Today’s Trivia

via Tipline

via Tipline


That the CIA shut down access to the 23rd highest mountain in the world for nearly a decade in the ’60s because they lost a nuclear powered missile detector in an avalanche. (source)


The first motor vehicle made in Australia was a steam car made by David Shearer of Mannum in the Murray Valley, in 1898. Here is a photo of this vehicle now restored in the Australian National Motor Museum at Birdwood South Australia. (via Tipline)


That you can swim in a straight line from Pakistan to Russia. (source)


Rowan Atkinson, who plays the titular character in Mr. Bean, owns a McLaren F1 and has crashed it… twice. (source)


The creator of the Ouija board claimed to have gotten the name by using the board itself, and that it is ancient Egyptian for “good luck”. (source)