A vigorous, voracious press would keep our country honest, unfortunately they are all as corrupt as Len Brown

Our media have and continue to act in an utterly shameful manner. Now chasing off after some irrelevant titbit that some National MP said something.

It is pathetic…our media like to claim they are the ones who hold the powerful to account, instead they are gutless, shameful apologists. They should be embarrassed.

Len Brown is playing the victim now and his Albert Street branch of the mayoral office is running interference beautifully on his behalf. He has declared that there needs to be regulation of what people can say about politicians private lives…and there is not a squeak out of the media about that…instead they are running around looking for a conspiracy when the only conspiracy that exists is their conspiracy to talk about anything but Len Brown’s shenanigans.

We need a powerful media, that as Boris Johnson says should be vigorous and voracious in order to keep the country honest…instead we have a bunch of gutless lapdogs doing the biding of ratbags, criminals and the corrupt.

Good for Fraser Nelson. It strikes me that he is 100 per cent right. The editor of The Spectator has announced that his ancient and illustrious publication will have nothing whatever to do with any new system of press regulation. He will neither bow nor truckle to any kind of control. He will not “sign up”. He will politely tell the new bossyboots institution to mind its own beeswax, and he will continue to publish without fear or favour.

I think the whole of the media should do the same. Stuff all this malarkey about the Privy Council and a Royal Charter. Who are the Privy Council, for goodness’ sake? They are just a bunch of politicians, a glorified version of the government of the day. We are on the verge of eroding the freedom of the press. We are undermining the work of everyone from John Milton to John Wilkes – men who fought for the right to say and publish things of which politicians disapproved.  

Why are we embarking on this monstrous folly? Because of a string of essentially political embarrassments that led to the Leveson Inquiry – and at the beginning of it all was the expenses scandal, and the sense among MPs that they had been brutally treated by the press.

It is true: they were mercilessly kicked for what they thought was a venial sin – padding out their pay with expenses claims that did not stand up well to scrutiny. But then it should have occurred to Parliament – collectively – that they were not being entirely frank with the public about the way the system worked. They were allowing the world to think their salaries were relatively modest, when in fact they had found ways of inflating them – and some of those ways were innocent, some were baroque, and some were criminal.

Without fear or favour? ..not in New Zealand…our media are corrupted and compliant, in bed with the powerful and the bent. Len brown wants regulations…the media don’t challenge him.

Every day I see signs of investor confidence in London – and why do international companies and individuals want to put their money in the British capital? It is not just because of our bikes and our beautiful new buses. It is because of the rule of law, the absolute certainty over title, the virtual absence of corruption. They know that the British system is as transparent and honest as any on earth, and I am afraid that is not just because of the natural purity of the British soul: it is because we have a vigorous, voracious and sometimes venomous media. And that is why the ruling classes don’t dare bend the rules, in the way they do in other countries; because no one wants to be dangled before that great media beast and look into its bloodshot yellow eyes and feel the hot carnivorous breath of its displeasure.

Not in New Zealand, the left wing ruling class know they can get away with almost anything. Len Brown says the code of conduct doesn’t apply to him, the media repeat it. they chase conspiracies that don’t exist they give the corrupt and the complicit a free ride. Where are our “vigorous, voracious and sometimes venomous media”? Nowhere…they should be ashamed.

I am afraid it is inevitable that a vigorous media will cause occasional heartache, and dish out the odd uncalled-for insult.

Our media have become a disgrace, for all the opposite reasons the UK media have become a disgrace.


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  • Andy

    Write to all the major sponsors advertising in the Herald etc and explain why you won’t be supporting their businesses or patronising their eateries and bars.

    • dilligaf2013

      Perhaps it’s actually time to organise a physical protest…or do we need the “rent a crowd” help from the likes of John Minto and Sue Bradford before anybody will come, or the media will cover the event…..?

    • Mr_Blobby

      Have you seen the adult entertainment section??????

      • Andy

        Only the adult entertainment provided to us by WO and the Mayor of Auckland.

  • dilligaf2013

    The Herald are still trying to deflect the real issues and look for a non existant right wing conspiracy – http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11144954

    • DLNZ

      Hopefully they’ll dig themselves a hole when people realise that the rumours have been flying around for a long time before the story broke so its not exactly a conspiracy.

      As for the wife… it will be even worse if everyone else other than her has known about it for years…. or maybe she did know the whole time??

      • dilligaf2013

        A simple fact to keep in mind is that genuine honesty can withstand scrutiny from all angles – I wonder how Mr Brown would manage under these rules….?

      • Cowgirl

        The rumours have been flying for months now – I’m just a member of the voting public, and even I had heard whispers.

    • James

      Why are you still going to the Herald’s website? I’ve told them that they have lost my custom until the editorial team is sacked and they pledge to try and take an unbiased line in their reporting (but allowing for partisan opinion pieces).

      • dilligaf2013

        As Sun Tsu wrote in “The Art of War” centuries ago – “Kepp your friends close and your enimies closer”.

        • fozzie2

          He probably said “make sure you can spell too” – remember he was hardly a very forgiving bloke !!!

          • dilligaf2013

            Perhaps you should consider the phrase – “can’t see the woods for the trees” – minor typo’s don’t detract from the message and I do not see any reason Mr Brown deserves any forgiveness at this stage

  • ratesarerevolting

    Until the MSM come out and explicitly state that LBIAFC and that everything else is a side show they can get fucked.

    • Cowgirl

      I want to vote that up multiple times

  • wanarunna

    This is an open invitation to the NZ Media to tell us:

    a) What enquiries have been made with Sky City to ascertain whether Len paid for the rooms;
    b) What (if any) official information requests have been put to the Auckland City Council;
    c) whether enquiry has been made of the Auckland City Council as to whether the security guard referred to in the affidavit is still employed by the Council / Council contractor, and if not, what were the circumstances of the termination of employment;

    • dilligaf2013

      These questions have been asked numerous times and all we get is continual smoke and mirrors from people lacking moral character and genuine honesty

    • peterwn

      a) Sky City has already refused to comment.
      b) CEO has launched an inquiry, he is within OIA to not answer questions pertaining to this.
      c) Would be a private employment matter. Council (or Edge) most probably hired a security contractor, and if there was concern with the guard, he would be re-assigned to another client. Guard would have between rock and hard place but there is no indication he breached confidence.

      • wanarunna

        You miss my point. Whilst I am interested in the answers to these questions, my interest here is what steps have the MSM taken to find the answers?

        • peterwn

          It would spoil a good story.

  • Toryboy

    The problem is like so much else in New Zealand – the best people moved overseas long ago, leaving the C team to do the job back home.

    Business, the media, sports, scientists, actors, inventors etc etc etc – all the good New Zealand people who are worth a damn live in Australia, Britain or America.

    Nobody currently at the NZ Herald would have been a tea lady or office boy in the days of the Hortons; now they get their own columns 4 times a week!

    Same with television – Brian Edwards, Philip Sherry, Dougal Stephenson – would not have been seen dead with any of the C teamers currently on our screens.

    No businessman worth anything is left in NZ – they are all making vast profits in Australia and Europe getting stuck in with number 8 wire, whilst what is left in NZ are all management-speak wankers surviving on handouts.

    So this inevitably means that all the mediocre, third rate, opinionated, sewer dwelling folk who are left in NZ all club together and set a very low standard (which they struggle to meet) and that has become conventional wisdom.

    • Orange

      “whilst what is left in NZ are all management-speak wankers surviving on handouts.”

      Quoted for truth

    • blokeintakapuna

      “all the good New Zealand people who are worth a damn live in Australia, Britain or America.”
      Speak for yourself…

      • Dave

        Well, in Australia anyway BIT. Its great over here, 31 deg today, will enjoy a glass of vino at the beach after work tonight, watching the beautiful sunset with the added satisfaction of knowing, Lying Len didn’t do anything here with his Asian delight!

    • Statehousekid

      Shit have we fallen to that level. All doom and gloom with none of us worth a pinch of salt. I say bullshit to that. All it takes is the balls to stand up against the rot that has crept into our society in the last 30 years. Thank god for people with balls like Cam to show the media and their values it up for what they are. A bunch of supporters of corrupt behaviour who are looking for scapegoats for totally unacceptable behaviour.

      • Toryboy

        Actually it is no longer worth the effort, in my opinion; why spend the next 30 years banging your head against a brick wall in NZ when Australia is there for the plucking?

        • Greg

          “No longer worth the effort” – Toryboy you should go to Aussie if you’re not already there.

          • Toryboy

            Oh I will be at the end of the year – next thing on my list

          • Dave

            WA is a great place for you Toryboy, they love a good redneck there.

          • Blue Water Coastie

            Consider that carefully TB. I’ve been commuting there for work for 10 years and they have their fair share of downsides and that includes the political spectrum. NZ has a better lifestyle by far – just need to sort shit out like LB and co. which is not impossible.

    • Mr_Blobby

      C team surely you jest.

      Just a bunch of worn out old alcoholic hacks.

  • BG

    Careful Cam, if our media actually grew a set and stopped pandering to the press secretaries of this world, you might be out of a job. Pity for them that I can’t see that happening so look forward to years of productive employment.

    The media don’t realise that the easiest way to get rid of you is to start doing their job so you wouldn’t have to do it for them. I find it sickening the attacks against you and if your blog didn’t fill such a void in the market of where people find news then no one would read it. It’s not rocket science.

    • DLNZ

      MSM journalists will have to learn how to spell and proofread correctly.

      Never going to happen.

    • Honcho

      I find it sickening that they (the MSM) are pandering to the spin doctors and allowing Palino, John Slater, Maurice Williamson, et al, who had nothing to do with Len Brown running one up a hot younger lady who was not his wife for 2 years, in council time and on council property.

      • Cowgirl

        They are still desperately trying to get more information on Palino et al as well because they can’t quite accept that there is nothing further to see here.

  • blokeintakapuna

    A strong, credible media that challenges a stated position supplied by unions and Labour Party hacks is absolutely vital to ensuring our form of democracy functions – and functions without corruption!
    Back when “Journalists” had some respect with the public, they were even able to claim for themselves the title of the 4th Estate – the defender of our democratic freedoms via “free” speech.
    Today here in NZ – most of our media have become captured by the establishment and are now often compromised ethically and professionally by the institutionalised prescriptive narrative they are told to write, with what to write and how and when to write…
    …and the suffering Journalist will have a lifetime of it too if they don’t stand up to morally corrupt colleagues that are pushing an agenda for corrupt, elected officials and their paid spin merchants.
    Our ANZAC’s did not die by the thousands protecting our democracy – only to have it prostituted and captured by corrupt and inept elected officials hijacking the media for their own ends by obfuscating facts and the entire truth to save their political careers via complicit media outlets.

    • john Doe

      So well said Blokeint. You are now my voice.

    • philbest

      Who was it who said recently, “The 4th estate has become the 5th column”?

  • dyannt

    The powers that be will want to be burning books next.

  • pidge

    Schedule 7 of the local government act needs some teeth adding in around Clause 15 e.g. misconduct will result in censure, serious misconduct results in loss of office, like having a conviction for a crime that can have a sentence of two or more years results in loss of office.

  • timemagazine

    The media is not made of journalists. The media is made of left wing activists. And they are ready to die for their cause.

    • john Doe

      I say let them die.

  • cows4me

    Oh let the press go, they started dying years ago. The western world seems to be suffering under a regime of dribbling lefty MSM idiots that have promoted lies as truth, truth as lies, black as white and white as black, you get the idea. Of course they firmly believe they are the purveyors of all wisdom, they are not, they are simply useful idiots. Their souls were won over in the universities and training institutions, the sad thing being is they truly believe they have the knowledge. They have become left wing puppets. Of course they would label me as insane or intellectually feeble. Perhaps they should ask themselves why they no longer command the high moral ground, why do tens of thousands seek out new information sources, why do thousands cancel subscriptions monthly, why are they dying institutions?. There’s and old saying “you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all the people all the time”.

    • Whafe

      Great post cows4me

    • Pissedoffyouth

      Last I heard the NZ herald was doing really well.


      • Dave

        Experts in downsizing, and getting their own head up their arse every morning.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Whale Oil – you can put an end to this by delivering your knock out punch….Everybody has now accepted the fact that Lentils has won this issue now by sitting quiet and doing nothing….

    • Greg

      Is there a knockout punch?

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Didn’t you read the blog by Whale yesterday? It is titled “Excuse me, can I have a moment of your time”

        • Greg

          Yes I have now read the rules (Excuse me…). Back to your statement “delivering your knock out punch”, what does this refer to?

          • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

            Greg – Whale was indicating that there is something more to come in that particular blog and I am hoping that will be a knock out punch for Lentils…

    • DTG

      I agree…we were led to expect big things today…instead I’m left feeling much as Bevan must have felt the first time she shagged Len Brown.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Hmmmmm bad example….

      • dyannt

        If I was in charge of release strategy, rightly or wrongly, I’d be doing it after 6 pm or what ever time the Herald churnalists have gone home for tea.

  • fozzie2

    “Our media have and continue to act in an utterly shameful manner. Now
    chasing off after some irrelevant titbit that some National MP said
    So we learn that Mark Mitchell (who ever he is) muttered something to Penny Webster – who then alerted Len his game was up … the week BEFORE the election …. how is that shameful – it is the way the National Party have operated for eons….. whisper campaigns. The only diffo now is that well the electronic media makes sure the the news travels at lightening speed !
    Unlike your earlier post there is no retraction from the media only JK trying his Jedi mind meld . for what it is worth there is no right wing conspiracy in this – just Len being caught out doing what too many men in power do and a bunch of political wannabees trying to attach their wagons to prove they too are relevant …. sad but true all that is left is a truism – men are like dog turds – the older they are – the easier they are to pick up !!

    • john Doe

      Chasing fairies and red herrings..

    • Cowgirl

      If anything I think this proves there is no conspiracy for the media to be chasing. Mark Mitchell – if he did mention it to Penny Webster – actually did Len Brown a favour in giving him a heads-up that is was all going to come out.

  • LesleyNZ

    What this has shown us is how encamped Penny Webster is in the Brown camp. Didn’t realise how far – until today. Now I understand why she has voted the way she has done. So how many other AKLD councillors knew not only what was to be revealed on this blog but about Len Brown’s ongoing 2 year affair? Beginning to wonder if the NZ Herald knew about all this too. Is this why Bernard Orsman tweeted that he detected a few nerves in the Brown camp just before the last day of voting. Keeping Stock posted this on October 11th.

    • fozzie2

      Lesley I am happy to concede there is no right wing conspiracy – can you get over there is none from the left ? it’s just a bunch of people with over inflated egos …

    • Patrick

      Orsman going rogue in the week leading up to the election & writing articles critical of Brown was surprising, perhaps Orsman was aware of the coming storm, expected it to be unleashed prior to the election & wanted to be ahead of the pack with his criticism. Anyway normal service has resumed & Orsman has taken up his position as chief cheerleader once again.

    • Dave

      Like your work detective Lesley, the plot on what the herald knew, and why they held back thickens. If true, they really are deeply entrenched in the labour camp, I can only say why. A great story for Cam if true

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  • Len Brown

    Pants on the Ground…
    Pants on the Ground…

    Lookin’ like a fool…
    With my pants on the Ground…
    With the chain in my mouth…
    Head turned sideways…
    Pants hit the ground……

    Call myself a cool cat…..
    With my pants on the ground…….

  • hunk4hire .

    Brown” the little dictator” starts to show his true colors. Not content with defiling the city offices with his bodily fluids, lying daily to his spouse and taking advanatage of the hired help, he now proposes a course of action common to all powerful miscreants who’ve had the light shone on their misbehavior; namely a restriction on free speech. We see here, once again, proof of the old dictum: “there’s nothing as illiberal as a liberal”.

    Len, your “private life” is a window into the sort of person you are. It tells us if you are honest, trustworthy, faithful, humble and sincere. Are you trying to tell us that although you lie to your spouse on a daily basis, you will nevertheless be totally honest with the people whom you serve? Are you trying to tell us that your treachery is reserved for your family so that with the wider community you are entirely faithful and dependable? Is it your position that the public should trust you when your own family can’t?

    Here’s a question for you, your… *gag*….Worship. If you’d like your family to be left alone, why do you parade them before the cameras when it suits your purpose? Why do you trot them out when the cameras are flashing? In doing so, you promote an image of your family which is wholesome, harmonious and united.

    Are you saying that if we question this image or expose its emptiness you’d like to gag us?? You threw your own family under the bus and now, all of a sudden, you’re concerned for its welfare? Your family was the last thing on your mind when you were shacked up at Sky City.

    Brown has two overarching traits which explain this outrageous behavior; no shame and a gigantic ego. Watch these traits become ever more apparent over the coming weeks as he and his team of flunkeys transition from damage control to a more aggressive counterattacking policy as they persecute those who exposed this fraud of a mayor.

    • philbest

      The same goes, and has done for a long time, on the subject of POLICY.

      Train sets. Urban planning. Assassinate the truth tellers and protect the cronies, gougers, and falsifiers of the truth.

      This “private life” stuff is just proceeding exactly the same way everything always has for Len et al. Is it any wonder he has such hubris?

  • FreeMack

    They are quick enough to label “right wing” bloggers. I just want to see every left wing source, commentator, publication and blog labeled as such.

    E.g. Left-wing commentator Chris Trotter says … Marxist and Stalin lover Metiria Turei says …. Labour party apologist TVNZ reports …

  • philbest

    I am really confident in WhaleOil’s capability to run Breitbart ploys to show up the MSM as well as the dodgy politicians etc.