Things getting testy in the Mayor’s office, abusing Duncan Garner now

Things must be getting very testy in the Mayor’s office today.

In the middle of Duncan Garner’s interview with Stephen Cook on Radio Live an abusive text was sent to Duncan Garner from David Lewis one of Len Brown’s nastier spin weasels. Trained and nurtured in the dark arts while in Helen Clark’s office this is how Len Brown’s office deals with media.

Hmmm…story about to break, nasty texts start flying around…evidence is mounting over those…including some from people close to Brown’s camp who are aghast at the threats…now we get nasty texts flying about to talk back show hosts. There is a pattern emerging here.

The bullying and smears and dis-information coming from Len Brown’s office is nauseating. Media sources are telling me that the level of spin, nastiness and smearing going on is outrageous…and all being led by Brown’s hit man David Lewis.

What does Len Brown say about those nasty missives and threats that began on Tuesday last week while Len Brown was confessing all to his wife and the number of people aware of the allegation must have been only restricted to Len Brown’s closest confidantes?

Now we have Len Brown’s spin weasel showing the same sort of threatening and abusive behaviour….the odds are shortening on who sent the abusive texts.