Training is taking place in a secret location to take Whaleoil out…


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  • LesleyNZ

    Oh no – that is terrible! Anyhow they missed.

  • Meg

    Well given how this little game has backfired on Whale, he might be right to be a tad paranoid that the left will now be out to give him a serving to.

    Brown has stated he will stay, even the PM thinks he will. Less than 24 hours later this scandal has dropped several news spots to be replaced by floods, book prizes and John Banks being shipped off to trial for electoral fraud (something which Whale seems a little shy about mentioning on his supposed even playing field blog). Also it seems a lot of public opinion is turning against Whale (some of the comments out there are very entertaining) and the woman who sparked this. So, all and all not really the outcome Whale planed for,

    That is not to say I condone or dismiss the amazing stupidity of Brown. But given how many politicians on both sides have had affairs over the years (as well as rumor has it the owner of this blog) this was never going to be a scandal that would bring down Brown, especially how obvious the political drive behind it is. It will be a blip as it was for Don Brash and in a few weeks (unless Whale has photos of Len mid shag whilst eating puppies and wiping his mouth with the ToW) everyone will have moved on, Brown will still be in place, and the world will keep on turning.

    • Time For Accountability

      To have a view on Tenure entailment that defies logic suggests you are a teacher.


      Thus teachers are two degrees removed from Len.

  • Lopsy

    Course you condone it Meg!! You are a lefty, with the ethics of an alley cat. If Len were a Nat you’d be dribbling with rage all over your keyboard.

    • Meg

      My my touchy. I know this little WO stunt has backfired but no need to cry like that.

  • Sir

    I actually feel Whale Tale Cam has taken himself out, all by himself on this one hahaha
    You crack me up Cam, but 10 out of 10 for effort.