Union membership numbers shows why Labour fail in polls

Mr C is always going to fail in his bid to return Labour into government because he talks to the wrong people and has connected with the people who have put him there and not the people who drive the country.

The biggest failure of the leadership rules in the Labour Party is that the minority picks the leader.

For round numbers, that is 30 people in caucus (40%), unions (20%) and a final bunch of people who have the ability to vote twice even three times. It is therefore not the party of the people but a party for the activists.

To prove my point, his first two major speeches were directed at the unions, why ? Labour needs the cash flow via party donations. If you actually look at what percentage of the NZ population below they represent ? it is a minority. ?

Observation by the Owl

2013 Union membership figures show that 16.6% of the work force belong to a union. That means 83.4% of NZ don?t give a damn about unions because either they are irrelevant and also very expensive to join.

Break that number down further and of the 371,613 union members a huge 234,790 work for the government (almost compulsory unionism by the PSA, Teachers and Nurses Union).

Given that pay equality and living wage are not really an issue in government as 73% of the 234,790 are women ? that leaves Mr C with a very narrow base of supporters. Only 6.1% of private sector employees belong to the unions and wait for it ? 46,787 are involved in manufacturing.

Manufacturing and economic indicators are all at 10 year highs.

So the question is ? how is Mr C. going to get 94% of private sector employees who are really happy in their jobs and are not interested in joining unions (the founding voice of the Labour Party) to vote Labour?

(Interestingly enough Union Fees will equate almost to the same amount of managers fees Winston Peters was talking about in Kiwi Fund ? will Winston create a Union Fund?)