About time, great move by Collins

Judith Collins is moving to take another card way from the unions…she is going to spike their cash from ACC.

A $1 million government funding to the Council of Trade Unions to run accident prevention workshops is under review.

ACC Minister Judith Collins recently announced a near doubling of the amount of funding the Accident Compensation Corporation makes for accident prevention work, from $22.4 million to $40 million.

However that is accompanied by a review of existing programmes and in an interview with NBR ONLINE Ms Collins said she had told officials there are no sacred cows with regards to existing programmes.

?And I?ve told them if they need to kill sacred cows that need slaughtering, I?ll back them.??

Sacred cows make the best hamburgers.

And in the next breath she queries the value of programmes run by the Council of Trade Unions.

The CTU gets ?about a million dollars a year? to run such programmes and she says it is not obvious this is the best use of that money.

?What I want to see is what is working.?

Comparatively few accidents happen in the workplace, she says ? about 20%, although these injuries tend to be more serious.

Chop chop..watch Helen Kelly throw her toys.