Thursday nightCap


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  • Patrick
    • I have a soft spot for him.

      Hence the repeat appearances :)

      • Patrick

        I suggest you keep it soft – especially if he sidled up to you in the gents loos at a pub.

  • Rodger T

    Kinda like a riff on Monty Pythons Dennis the Constitutional Peasant.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    3 min and he digressed. Must be someone elses fault. Drugged fuckwits breed drugged fuckwits,and the whole World is going to be taken over by drugged fuckwits.
    Socialists vote for Socialists

    • Mr_V4

      He makes a good point at 6:50 though.

  • James Kellow

    I met Russell once. Quite crazy but does have a point.

    • tspoon

      Dunno, what was that point? Russell got all shitty when he got asked for an idea, any idea. His only idea is not to vote.

  • Mr_V4

    Pity he didn’t get asked about Nigel Farage.

  • jaundiced

    Disagree with him fundamentally about many things. Profit is evil because by definition it creates inequality. Therefore tax the rich and redistribute wealth. Well, I suppose that will kill off any incentive to make a profit and lets see where that gets us.
    But at the same time he is brilliant and incisive

  • Pita

    Russel; an engaging and vociferous speaker offering no solutions reminds me of the old adage ” if you come to me without a solution you’re part of the problem”
    The underlying truth is, were governed by a political class that is more interested in retaining the seat of power than addressing the issues that Russell put forward.

  • RAS

    He’s funny but his political philosophy is utterly adolescent.