Today’s Trivia


Over the whole Twilight series, there has been 24 minutes of just staring. (source)


That ESPN accounts for more than HALF of Disney’s total operating income. (source)


Cheddar Cheese is never naturally orange. (source)


There is a runway where you roll your airplane off a cliff and drop until you have enough airspeed to fly. (source)


that people, especially the youth, have been perceived by older generations as “ruining” the English language for centuries. (source)




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  • Nechtan

    I would imagine Robbie Burns (pictured) was accused of ruining the English language by publishing poems in Scots?

    • We may have limit your participation to days that end in ‘-day’…..

      • Nechtan

        Fair enough. Its a compulsive thing (I think) I’ll give it a rest for a while.

        • Muffin

          Don’t do that, you are the benchmark to beat

        • I was doing what you are doing for a few weeks – I decided I was killing it for everyone else. It probably would be nice to give people a 20 minute head start. If it is still open by then, hit it.

  • Michael

    Having just landed at Wellington, I’d rather go off a cliff than face than a norwester!!!