Wednesday General Debate

As you know, we have a daily post we call the General Debate where readers are encouraged to start their own discussions.  Feel free to share news snippets, humour or anything else you think may be of interest.

If you would like a debating topic, today’s is

There is a percentage of youth that has had such a bad upbringing, nothing can be done to get them back on the straight and narrow.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Nothing in Urban cities anyway… A tough Love experience in the tropical environments of Waiuru for a few months would help with their attitude…

  • middleagedwhiteguy

    Working in a retail store, I see so many kids that I can only describe as feral. The parents simply do not care. We, as a society, have lost the value of shame. I would be ashamed to have my children behave in the way some kids do, and my children are in no doubt as to the standards expected of them.

    I was at a barbeque with a parenting group my wife does some work for, and there were a lot of kids there. All happy, playing, and well behaved. It’s amazing to see what a difference parents who give a damn can make.

  • conwaycaptain

    What can Uncle Lenny be expecting today I wonder???

    • He gets the luxury of thinking he’s winning.

      • unitedtribes

        Would like to see something of all this talk “theres plenty more to come” Were is it? Is it a timing strategy? or is it just speculation?

        • blokeintakapuna

          timing is everything…. delicious anticipation for the innocent… an eternal hell for those with a guilty conscience…

    • Phar Lap

      Probably has had his expectations satisfied today, for the moment.According to his little girlfriends affidavit, he starts the day of with a ****.Nuff said.

      • LabTested

        If he was wanking so much before this storm even hit the fan then it strongly suggests he was not getting any sugar at home. If he has been on the outer for 2 years then wifey is not happy about something that goes back a long way.

  • Michael

    Public servant of the year, give that case worker a raise – and make the reason known so the rest do the same sort of thing with dropkicks who think breeding is an excuse to increase their entitlements.

    • MarcWills

      Notice how the NZ Horrid has learned not to allow comments on their half truth “stories” now? Stops the sunlight disinfecting the inadequacy of their journalists trained and skilled.

    • conwaycaptain

      Three kids, one in care and partner a druggie. What hope do ythe kids have

      • Bunswalla

        You forgot to mention disqualified driver. I’m sure that wasn’t her fault either.

    • Bob

      More utter shit ‘reporting’ from The Shitearld, how about some details on her work history, has she just been made redundant a few weeks ago and is looking for short term help from other hard working New Zealand tax payers that have a job? Or, and more likely, has she been on the dole since her first child 15 years ago? What was her benefit and payment TOTAL over the last fifteen years? Got pregnant again so she can stay on the benefit? ‘Partner’ in drug rehab, (father to all three children, any of them?, working?), disqualified from diving? Sounds like she is in a situation all of her own making, boo hoo.

      Was made pretty clear that having more kids while on the dole was no longer a carrer choice, so tough.

      The Shitearld won’t ask any relevant questions, doesn’t fit with their boo hoo poor me, evil WINZ narrative, wankers.

      Love the ‘subscribe to The Hearld, ring here to cancel’ banner ads, excellent, makes me wish I still subscribed just so I could ring up to cancel!

    • 4077th

      Her facebook page reveals some a fan of an occult leader (no shit) Interesting that Paula Bennet is listed as one of her friends? I would have thought she would have been the first to be de-friended? This sort of plainly biased reporting is becoming and all too frequent occurrence in the Horrid. Once upon a time this was one of few news sources for me and it is easy to see why they are quickly becoming irrelevant with blogs like this likely to take over. I’m sick to death of the shit reporting standards at the Horrid, I won’t be returning there any time soon. I prefer my news served to me unadulterated and free of misleading dribble.

  • Peter Jenkins

    It may be upbringing to some extent, but that can usually be corrected for. Some very successful people have come from the most appalling backgrounds.
    I suspect that in the cases that truly are beyond rehabilitation, the issues are biological/ genetic in nature. I sighted an article not long ago which detailed research uncovering the genetics of psychopathology, which accounts for the bulk of youth and others where “nothing can be done to get them back on the straight and narrow.”

    • GazzW

      Foetal alcohol or drug syndrome must play a very significant part.

      • williamabong

        You missed FITHS, which translates to Fucked In The Head Syndrome, and seem to be a large part of the problem.

        • Peter Jenkins

          FAS (and alcohol in general) is a significant contributor, but I suspect FITHS is probably even more significant, and almost certainly genetic in origin, I would like to see a research project done on this

    • boglas

      Have friends who adopted a boy. Their natural daughter has achieved in life and holds a position in a govt research institution but the boy having had a church upbringing, being sent to a private school and every possible assistance in life has turned out just like his natural father and has spent most of his life since 18 in the care of her majesty. Just a case of genetics

      • Peter Jenkins

        Absolutely. I can think of a number of very similar examples. Genetics are a major contributor to behavioural characteristics, eg aggression, violence, sexual pathologies etc

        • Hazards001


  • blokeintakapuna

    A little off-topic, but a BIG shout-out to all the Aussie cousins dealing with the fires. Hope you get some rain quickly…

  • Toryboy

    Yes, there are a percentage of youth in that category.

    They have been the victims of bad parenting, a progressive education system where they were told “anything goes and it is not wrong – you are just expressing yourself”, and compliant governments unprepared to do anything about it.

    This afternoon Parliament can legislate to give the Minister of Education control over the curriculum and she could get to work, and from Term 1 next year everyone is taught the 3 Rs, traditional values, given 6 of the best if they misbehave.

    Parliament will not do that (the socialists won’t like it) and so everyone will wring their hands in July 2027 when a child starting school today commits a brutal murder and ask “wonder why that happened?”

  • Dick Brown

    Dangerous question; bordering on loaded.

    But I agree; some people aren’t worth saving.

    I used to be for the death penalty but it makes more sense to actively employ people to look after them in prison; that way there are benefits to keeping them alive.

    • Agent BallSack

      Thats what Hitler thought too.

    • Peter Jenkins

      The dangerous questions are the most important ones, and the ones that we need honest answers to the most. The percentage of people that aren’t worth saving is greater than some would like to have us believe, and may be as high as somewhere in the order of 1-2%. I too am not in favour of the death penalty, but would like to see outsourcing examined as an option for this category of offenders

  • Toryboy

    Politicians, like sportsmen, make very bad gamblers because they seek instant rewards – now! – they do not view the long term.

    They do not see you are often better to lose now – with a winning hand (putting the other fellow into a false sense of security) – so you can come back and win with a losing hand later on.

    A good example of this is John Banks.

    Banks could have sold one of his properties and used the money to pay for his Mayoral campaign but chose not to do so, for whatever reason (“eeeeekkk…I would only own 8 buildings instead of 9 and it would cost me a fortune!”)
    Instead he went around fundraising, when he didn’t have to (out of a misguided lower middle class value of holding on for dear life to what you own), and is now standing in the dock about to lose his reputation, his career, his good name and possibly his freedom – all for a few measly dollars which he had in the bank. Compare the legal fees with the cost of a Mayoral campaign.

    Banks is not alone with this mindset – it is universal to all politicians – which is why political careers “…all end in tears” (as Enoch Powell once said).

    Moral of the story? never, ever hesitate to play poker with a politician because when your poker opponent is seeking instant rewards with no eye on the long term, you are guaranteed to take them to the cleaners.

    • Patrick

      I agree with the sentiment, I cannot understand why Banks would roll in the mud with Dot Krim except for the lure of money. A man of his years & political mileage should have smelt a rat early in the piece.

      • Toryboy

        Yes the silly bugger should have paid for the campaign himself and not have had to worry about any scandal.

  • williamabong

    I Had a great call yesterday from a nice man at the Global Help Desk of windows to tell me my computer was full of viruses, after establishing a friendly relationship with the bloke, which was a little difficult as english was not his first language, in spite of him telling me he was born in NZ, we got down to business, he asked me to open windows which I did, and I asked him if it would help if I did it again, he said yes, so I told him I had.
    I then asked him if he could hurry as having two windows open made the room quite cold, at this stage he started to get a little upset and told me I was silly.
    It was at this point I told him that the next time he was fucking the family donkey I hoped he got the pox, and I noticed a change in his manner and I sensed our relationship was heading for a rocky patch so I told he was a con artist and that he should fuck off, the ungrateful barstard hung up.
    I do hope he rings back today, he’s so much fun to talk to, I wonder have any others had a call from the nice man, and how did they get on with him.

    • conwaycaptain

      My next door neighbour, a lady in her 70’s gets these. She lets them carry on and then says “I don’t have a computer” and then hangs up.

      • AnonWgtn

        She should say – “Hang on a minutes the kettle is boiling”, and leave the phone line open – costs them money whilst the line is open.

    • richard.b

      I had a similar call recently. It got to the point where he said I was a very nasty man and I should hang up the phone.
      So we played the “you hang up, no you hang up” game for a little while before he finally gave up.
      I think they must still get paid if you hang up on them.

      • Bunswalla

        A few extra grains of rice

    • Garbageman

      cold room now thats a new one, i have never had one but have had to fix friends computers that have keyloggers and assorted shit remotely installed (usually by wife or teen) my advice keep a whistle handy or just leave phone off hook and walk away

    • Based on my experience of engaging robustly with the helpful caring person from Microsoft Windows Services – and I was not able to offer such a talented response as yours – was that they put me on a list (I assume for training purposes) and I now get calls every week or so. I quite enjoy it. Usually I speak very slowly as though an old person, then I get them to hold on while I go to another room to turn the computer on, then I come back after a few minutes with some sort of a problem. And so it continues … Sometimes I can make them wait for 10 minutes or more. If they haven’t hung up when I tire of the game, I offer some useful social advice that usually has the conversation at an end.

      • blokeintakapuna

        You wanna try put scammer in touch with scammer…

      • williamabong

        I like your style, I can see this has the potential to develop into a sport and the possibilities for entertainment could be limitless, keep up the good work.

    • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

      For some reason they don’t scam those of us who run Linux :)
      They don’t ring me. I feel all alone. Bwaaaaah

    • Patrick

      I too have had similar playtimes with our friendly support folk from Windows. After lengthy troubleshooting sessions we have agreed that I know far more than the Global Helpdesk from Windows about Microsoft’s suite of products. We have discussed the merits of our helpdesk chappie having bumsex with his close family members, I have suggested that he start a register of those folks in the far flung corners of the world who don’t really require the Global Helpdesk of Windows support. It has been sometime since I have heard from my friend so perhaps my suggested initiative has been heeded. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if my suggestion resulted in this chappie getting rewarded with a pay rise or even a promotion. It warms the heart to know that my charitable initiative has possibly helped someone somewhere.
      A scenario springs to mind where a lonely old pensioner receives a call from these folks & manages to keep them on the line for hours believing they were a long lost friend, that will be my approach next time they call. I figure if I can tie them up talking with me then they are not bothering some other folk out there.

    • Vlad

      There really still is a problem, I had an elderly relative last week who was frightened into acting on these vultures’ demands but thank goodness was helped by a neighbour to stop access to her credit card. But still had to pay to have her computer cleaned of viruses installed by the scammers. They are sh*tholes and predators, and not all that funny at all.

    • Hazards001

      They’ve called me a few times..I suspect cos I’m in the book.

      On these occasions I dust off my etiquette.

      I refuse to lower my standards so I didn’t call him a lying thieving low life slit eyed scum bag mongrel pile of shit inbred incestuous cunt once.
      I said it ten times at least!

      Or in the words of the infamous Bun Bun…

  • “There is a percentage of youth that has had such a bad upbringing,
    nothing can be done to get them back on the straight and narrow”

    B*ll*cks M8!, Only 20% of our prison population are recidivists, the number would be much lower if those kids’ had some real support.

    • Bunswalla

      Settle petal – it’s a moot. You can debate it one way or the other, but there’s no need to shout ;-)

      • Sorry I thought it worthy, great topic from Pete, and I really mean it.

        I have witnessed such success personally ….

    • dumbshit

      and if the 20% never got out they could not reoffend

  • Col

    Oh well, looks like we will need to get back on our bikes and row a boat to Aussy from now on, the Greens are getting all excited about the oil spills about to happen.
    Always a risk, as when you wake up and go to work, always a risk.
    If we keep believing all this we will stay home and never go outside.

    • That’s why we think it through and minimise / manage the risk.
      Some critical thinking is required etc …

    • 4077th

      I saw that big eared twat on breakfast this morning warning of a “worse case scenario oil spill Armageddon”. Why did TVNZ not invite someone from NASA to give a speech on worse case scenario if an asteroid hit he earth or interview NZ’s leading vulcanologist for comment on a worse case scenario if Rangitoto exploded one morning. Why the fuck do these eco terrorists even get the time of day. There is no problem because there are no wells but sure as shit a volcano will erupt and and asteroid will hit the earth. FFS TVNZ enough already!

      • blokeintakapuna

        Sensationalism sells… as do Whale’s exclusives apparently…

        • 4077th

          Vulcanologist…Big erared twat…Baahahah complete accident. Quietly laughing at my own mistake. :-P

      • dumbshit

        “greens” must come from a special mould engineered to locate a miniscule pea-brain between a set of massive wing-like appendages

      • Alfred12

        Finally a great response from an Auckland uni professor in response to the Greenpeace hysterical article in the horrid today, ” NZ is not the Gulf of Mexico”, all of our wells both onshore & offshore pump on average between 1000 & 5000 barrels per day, they all require artificial pumping. The gulf wells are very high pressure vs the NZ situation. In addition we are gas prone. Now she is not saying a spill in the future is impossible but our experience to date tells us this is unlikely. I live in hope that one day just once these pricks publish something remotely balanced!

  • LabTested

    Taekwondo World Championship starts in Benidorm Spain Today – (Wednesday european time). Below is the NZ team arriving a couple of days ago after a 37 hour flight. From what I understand we have some great prospects.

    Not sure if it will make the news back home. But good luck to them. I will pop in & watch for a couple of days then celebrate any wins with a cerveza on the beach

    • blokeintakapuna

      Go the Kiwi’s!
      Pity any pickpockets that think this could be a “goldmine” mob… well, not pity actually – would laugh and laugh actually…

    • Who will protect us while they are away?


  • johnbronkhorst

    To answer an oft asked question (by labour and the greens0.

    Q: Where are the jobs?

    A: “There are currently over 16,000 jobs advertised on and almost 200,000 opportunities listed since January”. c/Yahooxtra & SEEK today!

    • Patrick

      They are not real jobs – you can only count the ones in the public sector created by Labour.
      All the others are just a plot by evil capitalists & tories to exploit the masses.

  • blokeintakapuna

    I must say yesterday afternoon’s “Dear Len” post took off like wild fire!
    It was hard trying to keep up with it all and in the midst of it, was going to suggest a “sledge of the day” post – but then, the whole blog is just filled with witty sledges everywhere! Great stuff!

  • Alfred12

    I know squat about fashion but Metira in pink us not a good look! Ref Stuff home page this morning!

    • blokeintakapuna

      mutton dressing as lamb…

      • Alfred12

        Enough mutton on the hoof there to feed quite a few hungry families I suggest.

  • “Shapley Supercluster” – 22 oct 2013

    Even this picture looks like an expansion event to me.
    So far I have to say we only have greater than void particle observations.

    So I postulate the particle sizes of the Observable Universe to be 1×1^(1-Infinity) or bigger.

    PS: On a side note, I also postulate life can not exist without an
    Efield (Which appears to be sun centric). I.E. Biology has to have an
    intrinsic ability to manipulate the Efield.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Ummm I think I understand… will it help my tomatoes grow faster?

      • Yup, more lumens = more/faster growth :-)

        • Azeraph

          What! fak off, we need to paint our house roofs white to compensate for ice loss. ; ) It will actually work, the most simplest of so called climate warming measures that doesn’t require billions but community spirit. That’s if climate warming is in a calm point before it kicks in like a revved engine but alas it’s all spec. No one knows how our great engine works.

          • I was talking about spotting life in other galaxies, and grow lights, but fair enough Azeraph, well said M8!

          • Azeraph

            I posed this idea to a few cagw’s and they said would cost too much, The whole cagw’s is now a goldmine for people and org’s who believe solutions could bring them money in the process but, What if there is no cagw? There is one thing that cannot be denied, deflected and diminished.

            Asian supertanker fishing vessels, they and the Japanese tsunami’s left over rubbish has almost wiped out all fish in the north pacific (You know what i mean) If an ocean as large as the Pacific empties out of most of it’s species what would be the impact of that massive sudden loss? It took millions of years for the Permian to come a head but in less than 80 years we are watching it in real time. No one realizes.

          • Most of the heat we have on earth actually comes form the core of the planet.

            The night time temperatures are approx 0-10 deg celcius.

            The cold side of the Space station is -127 deg celcius.

            So the core of the planet is constantly adding 120 – 130 deg celcius at night.

            The measley +20 to 30 the sun gives us is obviously critical, but no where near the core temps.

            I’ve got to say at least you’re thinking it through based on observation, which is more than the IPCC/UN.

          • Azeraph

            Well we’ve been through no ice periods before several times but we were not around. On the other hand we don’t know what is happening, we don’t know if this is a delay to a sudden spike jump to a slow or fast mini ice age event or just a normal burp in the planets breathing. We had no control over the weather or climate before and we still don’t have control. I’m only worried about our country and our seas. If kiwi’s get their ingenuity hats on then we could make efforts to have possible alternative ideas on hand if things swing either way.

          • True enough, I think the parameters for an Ice age just aren’t there, the human race hordes to much water for it to eventuate.

            If the core is indeed heating up, it will evaporate much more water from the oceans, which will climb upto 1000+ meters and freeze, causing global cooling.

            And I agree it’s the air/water/land pollution we should worry about, toxic ground’ll kill us off much more vigorously than the global temperature.

  • Jonathan Pull

    I like Dalziels first action in office.bring your own lunches and stop expecting rate payers to feed you. Needs to spread.

  • Muffin

    Arghhh, whale! About time you put another nail in lens coffin isn’t it!

  • Lion_ess

    There is protection for your private life Len. You entirely control this.
    Do keep it private, don’t screw the crew, don’t “spill” on Council property and don’t play with people’s lives and jobs based on how squirtable you deem them to be.