Today’s Trivia




The chemical composition of tears depends on the emotion you’re feeling when you cry them. (source)


When the US President is unmarried, or his wife dies while he is in office, another female relative is designated First Lady. Daughters, sisters, nieces etc. have all been First Ladies for a time. (source)


Miyamoto Musashi of Japan was regarded as one of the greatest swordsmen of all time. He won his first duel at the age of 12, beating his Samurai opponent to death with his wooden sword. (source)


The same guy who made Supersize Me directed the ‘band’ One Direction’s ‘movie’ “One Direction: This Is Us”. (source)


The worlds deepest swimming pool is in Belgium and 34.5 metres deep. (source)


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  • Tiberius

    There is no 1st Lady (Queen) on the black player.

    • James Howlett

      Interesting angle but not what I was going for.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    No black King, omg what does that mean?

    • Tom

      No black queen… First Lady reference?

  • P1LL

    Kasparov is the youngest ever world champion of chess, this (I think) links to Miyamoto Musashi ?

    • James Howlett

      Kasparov was incredible, his mid/late 80’s battle with Karpov is what made me the nerd I am today. But no, that’s not the link.

  • Tom

    Pawns can only go in ‘one direction’?

  • bristol

    I’m thinking the link is the world’s deepest swimming pool ties in with ‘Deep Blue’ the first computer to win a game of chess against a reigning world champion, Garry Kasparov.

    • P1LL

      I think you have got it . :)

    • James Howlett

      Nice one bristol – now honestly time: did you recognise the board as the final position of the final game of the Kasparov – Deep Blue rematch?

      • bristol

        Well, um, ah, er; actually no :)

        • Kimbo

          Whereas if you had bluffed and said, “yes – I always thought Kasparov made a poor choice by using the Caro-Kahn Defence”, James would have been your pawn for life.

  • Never in the dark…..

    I had thought too, upon the demise of the Queen aka 1st Lady, a pawn could be promoted to that rank should occasion arise.