Wednesday General Debate

Will anyone be able to talk about anything other than Lusty Len and is Lanky Lady?

This won’t help avoid it I guess… today’s debating topic is:

Under what circumstances should an at-work affair lead to dismissal?


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  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    If said person is using ‘company’ time, company resources, and fronting the companies important contacts with a partner who is effectively a ‘lie or sham’, then these are all reasons for severe measures to be taken against said person.
    It is obvious that in Lens’ case, his mind was not 100% on the running of the city.

  • Whafe

    Lying Len Brown should go for sure…. Reasons behind it for me are that threats were made if this scandal was made public, boom, for me that means – He must go!
    It is his personal business, but when you are the mayor of NZ’s largest city etc etc, dont be caught shagging on the board room table, it can only end in pain…..

  • unitedtribes

    I wonder if there’s more of this to come. If so it would be hard for him to stay. If there is more to his past there may be a “me too” come forward

  • Euan Ross-Taylor

    You got an excellent line in on First Line Cam, “If you want the news read Whale Oil” priceless on a ‘news program’!

  • Macca

    I hear the snivelling left are desperately laying blame and playing Len’s wondering willy down – not that it managed to stay up for long by the sound of things!
    Newstalk ZB news at 7 with that prime news socialist Eric Young – it was pointed out that whale ‘the right wing blogger’ broke the story, whose father ran Palino’s campaign – so it was obviously Cam’s Dads fault that Lying Len shagged around behind his wife!
    7:30 and we got Bill Rollston playing the whole thing down!
    All is forgiven by the left – any one remember the week long Gilmore frenzy? Now what was it he did?

    • Team ENZ

      and the left are claiming that BC was a right wing out to destry Lying Lenny …

  • blokeintakapuna

    Congratulations to Steven Cook & Whale Oil on such a journalistic coup…
    Had the majority of the MSM got wind of this, it would unlikely get the benefit of disinfecting sunlight…
    But Kudos also for the timing. Had you released it before the election, there would have been all kinds of talk about “political motivation” but timed for just after the election meant, WOBH opened a wide door which, through his actions, “Lyin’-down, Lyin’ Lennie” waltzed on through like how a spring lamb frolic’s on Auckland side burms.
    So thank you or keeping the dis-honest politicians honest… and an even bigger thank you for keeping several steps ahead of the biased and agenda driven MSM – but that’s what you do best – is keeping them honest.
    Which reminds me – when will the MSM look into Cunliffe’s claims on his CV?

  • drummerboy

    Well I would like to quote Len brown, “we have to meet the market”. In the market you would be out on your arse by lunch if you got caught having sex with an employee during office hours.

  • patrickstarr

    “Under what circumstances should….?” – when you abuse your position to obtain sex. There is a master/servant relationship here, (under S86 of the LG(transitions) Act Brown appoints her)

    She said she “wasnt attracted to him but he was an important person” – and AC already has a tack record for workplace bullying.

    • Well said Patrick, the threatening texts she received say it all IMO

      • andrew carrot

        Where DID those threatening texts come from? Len’s $26m self-publicity department? Are there others who have used or are using Council time and resources to help Len cover up his sticky tracks? Feed the backs, Cam.

        • Exactly, either way it’s sexual harassment , even if it was his PA.

      • I might have mis read those texts, Was it Cameron that got them ?

  • andrew carrot

    “Under what circumstances should an at-work affair lead to dismissal?”

    Let’s ask a RNZN Commodore in a couple of weeks.

  • steve and monique

    For some reason i cant get todays home page, but only yesterdays somewhat odd one. Anyone have any idea how to fix problem.

    • Hazards001

      I suspect Disqus is being an ass. I get the same thing.

      Click the forward arrow when you open the page and it cleans up. For a while.

      • steve and monique


        • Hazards001

          Try a hard reboot ctrl F5 as well. Might clear the cache. Seems to help.

  • Allan

    When your behaviuor drags the company into disrepute!