Tim White should STFU

Seriously, some people really have no idea. Tim White is one of them.


Who is Tim White you ask?

Well he’s the Chairman of The New Zealand China Trade Association – NZCTA for short. 

He’s also a partner within KMPG’s Business Advisory team, but for how much longer one has to be asking when he thinks it’s a great idea to issue a media release repeating all the negatives of the botulism scare just as Key is meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

He thinks it’s a great idea to throw in talk about recent meat scares and apple rot incidents for good measure. Who needs enemies when Tim White and the NZCTA are at work.

Where was Tim White and the NZCTA a month or two ago?  Oh that’s right they were silent, and left the likes of Fonterra out to swing in the breeze.

Tim White must clearly want some attention.


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  • kehua

    Some people are best to just look like a fuckwit, not open their mouth and prove that they are a fuckwit.

  • cows4me

    “it would be inappropriate to comment fully until all the facts are known” , fuck that was clever Tim.

    • Dave

      And, by his dumb statement, he is admitting that several months after the Fonterra scandal, he doesn’t know what the facts are. Hope you advise your KPMG clients that Tim. “We cant advise to your finances/ strategy until all the facts are known, call us in three to six months” Brilliant man Tim!!

  • Col

    Not a clever man, but some how they get these jobs.
    Not streetwise in my opinion.
    Next please?

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      Col – they get these jobs because they are idiots. This world is for idiots.

      • Col

        I had a mate the other day and they had to go to Wellington to see the top boys in Govt, the little pricks are so up themselves, the funny thing was my guys had to explain the terms as you would if you were opening a coffee bar, so bloody thick, but of course all have the right Uni degrees but no practical experience.
        The govt needs these guys services and knowledge, and have to say yes, and that word is not in their vocabulary.

      • Dave

        Yes SCS, and it seems Curryleaf has the franchise on idiots that vote.

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          Yes Dave and now the franchise has got 37% support and growing….

  • Col

    I now understand why may business have problems dealing with Chinese, if you tried to get advice from these clowns your going down the wrong path, it just shows you can’t trust them.
    I think Xi is a good guy and him and Key will work it out, lets hope so.

  • DLM

    FFS what was the point of that media release? Clearly an attention seeking spanker.

  • James Growley

    Obviously this fool has another agenda, I wonder if he knows what it is……

  • Dave

    Mr Tim White needs to remember, as a KPMG partner, that the senior partners, and directors WATCH every move their underlings make, and one poor, strategically dumb move can spell the end of a career. Tim, that was unbelievable, or politically motivated.

    Keep watch Tim, KPMG’s clients and superiors are watching, have you brought KMPG into disrepute?.

  • William Felt

    This is not fair on Tim. Demonstrating competence with our Chinese partners has never been the strategy of MFAT and NZTE so why expect that of anyone else in NZ

  • Orange

    What high school did he go to?

  • Patrick

    Partner at the KPMG Business Advisory Team – touting for work perhaps?
    All at the expense of NZ Inc, talk about self serving Timmy boy.

  • Red

    Wouldn’t worry – half of China is snickering behind their hands at their Premiers comments to Key anyway – out of embarrassment. Melamine Martini anyone? #notulism