Today’s Trivia



There are only 6 remaining people born in the 19th century. (source)


Pangaea was not the first “Super Continent”. Evidence suggests at least 2 Super continents existed before it, possibly more. (source)


An Area 51 researcher claims that the “aliens” that allegedly crash-landed there were WWII POW’s who were being experimented on to study the risks of space exploration on the human body and that the images of aliens are, therefore, derived from that of humans whose bodies were destroyed. (source)


When John Dillinger was gunned down by the FBI in the streets of Chicago, pedestrians dabbed their handkerchiefs in his blood for souvenirs. (source)


That euthanasia literally means “Happy Death” in Greek. (source)




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  • grannymorris

    Picture is a supposed image of “life on mars” so link is to aliens

    • Dick Brown

      I’m pretty sure it’s an image alright grannymorris

    • Nick

      Wow! Your good!

  • john Doe

    Photo of 2 minute Brown burrowing out his bunker!

  • RightOfGenghis

    Pic looks suspiciously like a close up of martian meteorite Alh84001, hence the link to the alien reference…

  • James Growley

    No, you are all wrong again – it’s a close up of a stain on Bevan’s dress. “Area 51” =
    Ngati Whatua Room, “Super Continent” = Super City…………