Waikato Times editorial – Don’t shoot the messenger

Finally some of the mainstream media are waking up to the spin, lies and obfuscation of Len Brown and his apologists.

Their attempts to smear me have failed, my story, the facts and details still stand, unchallenged. The Waikato Times warns that shooting the messenger hasn’t helped.

One of the more surprising elements of the Len Brown affair has made itself evident only this week.

Auckland’s supercity mayor was outed for having a two-year affair with a junior council employee; a story that has since snowballed with the addition of Right-wing conspiracies, his mistress’s background and infighting between those who broke the story.

All of that is pretty much irrelevant, given that there would have been no conspiracy, background, or infighting to report had Len Brown not had the affair in the first place.

So his complaints on radio that there needs to be some sort of protection over the private lives of politicians are an astonishing insight into where his values really seem to lie.

Len Brown has no shame, no values and is unfit to be mayor.

After all, Mr Brown failed to protect his own private life the moment he began the affair. His first duty is not to the people of Auckland, but to his wife as a husband, and to his children as a father. He alone betrayed their trust and love, not the media or those who broke the story. To breach the trust of those you love most, and then complain about how it is being reported, seems almost unbelievably detached. It’s like asking to be able to commit a sin in private.

The point is not that you need the privacy: it is that you won’t need privacy if you don’t commit the sin. Besides, politicians, of all the people who have their sins splashed across the front pages of the paper, are the ones for whom this publicity is most justifiable. Their character in their private lives matters, because we trust them with so much in public.

He only has himself to blame…the sociopath in him though seeks to blame others. His continued hiding in the bunker and silence condemns him.

If an MP were a liar in private, he or she would most likely be a liar in public, too. If a councillor was a drug addict, it would very likely start to impact his performance at some point. If a mayor could break his promise to the person he loved most in life, he could very likely do so when it comes to his responsibility to the public. Why? Because he very obviously places little value on keeping his word.

Mr Brown no doubt has a huge amount of work on his hands to convince his wife he is still trustworthy, and hopefully he can do so. After all, long after his glory days as mayor are gone, his family will still be there. Whether they love him or want nothing to do with him will depend in large part on how seriously he takes his breach of trust now. That, rather than how much the media is telling the people of Auckland, should be at the forefront of his mind. Besides, there is no room to play the victim when blame for the offence lies at your feet.

Precisely. Resign Len Brown…keep intact whatever small amount of dignity remains.


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  • AnonWgtn

    Well said the Waikato Times.
    The Herald will not agree with these sentiments – they are still in denial mode, and under the awe of Lyin Len’s PR team – see full back page today luminating Lewis Lyin Len’s right hand, who of course did not threaten anybody – but “laughingly” said that you will never prove it.
    Everybody, except Lyin Len.
    Getting more sorry for his wife and children. In time he will get his second divorce –
    I wonder who he was involved within his first marriage.
    Strange, but I though Catholics did not do divorce.

    • kehua

      I believe wife #2 was the cause of his 1st divorce.

  • timemagazine

    Well done, Cam!

  • nudgy

    Lenny is gutless. LBIAFC has often been used in reference to the little rat but I would suggest the “C” could now just as aptly double for “Coward”.

  • Col

    So what has Cam and the rest of us been saying, yep WO stuck to it’s guns, but you can’t dispute the truth that’s why.
    Lenny starting to feel the heat a little more, start walking Lenny.

  • cows4me

    The tide is coming in and Lenny clings to a rock several hundred meters from the shore. Only a matter of time now.

  • YoungA

    Interesting that they are owned by Fairfax, considering Stuff/the Dominion would only write something like this when hell freezes over..

    • Dick Brown

      It would be interesting to know who wrote the editorial; there are a few suspects still floating around down in the tron that would have the balls to write it.

      • Whanga_Cynic

        Says it was written by Narelle Henson, who describes herself as a “ā€ˇFreelance writer and communications advisor”. I just posted a comment congratulating her but advising against looking for a job at the DomPost!!

        • Dick Brown

          Ty Whanga_Cynic looks like I was well off base.

        • She is a brilliant journalist and anything she puts her name on is well worth your time in reading.

      • AM

        Strictly speaking it was just an opinion piece, not the official Waikato Times editorial comment.

        Anyway, Narelle writes some good stuff – not all of it gets published online. She’s just returned from time in Africa and I really enjoyed her piece last week about the abandoned farms of Zimbabwe. Apparently the “farmers” won’t work the farms because if they did they wouldn’t qualify for welfare. An indictment on the motivational power of socialism.

        • That Zimbabwe article would have made a good column on WOBH.

  • Chancey

    over the last couple of days herald has been publishing unflattering fish eye close ups of Len – is this some kind of message?

  • Clemgeopin

    Good points.

    Besides, it is obvious that Brown misused the council premises, time and resources for his nefarious conduct.

    Another important point is his using hotel rooms, Sky city rooms for
    night stay, free or otherwise, because of his position. That
    compromises his mayoralty tremendously. If he wanted his amorous
    activities to be private, he should have BEEN private using his own
    premises or his sex buddy’s premises in his own time. He is now a lame
    duck shamed poo of a mayor. His position is completely untenable. He
    should resign and retire or if he still thinks the voters trust/respect
    him, he should seek reelection and prove it.

  • steve and monique

    Cant agree more. Len should own it, and stop looking like a cock. Feel sorry for his wife and kids, because he shows no remorse/shame re this sordid affair.

    • CommonSense404

      Nail. Head. Exactly that. No ownership, no remorse, no personal responsibility. Just blame, denial & cowardice.

    • I guess his wife went into the arrangement knowing the sort of man he was – but I’m guessing the kids didn’t. Definitely feel sorry for them. What sort of a father can hang his daughters out to dry by clinging to his mayoral chains so desperately.

  • Mr_Blobby

    If you can breach the trust of other people in private what changes in public.

    The Horrid and TV news should be hanging their collective heads in shame.

    How did we get into such a state where a Politician and Big businesses like Sky City have such power and sway over the media.

  • LesleyNZ

    Well that says it as it is. Adultery is a sin. Well done the Waikato Times for a truthful Editorial.

  • Whafe

    Good piece in the Waikato Times.

    A credit to cam and your team, keep up the great work. It is all worth it

  • pukakidon

    A very good article, finally there is some hope for impartial reporting in this country. I was getting really sick of the excuse makers, blame abortionists and morally corrupt media such as the Herald and that sycophant Campbell. They are a poor excuse for the good old kiwi honesty, this societal detritus who think they are holier than thou see nothing wrong with a liar as a Mayor. That really does say a lot about the social deviants in the media, especially those that work at TV 3 and the Herald.

    Thank God we still have some impartial journalists. Good work Waikato Times