Two more stories and both confirm what I have said all along

Despite the best efforts of shadow-dweller Hamish Price to beat up a conspiracy not a single shred of “evidence” has been produced to counter what I have said all along.

It is claimed that Stephen Cook and I, along with my father and John Palino MUST HAVE KNOWN about the affair of Len Brown and Bevan Chuang…and yet not a single piece of evidence has been produced.

In another manufactured Hamish Price story…in todays Herald on Sunday he shamelessly pushes Bevan Chuang further into the spotlight by now making claims of exoneration from blackmail…a story manufactured by him all along. The evidence the HoS cites shows no such intimation of any affair, only discussions of texts and rather tame ones at that. Inf act very piece of evidence splashed by the Herald has proved what I have said all along.

If someone came to me with texts with that content in them and tried to suggest I stand down I would laugh in their face.

Luigi Wewege has also broken his silence and confirmed what has been said my myself, my father and John Palino…again there is no contradictory evidence. Just a personal vilification by the Herald against opponents of Len Brown…with no corroborating evidence…they must be running very close to a defamation action or at the very least accusations of harassment.

The fact remains…unchallenged by any evidence that Bevan Chuang never revealed details of her affair with Len Brown to me or anyone else until Monday the day before I broke the story.  

Until that time, when she finally came clean, there was never a story because it involved only about 4 texts and even then they were out of context.

The Herald and Herald on Sunday have simply decided to invest themselves in Len Brown’s spin, much like they invested themselves in Kim Dotcom’s media crusade.

All they have done is ensure that this whole scandal remains in the spotlight…and now they have exhausted every possible angle unrelated to Len Brown. Nothing has proved a conspiracy despite the claims of Hamish Price…there is no evidence of such a thing, there is no evidence that National was involved despite the claims of those close to Brown, and there is no evidence of any untoward behaviour by anyone other than Len Brown.

The salient facts remain unchallenged. Len Brown had a two year affair with a woman he gave a reference to for a job, appointed to an advisory panel. He used his position to gain perks in order to pleasure his mistress.

Len Brown has not spoken nor answered any salient points on the matter…he has remained in his bunker and cancelled public appearances. The man, if you call him that, is a disgrace.

This week promises to be an important week.

I predict that the identity of the texter will be revealed…that other women will come forward and the mayor’s lies and sneakiness will be revealed. About the only thing missing from this whole story  allegations of hush money being paid.


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  • rrroberto

    I like the very last sentence..Cryptic or not cryptic? Make an allegation without making an allegation. Giving the Herald some of their own back.

    • Edwin Wigmore

      Agree rrroberto, interesting times ahead perhaps.

  • LesleyNZ

    Luigi is a victim now? Reading the Herald on Sunday story it seems so. Politically naïve?????? That is so not true. The detail in the affidavit is pretty graphic but it does tell us a lot about the character of our Mayor and that this affair was not “just a fling”. This morning I heard the Sunday Star Times Editor say that they will not be running any more stories – the 2 women they had names for came to a dead end. It is as if this is all getting swept under the carpet but the MSM Len Brown apologists in time for the AKLD Council swearing in ceremony which is, I think, next Tuesday evening.
    What about the security guard who caught them out in the Ngati-Whatua room. How did Len and Bevan manage to keep that one so quiet?

    • Politically naïve?

      Politically incompetent.

      Politically overplayed his hand.

      • Patrick

        terms like “overplaying his hand” when related to the Brown topic raise some rather unwelcome images.
        Based on the way this story is being portrayed I would not be surprised if Brown filed a rape charge against his hand.

    • Cowgirl

      Perhaps naïve about women to a certain extent – she has turned on everyone who scorned her.

      • LesleyNZ

        I think both of them are opportunists.

  • AnonWgtn

    It my be that the threatening texter may have already been revealed in the back page of the Weekend Herald – he who laughs at the matter apparently.

  • blokeintakapuna

    If Len thinks his attitude and actions are still worthy of being able to hold the Mayoralty of Auckland, would he encourage his daughters to behave the same way as Bevan with much older men to gain a promotion/job?

    If not, why not?

    • Ronnie Chow

      Well , maybe they will go a bit off the tracks now that they have this shame to live with . There will be endless sniggering from their peer group , and they will have to live down the ignominy for some time .
      Len will not be able to explain away his duplicity to his daughters , so they will have to to attempt to come out of this stronger than their father , mainly by shunting him down a few pegs to lowlifeville and leaving him there reflect on the power of selfishness to damage those dearest to him.

  • Mad Dog

    It would appear to me that you are now getting desperate, Cameron.

    You started a political smear campaign and it hasn’t gone the way you wanted it to go, and all your rightie mates are now looking sleazy and bad; in fact, one of them has even run away to America because he is too gutless to face up to anyone.

    And this kind of says it all, really:

    • pukakidon

      Keep going apologist for a sleazy prick. You must have your tongue so far up dirty Lens arse you do all his talking, is that whey he is no where to be found.

      The MSM and politicians who are obviously the worst social detritus don’t like the sunlight being shone on their deviant behaviour, it seems they all have dirty little secrets to hide, and you are a either a paid cover for them or you are of similar ilk.

      • Mad Dog

        And what about using sexual blackmail in the form of threats to publish naked photographs? You “sleazy prick” righties don’t seem to have any problems with doing that.

        The end justifies the means in your eyes, eh?

        • rrroberto

          Sorry that I missed the part which showed that Cameron Slater used sexual blackmail, Also missed the part which said that Stephen Cook used sexual blackmail. I did see the first bit of the story which mentioned “insurance”, but the stuff reporter stuffed up by not explaining. Making an allegation without making an allegation. You just got sucked in, can you first of all read the article properly, and then if an allegation is made, just look for what source or evidence is being provided.

        • Oh the word of Bevan Chuang and Hamish Price…with zero evidence of such an attempt…yeah right.

        • Patrick

          Some questions Mad Dog if you don’t mind:

          Do you approve of Brown’s behaviour while conducting his two year long porkfest?
          Do you approve of someone sending threatening text messages to a “whistleblower” who was revealing misconduct at one of NZ largest enterprises?
          Do you approve of a person in a position of power using that position to conduct an affair with a staff member, and while doing so using favours from local businesses to conduct that affair?
          Do you believe such favours should be investigated?
          Do you believe Brown is a fit & proper person to lead the Auckland Council?
          Would you be happy to see Brown acting as your representative while on overseas trips, especially to Asian countries knowing how he views Asian women?

          Yes/No to the above will suffice.


          • john Doe

            Great questions that may have put Maddog off his lunch.

          • redeye

            All of the above is approved behaviour but ONLY if caught doing same by known right wingers. Admitting the right were right in any form would be just too much for the myopic cunts.

        • Col

          Do you want too dance to the Left and to the Right.
          What would you like me to tell you about Lenny Dorklander,
          You sound like a little boy who is pissed off that someone else has something you don’t.
          This week all will be revealed ( at the latest next week) watch this space, and Cam never told me, I don’t live in Auckland.

        • Bayman

          Weird – I thought this was about Len Brown’s inability to:

          a) Keep it in his pants
          b) At least be discreet
          c) Not use council premises, and the office of the mayor to carry on an extra-marital affair.

          Not sure how publishing those facts in breaking the story is a smear campaign. Nor does it make Cameron a “sleazy prick”. In fact the only sleazy prick in this sordid affair would be Brown himself.

        • Bunswalla

          Hey Mad Dog, coming onto WO and referencing newspaper articles from Stuff or the Horrid as the basis for your “facts” is as much use as a chocolate teapot.

          If you have some actual facts rather than MSM made-up BS then by all means produce them. You’ll get a polite and reasoned response from intelligent people prepared to debate the issues.

          But if you just keep on making shit up, or referring to other shit as gospel that’s been made up by repeaters, deniers, and lickspittles seeking to serve their own agenda, then don’t complain about the butt-hurt.

        • CheesyEarWax

          Your name should be Dick Head. There has been NO PROOF of any conspiracies towards Len Brown despite all the “investigative” journalism and the spin from the ratepayer-funded Len Brown PR team. Yet there has been no denials or refutes of the affidavit that WO have produced that is TRUE PROOF. Goodbye and good riddance to you, I suspect you won’t be hanging around here very long.

        • steve and monique

          Is it not fact that Len Brown cheated on his wife/family. Everything else is a distraction from the fact, which is Len Brown is morally corrupt, and is not fit to be a mayor.

          • Mad Dog

            Just like your rightie mate Don Brash.

          • steve and monique

            Correct, But have never met the man, and do not consider him a mate. My mates do not cheat on there wives, Always wondered if the left where lacking in morals and intelligence. Thanks for confirming this for me

    • rrroberto

      so how does reporting on the news equate to starting a smear campaign? The news was likely to smear somebody,by its content, but Cameron did not create that news, he reported it. The stuff article is just so full of nothing.So Stepehn Cook had some nude photo’s which were sent by Luigi, and he did not publish them, whats the problem. And then some body said to someone that someone tried to hack Len Browns email, and then that someone said he made up the story, What a load of bollocks and nothing to do with Len Brown denying anything that Cameron has ever said about him. It would appear that you yourself are getting desperate. A Mad dog should really have a bite, nothing there in your post, just spin and diversion

      • Mr_V4

        It’s the Helen Clark “Muddy the waters with unrelated details to confuse the ignorant masses (they’ll be too dumb to notice)” strategy.

    • It isn’t a smear if it is true and everything I have said is true.

    • hunk4hire .

      Speaking about “running away”, where’s Brown?

    • Cowgirl

      “because he is too gutless to face up to anyone.”

      That’s funny considering everyone on the right has given interviews and/or released media statements – the gutless one appears to be Len Brown, who has repeatedly failed to front in the last couple of weeks. Everyone else can do as they like because they are not the Mayor, and therefore are not accountable to the media or the public.

    • LesleyNZ

      That is where you are wrong. Where has Cameron ever said that Luigi was a “mate”. We do know though that Len Brown has lots of “mates” in the NZ MSM media. It is the media who have labelled it a political smear campaign. Are you involved with the media Mad Dog? You sound like one of the media apologists.

  • Jason

    Did anyone read on ‘STUFF”
    “The mayor, the love rat and nudity

    All full of shit I take it?

    • rrroberto

      there is even more shit in another article on Stuff. Looks like a good page for a defamation lawyer.
      After reading the nothing article which Mad Dog linked to , and then flicking to the diary of John palino article, and then realizing that this paper is ahead of the Herald? I know the Herals has got a lot of crap in it, but if its a lower standard than these two articles, there is no hope whatsoever for them

      • Jason

        A pretty weak attempt at Satire. Is he a real Journalist? If so I think he should find a new day job.

        • rrroberto

          I considered the possibility of satire, but failed to see any connection. When Fairfax has nothing to say they should just leave the page blank , or put in an advert, than fill it up with shite. Hope that the parties mentioned feel aggrieved enough to ask for apology and retraction, or file defamation. Editor should have given a warning or by line that it was a trainee journo attempting satire, if in fact it was an attempt at satire.

        • Cowgirl

          It was so totally lame I didn’t even finish reading it – not funny, not clever and not even close to the truth. Satire should at least be close to the truth.

        • Jason

          It’s not even original. Does anyone remember ‘the smoking man’ off an old Yank TV programme.? Also the ‘Sub-level 11’ seems strangely familiar too.
          I agree Cowgirl, rrrob, there’s no connection to reality with which to take the piss. So yeah, no Satire.

      • Statehousekid

        Another candidate for the Joseph Goebbels journalist of the year award.

        • rrroberto

          He might make it into the next edition of the Bunker Brown video. I saw a creepy looking character in brown jacket up against the wall. But personally I don’t think that this so called journo would get the award. In a perverse kind of way, Joseph Goebells was good at his job.

  • Col

    When you don’t have story, and your employment looks weak, make a story up?

  • rouppe

    So Wewege emailing nude photos of Chuang isn’t “untoward behaviour”?

    • Gee I wonder where he got those from…oh thats right…sent by Chuang herself…I wonder what she sent the Mayor?

      • Ronnie Chow

        Chuang’s actions and motives so far seem incredibly shallow and fatuous , more like attention seeking from the very beginning of her affair than genuine affection for Brown . I wonder if she had a loose plan based around the current trend of celebrity sex-tape releases and the general media obsession with people who are famous for being famous .
        She was never going to get her 15 minutes on her own , that’s for sure.

    • rrroberto

      It might be untoward behavior on the part of the Blog owner, if he published them on his Blog. Can you see them anywhere on the Blog.

      • Nope and I wouldn’t…but beware what you read and ask yourself who benefits from such statements

  • Kizzy MCD

    Do you know of “other” affairs or are you in line for defimation?

    • It would be defamation…and no I won’t be in line for it as the mayor well knows…I am telling the truth.

  • Reid

    If you have a look at the tactics in this link, you see almost of them used in The Herald’s reporting on this affair. Interesting…

  • MarcWills

    At 2pm. it appears that Mad Dog has left the building.



    Too much.


  • conwaycaptain


  • captainnotsosensible

    Love how all the lefties and Len Brown support crew come out of the woodwork briefly when there is a sniff of some more truth coming out.

    Ha ha ha.

    Cannot wait to hear more from the same in the coming weeks.

    It’s Lens character and credibiity that is completely shot to bits. It’s not even purely about what his salary and that of his staff have cost ratepayers already.

    It’s the fact that his behaviour before and after this all broke (( and that of his support crew in the office and MSM) indicate the depths they will go to to cover up and deflect.

    If he’s done that with his supposed lover(s), his wife, his family, and he continues to duck out of mayoral responsibilities and appointment, how can anyone imagine that he hasn’t and won’t do the same with decisions about investments and relationships for Auckland? That’s the real cost to everyone.

    I think I read Watercare spent $3.5 million on legal advice recently. If Lenny is mayor, don’t you think he will be covering his arse at every opportunity and spending money like its going out of fashion to continue to keep people in favour? In my mind that’s why his position is untenable,almost regardless of the specifics of this / these affairs.

  • Ronnie Chow

    This is developing into our own version of the decisive battle between entrenched old media versus the new media paradigm shaping opinion around the globe .
    What is evident is that the Herald more than resembles a dying fly spinning around on it’s back , while Whaleoil proudly surfs on a seemingly endless wave .

    And all he had to do was tell the truth .

    • Steve (North Shore)

      A fly with no wings is a ‘walk’

  • DTG

    Out of interest, who here will be attending Brown’s inauguration on Tuesday at 6pm at the Town Hall? I’m thinking of going for the comedy value. Presuming he turns up for that of course.

    • GazzW

      It would be fascinating to get a transcript of the actual wording of the inaugural oath. I presume there is one. Assuming that it commits the mayor to upholding the city’s good name and acting in an honourable way etc etc how can he possibly take that oath given his transgressions in his first term? Legal challenge anyone?

    • captainnotsosensible

      Seriously considering it yes. Problem I have is I would feel compelled to say something rather than sit in silence.

  • Michael J Wood

    “About the only thing missing from this whole story allegations of hush money being paid.”
    maybe that should be “About the only thing missing from this whole story, so far, are allegations of hush money being paid.

  • Mad Dog

    Most people have moved on from the Len Brown story already, because they HAVE A LIFE!!
    That only leaves the desperate (here, at KiwiBlog, and other sadsack sites) and the morons who infest rednecksville (talkback radio) who are yet to “get a life!”
    What are you sad specimens going to do when it is only you retards still frothing at the moth over the Mayor of Auckland, who only did what heaps of people do every day?
    This place is a thousand laughs a minute.

    • island time

      Please disclose your medication regime. It is obviously deficient to rational thought.

    • captainnotsosensible


    • captainnotsosensible


    • Dumrse

      Pop back this time next week for an update……….

    • LesleyNZ

      Move on? We have very fulfilled lives here.Mad Dog your values are the reason why this world is in such a mess. Apart from Len Brown’s infidelity there is the issue of whether he can be trusted and whether he is fit to be the Mayor of Auckland. Since the election the situation with his Mayoralty has changed. Deceit and a lack of integrity and a lack wisdom are not the kind of qualities we want our Mayor of Auckland to have.
      Do you live in Auckland Mad Dog?

      • Mad Dog

        No, I’m not silly enough to live anywhere near Auckland, although I do visit there occasionally. In fact, I was in Auckland the week you lot started frothing at the mouth about your mayor….staying in a hotel diagonally across the road from his office, actually.

        I live somewhere with lots of space (and outdoor recreation activities) and bugger-all people (compared with Auckland), but with a big city with heaps of cultural events only a short drive (or train ride) away. There are absolutely no traffic lights where I live (yay), I can get free parking whenever I wish, and I can walk to work in less than ten minutes (my office is a moving one once I am there). And I get paid at a level where I am in the top tax bracket.

        So eat on that, losers!!

        • LesleyNZ

          It might not seem a big deal to you – it is our ratepayer money that pays his wage and his spin doctor’s wages – not yours so you don’t care.

        • john Doe

          Fck you are a dork. Please confirm that you are employrd by the tax payer or ratepayer.

    • Mr_V4

      “Moved on”.

      Is that you Helen?

  • disqus_JtuHMtIpMO

    It’s very sad to see the right self-exploded on this. Usually this happens only to the left… …

    • Mad Dog

      Yeah, they’re being idiots alright (although entertaining idiots).

      • GazzW

        One line abuse doesn’t cut it here Angry Puppy. Some reasoned argument would help your cause.