Venezuela’s socialist dream in tatters

The Labour party has already signalled that they want to have a crack at supermarkets, probably in  manner not unlike their power policy.

Here is how Venezuela is doing as a socialist paradise…No food at state run supermarkets, no bog paper to be found either, the socialist dream in ruins…a preview of life under the Labour / Green monster?

Amid food shortages, rampant inflation and widespread electricity blackouts, many Venezuelans are wondering if Chavez chose the right heir to his revolution.

The army has been sent into toilet paper factories, fights for basic foodstuffs have resulted in several deaths and new, multi-million dollar oil tankers are sitting idle in dock. And, despite sitting on the world’s largest oil reserves, Venezuela’s socialist government can’t quite manage to keep the lights on.  

Now many in Venezuela are wondering how much longer President Nicolas Maduro, the anointed successor of the country’s firebrand Leftist leader Hugo Chavez, can keep hold of the reins of its crumbling socialist revolution.

Last week Mr Maduro was forced to turn to a well-worn answer for his country’s woes, blaming a US plot to “sabotage the electrical system and the Venezuelan economy” and kicking out Washington’s envoy to the South American country. “Out of Venezuela!” he railed on state television, adding in English: “Yankees go home!”

It was a move copied straight from the playbook of Chavez, the vocal anti-imperialist who passed away in February, and one which killed off any hopes of rapprochement with the US following years of thorny relations.


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  • Mr Sackunkrak

    “The army has been sent into toilet paper factories”

    Hahahaha, fuck me ain’t socialism just great.

    • CheesyEarWax

      Haha, the army ran out of toilet paper too. Socialism is great until you run out of toilet paper.

      • Arran Hunt

        Haha I will be quoting that on Facebook, if you don’t mind CheesyEarWax. “Socialism is great until you run out of toilet paper.” hahaha

        • CheesyEarWax

          No worries comrade. Spread the love of socialism.

      • Mr Sackunkrak

        We could help them out …. a Herald subscription perhaps?

  • thor42

    The thing with the socialists is that it is always “someone else’s fault”.
    Venezuela blames the US. Here, we have Cunners and his Labour Party blaming the “rich pricks”. Different scapegoat but the same script.

    • philbest

      Reading histories of Communism, it always goes like this:

      Once we have taken the wealth of the top 1% and redistributed it, everything will be fine.

      Once we have taken the wealth of the top 5% and redistributed it, everything will be fine.

      Once we have taken the wealth of the top 20% and redistributed it, everything will be fine.

      Once we have taken the wealth of the top 45% and redistributed it, everything will be fine.

      Once we have taken the wealth of the top 75% and redistributed it, everything will be fine.

      Once we have completely run out of scapegoats, it is too late for second thoughts.

      Here is a beaut quote from Yuri Bezhmenovsky, 1970’s KGB defector, talking about the useful idiots of Communism who helped it to triumph in parts of Eastern Europe after 1945:

      “Some people never stop believing until the communist boot heel smashes down upon their own face”.

    • Patrick

      One common thread woven through all the lefties is their hatred for the USA, Labour, Greens, Mana etc all hate everything the USA stands for, democracy, capitalism, individual freedoms. Anybody wavering on where they should vote at the next election (or any election) should bear these things in mind as given half a chance the lefties will destroy democracy, capitalism & restrict our rights.
      It is what communism is all about.

      • snakebit

        Thats because they value eqaulity above all else…morality..freedom..personal responsibility..the rights of the individual..everything.

        • Team ENZ

          yes, you work hard and I enjoy you paying me to do nothing.. greenie’s philosophy….that ‘s a kiwi right…

        • sandynobb

          Socialism is equality of misery, plus tyranny.

        • Patrick

          They value equality alright – as sandynobb puts it below.
          Strange though, in their world equality does not include themselves, just the great unwashed. Have a look at any version of communism, the ruling elite seem to do ok.

  • cows4me

    “socialist dream in tatters”, surely not, say it isn’t so. How can the ideology of tolerance , caring and sharing come to this ?. Obviously this is not the fault of socialism. The problem, any socialist worth their salt will tell you when it comes to failures like this is that there simply wasn’t enough socialism. If it does not work the first time these retards will prescribe more extreme medicine, obviously communism will work.

  • onelaw4all

    If only we had implemented the socialism differently, it would have worked!

    If only we had applied more stimulus, the economy would have recovered.

    If only we had implemented more regulations, it wouldn’t have happened.

    Feel free to add more..

    • Jman

      If only dreams were reality

      • Team ENZ

        if only everybody could go on the dole and lived happily ever after

    • snakebit

      If only people werent so selfish…whats wrong with the shared ownership model?

    • snakebit

      If only my neighbour would work as hard for me as he would for himself…just selfish.

    • Patrick

      If only the reject stamp was applied to Russell Norman’s forehead & he was exported back to Australia. If only.

      • TheRobberDog

        If only Russel was smart enough to know how to spell his own name correctly…

  • philbest

    “…….a preview of life under the Labour / Green monster…..?”

    I have often wondered whether an Anglo first world nation will ever suffer sufficient decline to end up like this, what with the ongoing “long march through the institutions” dumbing down the people via academia, the schools, the media, the clergy, hijacked professions, etc etc.

    Or is there something innate in our culture that we will always see the light before we reach the “Chavismo” stage, and we will forever lurch backwards and forwards between Conservative in Name Only government and bursts of evil progressivism from the other mob?

    I presume an almighty economic crunch will come and the question is what can emerge from the wreckage. The frightening thing is that a minority of fanatics with sufficient brutality can impose Bolshevism or Maoism or similar, because the great mass of people are not sufficiently informed, courageous and armed to prevent it.

    • Patrick

      The UK have had a close shave but for the GFC.
      Years of corrupt politics from Blair & Brown, the transfer of power to local council & the PC brigade, the huge influx of immigrants bringing their third world issues, demands & “rights.”
      The UK have not fixed their issues, they are merely treading water at the moment.

    • snakebit

      As soon as the majority of the population drops its old world western values and gets comfortable voting for the puplic purse its over…it will take some time but your on your way down.

      • Patrick

        Sounds like you are describing NZ at the moment – “what’s in it for me?” being the determining factor when voting.

      • phronesis

        We are witnessing the decline of the Western Empire. It is inevitable.

        • philbest

          I prefer to call it “the western enlightenment project”.

          “Empire” is too neo-Marxist.

  • Col

    Quite true really, if you look at what Labour and the Greens want for New Zealand, I would like to see a reply from Labour and Green, and let them tell us why Venezuela has gone out of control, and what they would do to stop this happening here in NZ if they were the Govt?

    • Agent BallSack

      But will you believe them?

      • Col

        Yes, like hell I would.

  • James Growley

    Welcome to the world of Norman lunacy.

  • OhopeBeachBugger

    And what a surprise this doesn’t come as. Life is tough. It is tougher if you’re stupid.

  • Team ENZ

    You get what you vote for, and they vote Chavez (until he conked it) and now his sucessor Maduro, same old same old.. same could happen here if the numpties get their way and the green taliban and Labias got in, we will be in the same shit as the Vennies.

    • CheesyEarWax

      Yep, they voted and re-voted for Chavez. Anyone that voted for a commie in a military uniform deserves what they get.

  • BR

    Socialism is the greatest system in the world, if you are lucky enough to be one of the bastards running the show.