Today’s Trivia




King Tutankhamen had a dagger made of an iron alloy from a meteorite. (source)


Mike Brown of Canada travelled to every country and region in the world and it only took him 23 years. (source)


The Brazilian navy had a crack at selling an aircraft carrier on eBay. (source)


In 2011 a man was shot moments after taking a photo of his family, capturing the image of his killer in the background. (source)


In 2012 in the US there were 146 girls born named Khaleesi. (source)


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  • middleagedwhiteguy

    Kahleesi is a virus that kills rabbits.

  • Nechtan

    khaleesi virus as in kills rabbits?

  • James Howlett

    Partial credit to you both. The link is right but it’s spelt “calicivirus”. :)

  • That’s the biggest damn Rabbit I’ve ever freakin seen M8!

    • middleagedwhiteguy

      Is a Flemish Giant breed, according to Mr Google.

      • You could farm those … 3-4 meter fencing maybe … Watch out for the rabbit holes they’ll swallow ya whole M8!

        • sandynobb

          You could farm those …on berms.

          • Now your talking,
            communal stewing rabbits fed on the councils’ berms M8!

          • James Howlett

            Import a breeding pair as a retirement project – you’ll be raking it in!

          • Stuarts.burgers

            But what would the Resource Consent cost, with inspectors public notifications, committee meetings.
            Then you would need to deal with S.A.F.E., the vegan and the bubble wrap mummies concern that darling little Kahleesi could be attacked or fall down a rabbit hole.

  • thor42

    Nice rabbit!

  • Cremster

    The photo taker was eaten by the rabbit moments after taking this picture.