Thursday General Debate

A bit late this morning, Pete is having PC problems, which sounds like explaining to me…we all know what explaining means don’t we?

Anyway here is the general debate thread, discuss whatever you want.

We even let the world’s great sysop comment here yesterday…and put a link to his little read blog.

For a starter topic how is this:

Labour’s great lurch to the left, cuddling unions and spending money the country doesn’t have on the indigent, the foolish and the stupid is a real vote winner don’t you think?


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  • blokeintakapuna

    There’s an article on today’s Stuff about a landlord who
    tried unsuccessfully to evict feral tenants and through the legal process it
    took 6 months, during which time he lost nearly $6K in rent and the damage and
    utter filth the scum left behind is just sickening!

    Housing NZ – this is why you don’t get much stock – or quality
    stock to rent.

    Tenancy laws need to be turned completely on their head so
    the balance of power still remains with the property owner! Tenant not paying –
    7 days notice to sort, after that 1 month’s eviction notice.

    This is another example of laws being created to protect the
    ferals. It’s about bloody time the law protected property owners from such

    …and guess who will pick up the bill for the clean up left
    behind by the feral scum – yep, us tax payers no doubt.

    • GregM

      Yep, I have a dodgy tenant at the moment. Hasn’t paid a cent in eight weeks, and I have a four to six week wait for the tribunal to issue an eviction order.
      Then I have to get him out, and recover unpaid rent etc. The whole system is in favour of the useless and dishonest. The employment relations authority is another example, how often do they agree with the employer? It’s a fuckin joke.

      • opusx

        Nanny state…lets not forget the holy grail for the poor consumer…the Consumer Guarantees Act.

      • Is this just my perception, or did all that shit come in as part of Labour’s reign of terror?

        • GregM

          Exactly right Pete, the government has has five years to tip it all out, and they have done nothing.

          • Yeah. John Key under National has been a “more acceptable Labour” for sure.

      • williamabong

        You’re actually better to go round and chuck the waster into the street, the penalties for doing that are less than the cost of six months accumulated damage and non payment of rent

  • ConwayCaptain

    It is a vote winner to the great unwashed who haven’t any idea how and economy works.
    A politician is someone who bribes people with someone elses money to keep themselves in a job.

  • Col

    So Greenpeace are saying no drugs on the ship, GP don’t understand they are dealing with the Russians, we will play your game Mr GP said the Russians.

  • ozbob68

    A Question no-one seems to be asking: If people end up being paid a living wage under this scheme, does that mean Working for Families will no longer be required and will be repealed too?

  • I’ll run a poll later today as to who should set the GD topics, Cameron or I.

    No need for explanations then.

    • Remember to block those new ScabLander IP’s Pete :-))

      PC trouble solved M8!

      • My screen blew up taking the vid cable with it. So when I put a new screen in place, it still didn’t work. And when I added a new vid card, it still didn’t work. Process of elimination – a new cable.

        This is the first time in my rather extended career I’ve had a video cable fail in this way.

        • Wow, never heard of it happening either, was it a CRT ?

          • No, LCD. I’ve gone from 32″ to 22″. I am in major need of screen space now. #firstworldproblems

            Must see if I can squeeze a decent LED screen out of the bank account :(

          • Wicked, wouldn’t have thought a LCD could generate enough power to do that, you should just plug in the 52″ TV from the lounge M8!

          • That’s a 29″ Phillips CRT TV. I don’t watch TV, so no point getting one of those fangdangled ones

          • Bummer ,

            We should do a fund raiser so Petal can buy a new monitor ,

            He needs a 52″ Plasma guys …. I can donate $20 :-)

          • GregM

            I had one go bang about a year ago. Turned out to be the starter thingo that gets the flouro backlight going shit itself and fired 70v up my DVI to my lovely Vapor-X 7850. Cooked the lot.

          • What model of Monitor ? , I’ll never buy one of those!.

          • GregM

            Philips 27″ replaced under warranty. Always had Philips, never had any problems before.

          • Did they replace the Video card as well ?

            Philips had a great name in CRT, use a LCD philips at work , using a LG at home which I’m very happy with.

          • GregM

            Nope, but because I had two set up as dual screen, they replaced both with the new model LED ones. Picked up an MSI 6950 off trade me for $100 so all is good again.
            That PC is just for gaming now, swapped everything else over to iMac a few months ago.

          • Fair enough, I’d be spewing if a monitor fried my Ge-Force 9200, freakin expensive card, but worth it for the HDTV.

    • Polish Pride

      Should be a mix of all of you that way we get some variety

  • johnbronkhorst

    “Labour’s great lurch to the left, cuddling unions and spending money the country doesn’t have on the indigent, the foolish and the stupid is a real vote winner don’t you think?“

    Not according to the poll on stuff’s home page yesterday.

  • LesleyNZ

    Agree – totally. Show me the money first.
    Seems Winston Peters is going red too!

  • Looks like the ScabLander has moved to a new IP range people, you all should add the following ip numbers to your blocked IP list …. – –

    Have a great day :-))

    • GregM

      What’s scab lander ? Virus ?

      • Yup , run by LPRent, some call it the stranded :-)

  • drummerboy

    there are alot of, lets say, not very smart people in this country who will vote for anyone who gives them free stuff at the expense of others. So yes, labour will get a lot of votes from the uneducated and university socialist who have never had a job.

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    The great unwashed will flock to this sort of votegrabbing tactic. The key for National is to paint it’s own support base as not. being part of that group. National should be the party of the strong and aspirational. Let the weak and dependant go elsewhere. I know which group I would rather be a part of.

  • cows4me

    Did anyone catch the Labia conference in Dunedin on the news ? What a bunch of losers, it’s like a cult and the great cunny will bring communism to all. Just looking at these people, half seem to be obese middle aged woman dressed in red t shirts. Doesn’t look like they would know what a days work was even if it kick them in the arse. Yes, the mindless tits will be calling for more social justice, more welfare, more support for losers. I know I’m being very judgemental but just looking at these people, they seem to believe the world owes them a living. To think useless bastards like this will expect the hard working taxpayers in this country to pay for their sorry arses makes me spew.

    • Patrick

      Yes & they don’t look underfed do they? Minimum wage at $18.40? Next we will be funding stomach stapling for the idle.

  • Phar Lap

    Well that certainly explains it ,why Greenpeace eco terrorists fuelled by drugs and off their heads, would even attempt to climb onto an oil rig in freezing cold icy water.Just like their other partners in crime NZ Green taleban,doing and making all sorts of statements without thinking what the end result could or would be.Seems screaming
    skull Cunliffe with his many CTU union inspired bribes, has picked up the virus with power at all costs and **** the consequences.

  • Patrick

    Labour’s great lurch to the left, cuddling unions and spending money the country doesn’t have on the indigent, the foolish and the stupid is a real vote winner don’t you think?“

    Sure is a vote winner, because of the way Labour has extended the welfare state over the years there will be more recipients of Labour’s largess than there are net taxpayers, remember one person one vote.

    If Cunliffe gets into power the country is doomed, absolutely f’ing doomed.

  • Team ENZ

    A war of words has erupted between John Campbell and Tauranga MP Simon Bridges after Campbell implied the MP was ‘incompetent’ on his show.

    • DLNZ

      Get Key back on Campbell Live to address the issue. Then we’ll see who’s the incompetent one.

      • Team ENZ

        yes the labia’s champion tries to get revenge on Simon because he was humiliated by JK, now he picks on the minions.. cowardly bastard.

  • williamabong

    The Darwin List claims yet another member
    Stolen cars are obviously the new chlorine for the gene pool, at only 16 this twat has got in early and saved the taxpayer a fortune.
    The police were very upset as there were two empty seats in the car that could have been filled with this idiots mates.

  • RightOfGenghis

    Except that the indigent, the foolish and the stupid are too indigent, foolish and stupid to vote so I don’t see a threat here…

  • Hazards001

    “Labour’s great lurch to the left, cuddling unions and spending
    money the country doesn’t have on the indigent, the foolish and the
    stupid is a real vote winner don’t you think?“

    Yes I bloody well do think!
    These are the people that vote for Labour and the Gweens and they will continue to do so if the carrot of low effort and high reward is dangled in front of them.

    These people see no value in long term benefits to the economy being passed on to all.
    Their only concern is “What’s in it for me?” and will vote accordingly.

    It is becoming mind boggling to me that National and in particular Key are not attaching the complete fucking nonsense coming from both Norman and Cun*lips but instead are trying to score cheap shots with dopey innuendo and sarcasm in the house.
    They are falling into the trap of the arrogance and surety of their own infallibly that they can do no wrong and everyone can see it.
    Unfortunately everyone cannot see it and need to have it spelt out when something will affect them negatively even though they have been promised it will make things better.

    There is a reason so many people lost the lot in the collapse of the likes of Hanover and Blue Chip.
    People are inherently fucking blind and stupid when a good thing is on offer.
    If not then explain how internet conmen from Nairobi still manage to fleece people?