Tony Ryall now facing “Food Addiction” pressure


It never ceases to amaze me the lengths troughers will go to get a headline. Maybe it’s because they want more funding to go on junkets like Super Trougher Boyd Swinburn.

Efforts to demonise fatties into thinking that it’s not their fault they’re fat; instead it’s some food manufacturer’s fault, is taking a leaf from the playbook used against Big Tobacco.

Now we see the University of Otago, remember that hotbed of trougher researchers activists determined to stop Kiwis enjoying a burger, desperate to see the term ‘food addiction’ wedged into the academic vernacular.

Thankfully, there’s some that call them out for this nonsense.  

“although there was little evidence, there seemed to be a desperate desire to cement the formal terminology surrounding “food addiction” into academic discussion, despite the fact that so far these’s a paucity of evidence mostly derived from limited rat studies”

So, here’s a tip for Tony Ryall. Next time Otago University’s troughers like Doug Sellman knocks on your door, seeking more “research grants” or “fat taxes” remind him that slagging off the Government while happily tucking into taxpayer funding on an overseas junket on one of your other pet hates isn’t such a smart idea.


It’s not a big leap to think that Tony Ryall’s picture will be inserted into one of Doug Sellman’s overseas presentations complaining that Ryall is a barrier to addressing obesity issues.


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  • LionKing

    Isn’t that just dandy. Sellman loves taking the money so he can trape around the world on the taxpayer, all the time criticizing the bejesus out of the hand that feeds him. Another complete wanker.

    • 1951

      Nah, I think you’ll find that Dougie doesn’t fly anymore since he was afflicted with the same virus that attacked Gareth Morgan’s greymatter. It’s amazing how the Greendisease can affect the thinking of once good men.

  • Hillary Green

    There doesn’t appear to be any control over these people. While academic freedom is important, at the end of the day, the public should have a degree of comfort that the money we pay to the government in taxes, is being wisely spent. Instead, we see these academics living it up attending flash expensive conferences living the life, while we poor taxpayers foot the bill (and most couldn’t dream of regularly flying around the world as these people do).

    I just hope that Tony Ryall is aware of what is really going on deep down in his government department and how the officials are seemingly handing out taxpayer money as fast as they can so that they can look as though they’re doing something. It’s not good enough Mr Ryall.

  • Timboh

    I cannot believe this prick!! Using an image slagging off the PM and other particular politicians in a presentation he gave overseas. I bet he felt smug on the taxpayers $ doing it.

  • OhopeBeachBugger

    ‘Food addiction’ my hairy bean bag. I’m telling you, this fatty scare is the next global warming fraud.

    • Shoreboy57

      Of course it is – follow the money to the trough

  • Col

    I have the answer your household is given vouchers for the year, once you use them tough shit, then those who don’t eat the shit food everyday can put them on Trademe.
    What a lot of hogwash.

  • Col

    If you are over a weight you get taxed????

  • BJ

    Today on ‘Breakfast’ – The NZ Taxpayers’ Union, a new group aiming to reduce ‘wasteful’ Government spending launched today It’s Executive Director is Jordan Williams (28yr old lawyer) and he talked about it’s aims and ideas.
    They want the public and workers in government departments and especially in local government to give The NZ Taxpayers’ Union information about inappropriate spending then their researchers will follow up any leads.

    They better start with these sort of grants then

  • Rusty B

    I am a big bastard.
    I eat very healthy foods, as do my family.
    I have a black belt in Lion Red/Steinlager.
    Food addiction…fuck off.
    BTW: I fit comfortably into an airline seat!

  • Dick Brown

    I’ve been saying that this will happen for years; it was inevitable that when the Marxists had finished with the poor smokers (which, unfortunately, affected their entire political fanbase in a financial holocaust) they would set their Red sights on the fatties.

    You reap what you sow; they should have been stopped when they were attacking the fags.*

    * cigarettes.

    • Dick Brown

      And it’s pretty amazing that we have to rely on Arthur Taylor to do what is right.

      Speaking of Arthur Taylor, he’s just got refused a television interview over his court win about the cigs in prison because there are fears he may ‘grab the microphone’ and ‘take the interviewer hostage’

      Hahahahahaha fuck me that’d the biggest joke I’ve heard all day.

    • Shoreboy57

      and the drinkers – “10% of NZers now alcoholic” according to dear Dr Doug. Redefine to make a problem bigger

  • blokeintakapuna

    The entire species is “addicted to food” – just try and go without it!
    FFS – next they’ll be trying for Grants for “Oxygen addiction”

    • DLNZ

      Shit… barely a minute goes by when we’re not thinking about getting some oxygen. Its so addictive that the desire for a fix is subconscious. Dangerous in high concentrations too. Someone needs to get onto it straight away :P

  • conwaycaptain

    If the Govt wants to save money in the Education area they should go through Tertiary Education with a SYTHE and get rid of these TROUGHERS in all areas.
    I know people who are doing research!!! into areas of languages that will be read by 10 people at the max.

  • Rodger T

    More like we need a cure for Fuckwittery Addiction, vaccinating the Unis` would be a good place to start.

    • James Growley

      The lunatic foodie green message reminds me of uncle Len – roots, shoots and leaves…………

  • Statehousekid

    Those greedy capitalist with their big corporations told me to eat those hamburgers and fried chickens. Now look at me I cannot get out of my chair and I have to have dialysis. I can’t help it if I am to thick to know what’s good for me. I need to be protected from these people, that’s why I vote Labour.

  • Put.