Tuesday General Debate

Tuesday, and another General Debate post for you to use as you see fit.

If you’re out of ideas, today’s topic is

Shouldn’t we aim to end extreme wealth, not extreme poverty?


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  • LinkinHawk

    Mark Lundy to be retrialed ,who can ever forget the dramatic acting routine at the funeral, I hope we don’t have another Bain walking free.

    • BAM

      The police case was complete horse shit, Lundy should be found not guilty.

      • Kimbo

        Hmmm. Common sense tells me there is only one person who had a motive to commit the murders. despite what the disputed evidence says….

      • opusx

        Yep. A cluster fuck to be sure.

      • Michael

        The presiding Judge at the case said the Crown’s case was fatally wounded if the deaths did not occur around 7pm. When so much other evidence points to death occurring after midnight.

        If the pathologist had taken the temperature of the deceased upon arrival he would have been able to establish this reliably. Your body tempature falls slightly less than 1 degree per hour after death, so Christine and Amber would still have been warmer than the room temperature until at least the afternoon, even if the deaths were at 7pm.

        • opusx

          Police painted themselves into a corner based on the pathologists so called expert evidence. That is why the Crown will lose the re-trial.

    • GazzW

      It’s called British justice and proof of why the unilateral decision by Clark & Wilson to remove our right of access to the Privy Council was a disgraceful act and one for which Labour should never be forgiven. I think Lundy is guilty but the fact that three of the greatest international legal minds say that there is an element of doubt must override any personal prejudice and Lundy deserves his day in court.

      An afterthought. Wasn’t it a tad strange that Sean Elias was on the Privy Court panel. Why? I wonder how she voted.

      • Dumrse

        How did she vote …… it was a unanimous decision. Well that’s what ZB told us.

  • dumbshit

    yeah lets all go on the dole—–plenty off labour voters

  • GazzW

    Given the opportunity a Cunners/Wussel coalition will end extreme wealth – their definition of wealth being around $50k a year. There is no reason for extreme poverty in NZ – any poverty that exists is self-inflicted.

    • Col

      My god your on to it today GazzW, took the words out of my mouth.
      If we took away the benefits, would people be in poverty? Now that is an interesting question, remembering the benefit was only to be given for a short time.

  • Pissedoffyouth

    As Thatcher said, socialism just wants to make everyone poorer

  • Macca

    If the left get back in to power (God help us), the whole country will get to learn what extreme poverty feels like!

  • Michael

    The issue is not wealth, but the perception that the “haves” have it unjustifiably. This might be the case in some instances, but there are some really hard working people out there that have worked hard for what they have. The suggestion that they shouldn’t have it is kind of offensive in my opinion

    • opusx

      Exactly right Michael. I think extreme wealth at the expense if accountability (ie: bonuses to CEO’s for unprofitable performance) needs to be nipped in the bud. The current capitalist model (especially in the US) is a farce. Ensuring everyone pays their share of tax without evasion or avoidance is another goal, but those who are rewarded with wealth for either hard work or risk taking deserve that wealth IMO.

      • Michael

        But who defines what is fair? The haves or the have nots?

        • Polish Pride

          how about instead we move to a model where every ones needs and wants are accessible and there is no need for wealth redistribution regardless of whether it is the L or the R doing it.

  • Ghost

    And while we are at it, we should regulate against drunk driving, white collar crime, murder, tax evasion, etc, because making it illegal would make it stop….

    • opusx

      Tui ad :-)

  • johnbronkhorst

    North Korea….here we come.
    A wise man once told me…
    “The best way to help the poor…………not be one of them.”

  • Michael

    We should end extreme wealth. But only the wealth accumulated (or rather stolen) by despotic dictators – that model that the left keep worshiping Fidel Castro is supposedly worth $900m. Vladimair Putin has personal items well beyond the capacity of his Presidential income and is rumoured to be the richest man in Europe.

  • johnbronkhorst

    I see teacher moral is low.
    May have to start teaching now and stay out of politics.

    • Michael

      Mistype is also accurate – Teacher morals are low. They are grubby, money hungry and greedy, and willing to play politics with children to get their demands.

      • opusx

        Hey. That’s my wife you’re talking bout. Oh…hang on, she would agree with you on that one with a lot of her profession.

      • GazzW

        Fuck off Michael. You are talking about my family here. None of whom are union members but that’s beside the point. By the way if you call $55k a year for a graduate with a post-grad diploma, six years experience and working all the hours that God sent money-hungry and greedy then maybe take a look at what you earn. You can have all the prejudices you want about teaching but suggest you limit you comments to the unions. There are a hell of a lot of good teachers out there doing a fucking good job.

        • Polish Pride

          Yeah but the holidays just can’t be beat ;)

      • kehua

        You missed out the word ` some`, the vast majority of teachers that I have met are honest, conscientous people who by and large work in a very demanding environment not only instilling knowledge into our children but also covering the shortcomings of useless parents and unhelpful social habits.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      I say bring Teachers back to reality.
      4 weeks annual leave.
      5 days sick leave per year.
      When the Students are on holiday, the Teachers are on refresher courses.
      The Taxpayer wants something for his Taxes other than whining, winging, sniveling Socialists

  • johnbronkhorst

    I see the greens want us to go on the night shift with the parliamentary cleaners.
    I am sure that’s why I went to school and got an education, got a job that advanced me in a carrier then went in to business for myself…..SO I DIDN’T HAVE TO CLEAN FUCKING TOILETS FOR $14.50 an hour.
    Maybe these same cleaners could take a small note about that.
    If you are cleaning toilets for $14.50 per hour………wait…the wisdom is worth it….
    then it is your own FAULT and your RESPONSIBILITY to change that!
    If YOU are not prepared to do anything to change YOUR circumstances, STFU and do the job YOU have CHOSEN!!!!

  • sheppy

    Changing the subject Lyin’ Len pulled a sicky just one hour before the last mayoral debate in Takapuna last night – looks like having to answer “where’s the money coming from” made him ill or perhaps he just really hates the Shore

    • Patrick

      You fellas don’t vote for him, he doesn’t care, you don’t matter. Bet he doesn’t miss a date in South Auckland prior to the election though.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Len Brown is not welcome on the Shore – we pay enough without us hosting him troughing up here

    • Hazards001


  • Gobe1

    And there are some people who will just never be wealthy even if they had money they just couldnt handle it. We all know people like that

  • cows4me

    Who gets to set the value on extreme wealth? Wait let me guess, another easy one, the extreme left?

    • Polish Pride

      perhaps but you of all people on here should understand that those with extreme wealth in this world haven’t exactly got it via kosher means and hard work. Just to make it a little clearer, in this example even bill gates doesn’t have extreme wealth.

  • Scotty Dixon has the lead now in the indy car series, one more win on the 20th this month and he takes another title win.

    • Pete George

      He doesn’t need to win, he just needs to finish not too far behind Castroneves. I heard that if Dixon is in the top five it guarantees he will win.

      Pagenaud in third is probably too far back unless he wins and Dixon doesn’t finish.

    • Pete George

      The IndyCar website doesn’t have much detail about results and points.
      Wikipedia has it all:


      Pagenaud can’t win, he’s 55 behind and a win is 50 (plus up to 4 bonus points by the look of things).

  • Patrick

    Shouldn’t we aim to extend extreme wealth, not extreme poverty?

    There that fixed it.