Telcos sting consumers with an internet tax

Matthew Hooton and his band of lefty loonies are trying to spin their ?copper tax? campaign, but Hooton’s reputation is in tatters. His campaign has failed miserably and his ego has taken a battering.

Word around town is that he is blaming Sue Chetwin from Consumers NZ??for his campaign?s failure. Apparently he reckons Chetwin is crap at running his lines in the media and he is thinking of giving her a red card. It?s always someone? else’s fault eh, Matthew!

Today there has been another interesting turn of events.

Orcon and Krim DotCon have launched a campaign to scrap data caps on internet usage.

As much as I loathe Crim Dot Com, he raises an interesting point in the TV advertisement for Orcon:

?Bullying corporations are restricting your internet data just to make more profits.??

So, what he appears to be saying is retailer service providers such as Vodafone, Telecom, CallPlus and Slingshot are overcharging Kiwis in order to line their own pockets.

That, ladies and gentlemen is simply outrageous.

There?s nothing I hate more than hypocrites. Here we have Hooton and his mates from Vodafone, Callplus and Slingshot running round falsely claiming there is going to be a copper tax on internet use, but then at the same time those wealthy corporations have been stinging consumers for many years with their own internet tax.

This rort has to stop. All those journalists that have fallen for Hooton?s made-up lines, now have to apply the same scrutiny to all the telcos. Why do they have an internet tax in place?

I’m of a mind to cancel my internet with Orcon now they have crawled into bed with the fat Kraut.