Today’s Trivia




Until 1953 New York City had a pneumatic mail tube system spanning 37km connecting 23 post offices. At its peak it shifted 95,000 pieces of mail a day. (source)


The most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated, ‘Tsar Bomba’, created seismic waves so powerful they were measurable even on their third passage around the Earth. (source)


Michael Birch sold social networking site Bebo to AOL for USD850m in 2008 – when anyone under 30 could have told them it was a bust. He bought it back earlier this year for USD1m. (source)


There are buildings so massive they produce their own internal weather systems. On humid days the NASA assembly building, at 348,000 square feet, even has its own rain clouds. (source)


There is a study suggesting buying organic foods makes you act like a dick. (source)


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  • middleagedwhiteguy

    The photo is from the AOL Time Warner merger, another spectacular failure by AOL.

    • P1LL

      ding ding ding , we have a winner (I think)

  • thor42

    Those “pneumatic tube” systems were very cool.

    I seem to remember seeing one a very long time ago in either Farmers or Kirkcaldies.

    “Make” magazine even had an article in which a very devoted father made one at home for his children! (It’s powered by a vacuum cleaner, IIRC). They put a tooth in a capsule, send it off (to the “tooth fairy”, so they think) and the capsule is returned with a coin in it.