not riding in cars or planes.. bunch of lowlifes.

  • Patrick

    The Greens have absolutely rooted the economy in Tassie, they have been at it for years. Great example of what would happen in NZ if they ever got any closer to power than they are now.

    • Andy

      and the Morgan poll this morning shows a Green Talban/Labour govt “likely”

    • philbest

      There has been some good stuff in the “Quadrant” magazine on this.

      I highly recommend that mag by the way; Kiwis starved of genuine conservative free market writing should be subscribers.

  • Dick Brown

    I am of the opinion the this so-called Greens conspiracy or mismanagement of the Tasmanian timber industry is just smoke and mirrors at best and outright lies at worst.

    Some interesting points of view come to light once you scratch the surface of the allegation.

    The Tasmanian Timber Industry doesn’t seem to be going down the drain at all, if the 2nd largest timber company listed on the Australian stockmarket Neville Smith Forest Products website is to be believed:

    http://www.nevillesmithfp.com/ – go to About Us.

    Also, the numbers used in recent studies to measure employment in the timber industry are borderline unsound:

    “Research into total job numbers in Tasmania’s timber industry is not conclusive. Although the figure of 8,250 sourced from ABARE (Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics) study has been widely quoted recently, the authors of the study cite significant relative sampling error in the statistics and comment that it is likely that some employees were counted twice. Hence it is believed that there are less than 8,000 employees in Tasmania’s timber industry.” – Source: http://www.bluetier.org/articles1/jobs.htm

    And finally, this type of finger pointing on the Tasmanian timber industry has been going on for years and has involved political accusations of industry terrorism that don’t even involve the Greens.

    Source: http://www.forestryexpo.co.nz/tasmanian-liberals-apparently-threat-timber-markets

  • cows4me

    The Melons are totalitarians and believe humans are a disease upon the face of the Earth. These evil bastards would happily dispatch 80% of the worlds population in the belief that mother earth needs to rid itself of mankind. They are dangerous deluded fools and at some stage will have to be confronted or we will all be doomed to poverty and servitude.