Today’s Trivia




Morbidly obese people who require an MRI in the US are sent to Seaworld. (source)


Tom Clancy, who died this week, owed something of a debt of thanks to Ronald Reagan who praised his relatively unknown novel, and the first novel I ever read, ‘The Hunt for Red October’ in 1984. (source)


Depending on the researcher, 20-25% of those living in Greenland will attempt suicide at some point in their life. (source)


Just in case you thought petitions were worth listening to, over a million people have signed the online petition for Taco Bell to change its name to ‘Shit-My-Self’. (source)


In 2006 a group of climbers arrived at the top of Britain’s highest peak, and found a piano there. (source)






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  • Sidey

    Brooks Hatlen, the old librrian in Shawshank Redemption, hanged himself in a boarding house, leaving that inscription carved into the wall. Great movie.

    Also, the main character played by Tim Robbins sends weekly petitions for years requesting funds and books for the prison library.

    Don’t recall any sub commanders in the movie though…

    • James Howlett

      Hi Sidey – quite right, and have to agree: the movie was very well done.

  • Nechtan

    The suicide link with Greenland, Brooks hung himself and left the message, in the film Shawshank Redemption