Who is vulnerable to a Primary Here?

The Republican party members get rid of senators and congressmen who are RINOs (Republicans in Name Only).

There are seven senators listed that may be primaried by people pissed off that their representative doesn’t reflect their views.

Hard-line conservatives are rising out of the ashes of a weekslong government shutdown, emboldened by the possibility of adding to their ranks in the Senate next year — whether by picking up Democrat-held seats or taking out Republican incumbents.

Just two Republican senators have lost in primaries in the last two election cycles, but that’s not stopping a growing number of intraparty challengers this cycle. Conservative third-party groups and candidates hope to give more backup to folks like Sens. Ted Cruz of Texas and Mike Lee of Utah, who led an effort to defund the health care law. 

The GOP brand overall may have taken a significant hit this month and caused at least some concern within the party about obtaining or keeping the majority in either chamber in the next couple of election cycles. But the shutdown only fueled challenges to sitting Republicans.

It’s still too early to know exactly how competitive many of the challengers can be. At this point, there is a big difference in the competitiveness of the races from the top three to bottom three on this list. And as the most recent fundraising reports to the Federal Election Commission illustrated, nearly all of the incumbents’ opponents are starting out in deep financial holes.

Still, with outside groups such as the Club for Growth and the Senate Conservatives Fund beginning to engage, a challenger’s money isn’t the only threat — and any of these races could theoretically take off.

When will this happen here?

Running a primary against a MP who is a socialist wearing blue, failed on major policy reforms or who has annoyed people who want to send a message to the National caucus would not be very expensive and under the National constitution it would be easily done and almost impossible to stop.


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  • Dick Brown

    The Tea Party will no doubt ingratiate themselves into the election process and will (hopefully) alienate the electorate for the Obama win.

  • JC

    The thing about a rebel like Cruz is he is damn good.. he’s not defined by his conservatism but by his talents.

    Whether its challenging in a US primary or a blue rinse here the same has to apply, ie, the challenger has to have wide ranging talents rather than just a label saying “more right wing than him”.. otherwise you can end up with a bible spouting moron who can’t think on his feet and is easily lampooned.


  • Josh Metcalfe

    The problem the US has is that one side refuses to cut spending and the other side refuses to raise taxes. Because the US is all powerful they haven’t had to make the changes NZ had to in the 80s and by the time Washington realises there has to be a shift in how the US is run I suspect it will be too late. I also suspect that too many Americans are oblivious to this fact and will keep electing morons.

  • philbest

    Brilliant assessment on all this by Ann Coulter in her very latest column, surprised Cam didn’t reference it:


    “…….The only thing the Democrats’ majority demonstrates is the stunning incompetence, stupidity and malfeasance of the Republican Party.

    Here are a few Senate seats recently sacrificed by Republicans.

    In 2008, career prosecutors in George W. Bush’s Department of Justice convicted Republican senator Ted Stevens of Alaska for various corruption offenses just weeks before the election. The prosecution was so sleazy that not only was the conviction thrown out, but the indictment was tossed — by Obama’s Justice Department, no less.

    Too late! Stevens had already lost his re-election. The winning Democrat will now hold that seat in perpetuity.

    If that were ever done to a Democrat, the prosecutors’ names would be known by every American, objects of obloquy worse than “Halliburton.” But there’s no cost to throwing a Republican senator’s election.

    That’s one Senate seat.

    Also in 2008, Democrats openly stole a Senate election for Al Franken in Minnesota right under the nose of Republican governor Tim “Blood and Guts” Pawlenty. You don’t have to be like the Democrats and steal elections, Republicans, but can you at least stop letting them be stolen?

    That’s two Senate seats.

    Then there are the races where Republicans were screwed by campaign consultants more interested in being able to buy another vacation home than winning elections — as described in my new book, “Never Trust a Liberal Over 3 — Especially a Republican.”

    Republican campaign consultants ran Linda McMahon for the Senate from Connecticut in 2010, and then — to pay off the mortgage — again in 2012.

    McMahon is an American patriot who spent a lot of her own money to beat a Democrat. Unfortunately, she never had a chance to win a statewide election in Connecticut, as anyone with half a brain knew. (See my multiple columns screaming this fact from the rooftops before she won the nominations with the help of her high-priced consultants.)

    Former congressman Rob Simmons could have won either of those Senate races in Connecticut. He had been elected to the House from a swing district in 2000, beating an incumbent Democrat, then held his seat for six years, losing in 2006 by about three votes. He’s a Haverford College graduate, was an Army colonel who served in Vietnam, worked at the CIA and taught at Yale. That’s a candidate Connecticut soccer moms would love.

    But if Simmons had won the nomination, how would Republican campaign consultants be able to retire early? They wanted a money-bags candidate, not a winner.

    Running McMahon in Connecticut was not a mistake — it was a betrayal of the Republican Party by political consultants who wanted to line their bank accounts instead of backing a winner.

    Republican political consultants did the exact same thing with another great patriot, John Raese, in West Virginia. West Virginians heard Raese had homes in Palm Beach and Telluride and didn’t believe he was one of them. Political consultants heard he had homes in Palm Beach and Telluride and started shopping for Jaguars.

    Poor Raese has spent a lot of his own money to lose four statewide elections in conservative West Virginia, including the 2010 and 2012 U.S. Senate elections.

    Those races alone amount to at least three and maybe four more Senate seats Republicans should have picked up from Connecticut and West Virginia, but lost for no good reason.

    That’s five Senate seats.

    I haven’t even gotten to the tea party candidates, and we would already have a U.S. Senate that’s 51-47 Republican, absent Republican traitors, morons and hacks.

    No one gets rich by hurting the Democratic Party. But a lot of people get rich off losing races for the Republican Party……”

    • Toryboy

      In fairness, Sen. Begich, the man who beat Ted Stevens, is about 20 miles to the right of many Republicans in the Senate! (a fact not lost on various conservative organisations)