Teachers are wailing again, it’s never their fault is it?

The teacher unions are having a sook again and again issuing threats…they certainly don’t want to ever be held accountable for anything.

You never hear them commenting on the long string of registered teachers before the courts for all manner of crimes, but dare to release national standards data and the world is about to implode.

The Herald on Sunday cut/pastes press release of the Principal’s Federation.

Principals are threatening to take legal action against the Ministry of Education if controversial national standards data are used in league tables identifying individual children.

The national standards results for all state primary and intermediate schools have been published on an education ministry website, prompting warnings from educationalists that the Government is creating a “1st XV competition” in children’s reading, writing and maths scores. 

New Zealand Principals’ Federation spokesman Phil Harding said principals were concerned the ministry had released the complete 2012 national standards in electronic tables that could be used to create league tables, and had made spreadsheets publicly available this week.

There was a strong possibility privacy law would be breached, he said, especially in schools where rolls were small. If one child was identified the federation would be taking action against the ministry.

“If a school has a few children performing at a certain level that are identified by their ethnicity it’s very possible people will be able to work out who they are,” he said.

How come our teachers don’t want to be held to account and how come they think they can get away with issuing threats?

I’ll start listening to what teacher unions have to say when they start addressing the ratbag registered teachers they have in their ranks


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  • Teachers having a sook, Len having a Sook, everyones having sook.

  • Teachers having a sook, Len having a Sook, everyones having sook.

    • Bunswalla

      Capital work Travis, just Capital

    • Statehousekid

      I’m having a sook because Len is hiding under his desk.

      • john Doe

        Under Lens desk may not be a pleasant place, you might bang your head.

    • john Doe

      Yep all sooking on the hind tit.

  • James Growley

    “For a moment she looked at me as though I was a leper offering her a sook on my lollipop.”
    James Birrell THE MANANA MAN (2002)

  • Hazards001

    As I’ve said before.

    I care how my kids are performing against kids in their own class and school but the reality of a world that is now so small we talk to people on the other side of it with no more thought than we did 30 years ago when we wrote a letter that I also want to be able to compare their achievements and the schools against the rest of the countries kids.
    And I have no intention of trying to identify particular kids as I doubt does anyone else.
    The principals federation is a group of self involved over paid academics that are afraid if the light was shone on the piss poor performers that a bit of disinfect may be applied.
    Come on Meg..tell me these cocks aren’t all about keeping their salaries!

    • Teachersrock

      Do you care that according to the Ministry own advisers criticisms of NS are very valid and there is a good possibility the standards are just plain wrong?

      Would you prefer accurate information or right wing ideologically driven inaccurate information?

      The only self involved over paid twits in all of this are National.

      • The data is flawed because a large number of teachers deliberately made sure it would be. Funny that!

        • Teachersrock

          That is not what the MoE is being told. They are being told the standards themselves are incorrect.

          The only reason to defend inaccurate standards, as opposed to pull them, or fix them is purely political ideology.

          • Political ideology = Teachers!

          • Teachersrock

            Sigh, only if you are a right wing nutter is that true.

            In the real world it has zero truth to it.

      • Hazards001

        The only thing that is wrong is the ideologically driven teaching system introduced by you left wing liberals that rewards girls for they way they learn and punishes boys.
        NCEA is the biggest lesbian joke the world has ever seen.

        • Teachersrock

          Which is totally incorrect, but you carry on beliving in lies.

  • Josh Metcalfe

    I would be concerned if data was accessible down to the level of individual students because that should be confidential to the parents and the school. If you wanted to view the data online, a system like the NZQA website would be better.

    • JC

      Actually, given that the other taxpayers are going to have to support virtually every non achiever for the rest of his/her life we really should know who they are from day one in the school system.

      The right to privacy is surely directly related to how much the tax payer is involved in the life of beneficiaries?

      For example, the socialists have a huge and likely unhealthy interest in the incomes of the rich pricks earning over $60,000 who impose no net cost on the state, so surely we should know all about those who will impose future costs on us.


  • Never in the dark…..

    I see Teachers Unions in the US are running feral too. For a different reason though. They’re seeking to protect registered sex offenders who may be affected by a proposed law change which would see them banned from working in schools.

  • Tom

    “Principals are threatening to take legal action against the Ministry of Education”

    WTF !

    They’re employees, sack the fuckers if they get out of line.

    • Statehousekid

      Yes exactly they are essentially threatening to sue the boss. What employer would put up with that bullshit.

    • Teachersrock

      Try it.

  • john Doe

    The only thing consistent about teachers is that the own crappy euro/russian cars and wear socks and sandals.

  • Dick Brown

    “You never hear them commenting on the long string of registered teachers before the courts for all manner of crimes”

    I’m reading this sentence while remembering that New Plymouth story from WO: http://www.whaleoil.co.nz/2013/10/top-dairy-linked-rape-case/#axzz2itpZGdRk

    And I’m thinking to myself… ‘hmmm’

    • john Doe

      Shall agree with you on this one brown dick.

  • Peej

    “…the long string of registered teachers before the courts for all manner of crimes…”

    How long is this piece of string?

  • Eiselmann

    They are protesting against something that not only hasn’t happened but may not happen.
    Thing is when I went to school we all knew who the bright kids were and we knew which kids struggled we were placed in classes that reflected our various ability, heck even our class photos were placed into the end of year schoolbook in order of the classes ability.
    So what if little Johnny from Hicktown primary is identified as being in the top one percent of all kids ….the kids already know he’s smart so do the teachers and I daresay so do the parents….beyond them whos really interested?
    The biggest danger to little Johnny being identifiable is if some leftie from the media or the teaches union decided to point score at a child’s expense.

  • Teachersrock

    Given that the Minsters own advisers have come out and said the NS are wrong would give any proceedings taken against the Government quite a leg up.

    And given the number of times the Government has been forced to back down or found to have acted illegally in regards to education matters under the current Ministers watch, another court case will not be welcomed by National.

    But then the arrogance and anti education stance of this Government will see it push on with inaccurate data and it will take a court case to make National see what everyone with a brain knows… NS are garbage.

  • Edwin Wigmore

    Teachers rock

    you talk about right wing ideology, well, my response is that the approach to education is also based on ideology.

    For example, one of the reasons NCEA was brought in was to completely remove competition from schools. This was because in the early 80’s they realised girls did better in non competitive environments, boys in competitive ones. During the early 80’s boys occupied about 60% of the top maths and science positions while girls tended to dominate the art and linguistics studies. Removing competition was one of the things they did to help girls overtake boys.

    But of course it’s a crazy system. Kids are carefully sheltered from any form of competition (including desperate attempts to conceal how well they are doing as in this story) yet as soon as they get into the wide world, competition is everything.

    Teachers could do with a dose of the real world I think.

    • Teachersrock

      Goodness talk about a pile of nonsense.

      Oh and nice try to deflect away from the fact NS have been labeled as inaccurate by the MoE’s own advisers.

      • Edwin Wigmore

        It’s not a load of nonsense at all. I worked for several years on the computer systems for the ministry of education. With three school age children I was naturally very interested in how education was going. This viewpoint was confirmed by several senior educationalists during the years I was there.

        Re the NS being inaccurate, I would need to look up who said it, what their agenda was etc.

        I’ve been somewhat sceptical of anything the unions say since the BS about overseas charters has been exposed.

        • Teachersrock

          The MoE own advisers told them about the issues with NS. It did not come from the unions and the Greens got a hold of it under the official information act.

          And while NCEA is not perfect, is is not bias towards one gender.

          • Edwin Wigmore

            There I have to disagree.

            As I mentioned, during the early 80’s and before, boys occupied the top 60% of maths and science subjects. This was infuriating to the feminists, who were pushing the “unisex brain” and associated nonsense at that time.

            I saw the papers where teachers were urged to redesign maths and science to make it “more interesting for girls”. They succeeded.

            The “look and guess” reading system was also pushed because it favoured girls and their approach even though statistics show it was not anywhere near as effective overall as phonics (another blatant lie from the educationalists was that Look and guess was bought in during the 60’s. Utter crap, it was introduced to our schools in the late 80’s.)

            Then for good measure, to assist girls even more, NCEA was introduced to totally remove competition. Their attempts to undermine boys has been successful with girls now beating them in all areas.

            When you see the illustrations they pass around showing girls with clenched fists standing on top of battered boys you get the idea of what these ideology driven loonies really think.

            You also can understand the inherent suspicion I and many others have of everything to do with what these agenda driven academics are doing.