Today’s Trivia



There is a flower that literally looks like a set of hooker’s lips and it’s actually called “Hooker’s Lips” (source)

The Australian skink (a lizard species) lays eggs in some regions and gives live birth in others, thus illustrating evolution in real time. (source)


that in 1961 the Italian artist Piero Manzoni filled 90 tin cans with his feces, called it “Artist’s Shit” and sold them according to their equivalent weight in gold. (source)


Men are 35% more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than a woman is to be diagnosed with breast cancer. (source)


There are depictions of Medieval Knights fighting Snails in ancient manuscripts…and nobody knows why. (source)




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  • Nechtan

    Picture is of bacteria in feces?

    • Dick Brown

      Here you go…

      • Nechtan

        Is Len the bacteria or the feces?

        • GregM

          ” C ” , all of the above.

    • Nick

      Hahaha, yep. I hope the person who bought it was pleased with their purchase!

  • David Theobald

    Faecal coliform bacteria linked to the unpleasant Italian gent

  • Allan

    Looks like Escherichia coli on a 46 um filter paper to go with the shit in a can artist!

  • jb

    Stink artwork.

  • James Growley

    “The Australian skink”…….don’t you mean “The Australian skank”

    • Honcho

      I think we get those over here too, cant really describe the species as having evolved though.

  • longjohn

    maybe gizz on Bev’s back…?

  • Col

    Lenny Dorklander could have some Hooker Lips in his office, but knowing him he would slip one in the Venus Fly Trap, he wouldn’t know the difference.

    • jb

      the Venus Fly Trap wouldn’t know the difference either…………