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via Twitter (oddly enough)

via Twitter (oddly enough)


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  • andrew carrot

    To go with the face-covering slinky San Francisco one-piece


  • Patrick

    Bet she doesn’t go away for the weekend & leave the front door of her house unlocked, but it is ok to take the piss out of Jones for stating the obvious, i.e. if you put yourself in harms way don’t be surprised if bad things happen to you.
    All very well saying women should have the right to go & dress how they please & yes they should, so should men but the reality is different.

    • I think you got the wrong angle on this. This isn’t about the Rape OpEd the other day, this is about Jones’ legendary misogyny :)

      • Patrick

        Then I stand corrected & apologise to Miss C Kate.

      • Bunswalla

        You’re sure about that?

        Why would CK suddenly bring that up?

        • I’ve checked, and yes, I’m now sure about that.

  • Richard McGrath

    I really think Bob would want her to wear sunglasses.

  • Sooty

    You would not want a red one . Because everyone would be wanting to post their letters.