Whaleoil – a rare peek behind the curtain

Being a Whaleoil volunteer, I am not that different from Bevan Chuang in the sense that I’m cuddling close to Cam Slater to get closer to the game that is politics.  If needed, I’ll deny that I’m also sleeping with him, but lets cross that bridge as we come to it.  And if I get some lingerie, I’m out.

Jokes aside, it does afford me a front row seat to most of what goes on here behind the scenes.  I’ve learned things you never see in the main stream media, and most of it you are unlikely to see.

The reason for this post is that a lot of people misunderstand the processes that go on behind the scenes before something turns into a post.  The MSM manufactured image is of Cameron Slater being a filthy, unkempt dumpster diver that will make public any little scrap of information he can get his dirty manipulative hands on.

People imagine Cam Slater to be aggressive, rude and completely unable to change his mind in the face of reasoned argument.  What I discovered, as do others when they meet him, is that he’s a quiet, polite and well behaved man.  He has strong views, but he’s open to other views (be prepared to have your arse handed to you with facts and figures), and he has an amazingly detailed knowledge of the political landscape harvested over many years as one of the best placed individuals in this country.  

Another perception of Cam Slater is that he performs absolutely no triage on the stories he runs.  He is seen as a slash-and-burn never-mind-the-corpses kind of guy that will use any excuse to do anything to anyone.  People simply don’t believe that he operates under any kind of rules.  That is to some degree an ethos he’s cultivated himself, or at least he’s happy to leave uncorrected.  He sees that being feared and unpredictable is useful.

In recent times, we were given verifiable information about a politician sleeping around.  You never got to see it.  Why?  Because it clearly had nothing to do with his/her job.  If Cam Slater had an unrestrained lust to create trouble at every opportunity, that, and many other stories that I’m aware of, wouldn’t have been rejected for publication.

We are even on record that when the MSM ran stories on Hone Harawira’s nephew getting convicted by running headlines like “Hone Harawira’s nephew convicted of…”, a Whaleoil editorial stated that the link was just too tenuous to smear Hone with.

Whaleoil is a new phenomenon in New Zealand.  There are plans in place – have been in place – that would make any traditional media outlet shudder.  They wouldn’t believe it could be true, and yet, based on what they’ve seen Whaleoil do over the last year or two – the threat of it becoming reality is something they refuse to contemplate.

It suits those that don’t share our politics and those that feel threatened by Whaleoil’s success to label us a irrelevant, irresponsible and out of control.  It suits them to paint us without a moral compass.  But those who are able to see past the façade really fear that Whaleoil is exactly the opposite:  highly skilled, well organised, and superbly connected.


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  • Rat



    Re Blondie, Re Just Saying

    He is an absolute hypocrite in every regard. He cheats on his wife; I’m aware of several women he’s slept with behind his wife’s back. First hand knowledge; btw, not second-hand gossip. I could even prove it.

    More relevant to this discussion, however, is the fact that not only IS he capable of working, he DOES. He regularly performed a number of duties for his friend’s business – such as vehicle repossessions (which he very much enjoyed as he got to bully the people whose cars were being repossessed) and was reimbursed for his efforts by way of a free vehicle, all vehicle running expenses (eg petrol), and all his mobile telephone bills – and contributions towards his legal bills.

    You can look up the name of the company if you want – it’s Botany Security Limited. The same name which is screen printed on the side of Slater’s purple 4×4, I imagine so that the company can then claim the vehicle running costs as a business expense. I very much doubt that the company is paying FBT for the amount of private usage that Slater gets out of that vehicle, though.

    You might also find it interesting to look through the names of the shareholders and directors of that company. Don’t just stop there though – look into the shareholders of the company shareholders – and see if you can start joining the dots. Bear in mind that Slater’s wife goes by a different surname to him. Also maybe do a quick google on the director of this company, there are some rather interesting articles about a company which he previously grew, publicly floated, made a shitload when he sold his shares, and which folded about a year later – so that all the new shareholders lost out bigtime.


    • Monique Angel

      So could you condense that to 200 words? And add links cos noone can be arsed typing based on spurious dribble. You seem to have a number of allegations but but nothing cogent.

    • Nechtan

      From the standard? If it was a newspaper I wouldn’t wipe my arse with it.

      • Monique Angel

        That’d be because the quality of discussion is so thin, even when folded over to prevent mishaps, ones fingers poke through; somewhat disconcertingly.

        • Nechtan

          All one is left with is the smell of shit

      • Dumrse

        It was and I did. Now it’s all Brown.

    • GazzW

      And your point is Rat?? I can ‘t for the life of me see the relevance of a two year old article in the Stranded. Mind you I struggle with the relevance of anything in the Stranded at the best of times.

    • LesleyNZ


    • U should disinfect your machine … quick b4 it’s too late M8!

    • LesleyNZ

      What are you trying to explain?

    • dumbshit

      explaining to a “loser” is a lost cause before you start

    • Sponge

      This post has probably given them a huge lift in page views. Looking at the posts on the link I thought it was satire. What a pack of arseholes.

  • blokeintakapuna

    NZ’s leading political bellwether…

    Congrats Whale & crew. Most awesome.

    • GregM

      +1, well said Bloke.

    • Intrigued

      I agree. I am reassured that there is a have no fear or favour source for news in the form of WO and after what I have seen across multitude news sources this past week, if I had information worthy of the news that exposed corruption I would have no hesitation forwarding it to WO. I certainly would not waste my time with the MSM and definitely not the NZHERALD!

  • Random66

    The fact that WO is ‘highly skilled, well organised, and superbly connected’ is what scares the bejesus out of DF and his ilk. Information is power, and we all know WO has the information. The only question is whether WO will share it, and that’s what truly frightens them.

  • Evil has a tendency to grow on its’ own in our society, probably because it’s easier.
    Good civilised takes a bit of work/nurturing, but Cameron and his crew are well up to the task …

    • Mr_Blobby

      yes the point is.

      Dirty old high powered elected politician having it of with a much younger female associate.

      They are still using that power to shut her down, by the looks of it.

      • Indeed, No different to a Teacher, Priest, Captain, General, MP etc etc etc

        He most likely cultivates the whole persona for the sole purpose cultivating a child like response in younger women.

        • Mr_Blobby

          Had not thought of that but you are right, she was groomed by a professional.

          There will be others.

          • Sounds likely, Cameron never hints without facts …

            As Mayor of Auckland he held her professional life in his hands that’s power over someones’ life.

        • Dumrse

          Don’t forget the Comodore.

    • dumbshit

      every single person supporting brown has a vested interest in keeping the gravy train flowing

      • And organisations like Whaleoil , NZ Herald and TV3 have a vested interest in keeping this scandal alive for as long as possible… even if that requires turning on each other for a few days.

        There is more to come. From a number of sides. But don’t expect it all at once, because all media prefers to drip feed this out for maximum gain. We are no different.

  • Col

    So prove it Rat, come on prove what you said, show us the money Rat.
    Anyone can say what you said without backing it up,
    Rat gets screwed by Brown Mouse, and squeaks.
    Come Rat show us the money.

  • Toryboy

    I think this article is very nice, the things said about Cameron Slater; the ethics which he shows which are sorely lacking in the MSM.

    Having read Whaleoil for a couple of years or so I think it is considerably more restrained than some of the articles in the Truth magazine.
    Hope Cameron and others will continue the good work.

  • John Drinnan

    Hey Pete – what’s your name? -how do we know you exist?

    • Oh look snother herald apologist. Pete is eal and answers to noone but me on this blov…so fuck off..

      • John Drinnan

        Does Pete write for free like Cameron slater and Stephen Cook;
        Why doesn’t he give his name – nothing to be ashamed of surely?

        • Random66

          Pete is a volunteer, and we all know the best volunteers don’t go running around saying who they are and what they do. I suppose he might be persuaded to give his name if you are wanting to give him an award or something like that for carrying out a very important public service :)

        • Happy to tell you directly – I’m just shy of the Google Beast. If I tell you directly, what will happen John?

          • Nechtan

            Give them nothing, take them nowhere.

          • I have nothing to hide but it appears it wasn’t a direct question, so at this stage let’s see how good their investigative skills are.

          • Nechtan

            Judging by past performance, piss poor.

          • P1LL

            Just tell them to piss off Pete. I know that you are an honorable man.

          • 1951

            ….and going by the photo, smartly dressed.

          • StacyMcNaught

            I already knew you as Pete, and that was plenty good enough for me. Actually until I found that out, i thought petal was a female. Still makes no difference to me or how i interpret your posts. Make the clowns work for the information, just for shits and giggle.

          • Sidey

            Colour me stupid, but I only just realised that “Pete” is “Petal”! Fair to say I have zero interest in who he/she is though, that’s the beauty of this interweb thingy. I could be the Queen or Elvis. Or could I……

        • Sems to be witch hunt here focussing on income and identities. Very sinister behaviour from supposed neutral media.

          seems you guys are acting very threatened by an ” irrelevant” blog

          • Toryboy

            Yes, I wonder what hysterical panty-wetting the NZ Herald would engage in over a ‘relevant’ blog haha!

          • Dave

            Of course the likes of JD are worried, they see the Heralds circulation, and the rise and rise of WOBH and the likes of the guardian, they also know they will never fit in at the new wave media. Basically JD and his like are fucked.

        • James Growley

          Christ Drinnan, you should be hiding your very dim light under a bushel considering the amount of bullshit you write. I feel the day is fast approaching when granny will throw you under the bus.

          • Dave

            Based on their eroding revenue streams, the horrid are unlikely to afford a wet ticket, let alone the bus!

        • LesleyNZ

          Trying to remember what you wrote for the Herald so Googled you. Ahhh media commentator. Wouldn’t get too smarty pants John, one day you might have to write an article about the Whaleoil Blog. There are many nameless people who contribute to Whaleoil. The reason why? Because MSM like the NZ Herald practice selective censorship and, more often that not, dish up what the NZ Herald wants us to believe rather than the whole truth. The latest example is Len Brown’s affair. Most I speak to think Len just had a little fling of an affair on the side. It wasn’t was it? NZ Herald won’t of course tell the whole story. Great to see you reading Whaleoil though. You will learn heaps about what is really going on.

          • kaykaybee

            Yes Lesley, how dare CS dare to release this information without first consulting media commentators and the MSM. I have this image of a pack of rabid dogs trying to bite the tyres of a bus that’s kicking dust in their faces.

            We are witnessing the influence canny and intelligent fifth estate players like WO can have in a small market where an under-resourced and poorly run fourth estate have left a yawning gap.

          • jonno1

            How very dare you! Sorry, couldn’t resist.

          • muffinmclay

            We received a five week free trial of the horrid (I was a customer of theirs pre learning about whaleoil) anyway I digress. We had the trial which was handy as it was during winter and it made lighting the fire easier and it was free what’s not to like.
            The classic part was that after the trial they kept ringing and saying would you like to subscribe, I told the lady politely NO thank you so she asked why and when I said that I was sick of the leftist apologist articles and how the gurnard was playing hide the sausage with Krim dot com.
            It was funny when she said oh you’re the third person this evening that has said that the paper is leftist.
            Keep it up Whale and team

          • rrroberto

            I remember the Herald a few times like that trying to get a subscription. At least two occasions, each time I agreed to the trial, and reluctantly agreed to the money part after the trial. I considered the money insufficient recompense for receiving the Herald, but did appreciate its qualities in helping to light the fore in the winter. Flummoxed them everytime when I agreed to take a Herald Delivery…. if they paid me… I certainly would have wanted a greater remuneration if they wanted me to actually read it. Seems to have worked, no cold calls from Herald for 5 or 10 years.
            But I remain somewhat offended that the NZ Herald would not pay me to read or at least receive their paper, why else would you want it cluttering up your letterbox or driveway?
            PS was just at the local Lotto shop, 4pm, and the Weekend Herald Pile on the desk is still extremely high. I have read reports on WO about certain articles by Rudman and Orsman, I am happy to say that I know nothing of them haven’t read them, don’t want to, they are irrelevant. Applies to everything else in the Herald which I also have not read

          • Lion_ess

            Nice post Leslie

        • Seems that the “proper journalists, trained and skilled” from the Herald don’t like competition.

          • Lion_ess

            Maybe they like this paper better than their own.

        • GazzW

          You could well be writing for free soon too if APN’s fortunes don’t pick up John.

        • Jester

          To be fair to Pete his use of an alias is the reason he remains unknown and un-noticed. However considering your high profiled position why do you share those same characteristics?

          • lofty


          • Actually, Pete is my name. I just don’t like my last name to be combined with the first on-line. I research things on the net all the time, and I don’t see why I should give anyone free access to where I’ve been on holiday or what my first wife’s name was or what place my children came in the latest cross country.

            Happy to tell anyone, just not writing it down for Mr Google to immortalise for the next 50 years.

            More people should be that cautious.

            Your children will have their suitability for jobs judged by the online behaviour of their parents…

          • Jester

            Knew your reason Pete but couldnt help giving him a tickle.

            It seems that the Herald are making forays into enemy territory. Not surprising they sent Drinnan in early. Its always wise to send in your most insignificant and expendible foot soldiers first as cannonfodder.

          • Muffin

            Nice again

          • Muffin

            Really nice!

      • Love the Venom M8!


    • Nechtan

      I’m Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?

    • Random66

      and your point is??

    • Lion_ess

      Full moon tonight

      • Good point. I better get ready. See you all in a while.

    • RightOfGenghis

      The rat and his alter ego JD launch a highly coordinated, cleverly orchestrated raid on WOBF. I think Cameron just shat himself. Page views surge again ;)

    • Don’t tell me you have splinters in the back of your head as well…

      • Nechtan

        Feathers in the mouth?

    • Patrick

      Piece of advice John, never burn your bridges. The way your employer’s readership numbers are plummeting you may one day be knocking on WO door begging for a job. Either that or get some evening classes underway developing a new career, looks like you are going to need it.

    • Dave

      John. I known who Pete is, he is a great guy, successful in his own right, a true gentleman and a sharp mind. Now do tell JD, who are you, apart from a repeater and manufacturer of fake news and political propaganda.

  • Kendall

    I’ve met cam once, at a funeral unfortunately, but found him to be a very nice man. Would have like to chat about other stuff but unfortunately not the time or place, and at the time my employment meant I couldn’t get overly political anyway. Might have to get him out to fill the freezer and talk hunting and politics one day. All who work on the blog, well done and keep it up! I don’t agree with everything, but at least it’s thought provoking and gluts the sunlight in. Off to butcher last nights spoils.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Good post Pete.
    I am here for one reason, information that has not been corrupted, spun or censored.
    MSM Main Stream Media are slowly finding out that they can no longer tell lies.
    Perfect example was Rachel Smalley on The Nation today with her chinese whispers.
    This is a fucking good Blog, and I am staying

    • Mr_Blobby

      Yes the program was a disgrace. Send her back to the typing pool.

      • disqus_Aa7kWsb7Fp

        She failed at typing that’s why she became a reporter

  • RightOfGenghis

    As a keen student of human behaviour I tend to think Cameron is a very complex and perhaps a slightly tormented individual. Apart from that I like his direct prose…

    • And contradictory. He has some lovely inconsistencies about him that are difficult to work with – but we manage :)

      • RightOfGenghis

        Contradictory, or schizophrenic? In a nice way of course…

        • I’m a Schizo M8! … Pleased to meet you 8-))

          • RightOfGenghis

            You and me both M8.Two schizoids on a right wing blog. The world is ours!

          • Thtat’s what the voices in my head keep saying, you’re a mind reader M8!

      • Me too heh.

  • fozzie2

    the finest piece of sycophantic drivel I have ever read ….. please next you will be nominating him as Mother Teresa’s replacement !

    • Lion_ess

      Re-read some of your own posts if you’re looking for drivel.

    • Nechtan

      Your turn on the roster?

    • THE finest? Are you sure? Ever?


      Thank you! :)

      • fozzie2

        You are welcome Peter Petal :-D

        • Bunswalla

          Given that Mother Theresa was responsible for the needless deaths of hundreds of thousands from AIDS and similar diseases – through her staunch denial of the right for people to use condoms – I hardly think anyone would seek to be her replacement.

          • DLNZ

            And dont forget that she was anti any form of pain relief for the terminally ill other than prayer because suffering apparently brings people closer to God.

    • dumbshit

      obviously a connoissuer of drivel

  • kehua

    As a longtime member of the WhaleOil Army I can agree wholeheartedly with this post from Pete, it has been interesting to say the least to observe and participate in the various subjects and discussion presented on the Blog, I have laughed, damn near cried, wanted less, wanted more , not wanted to believe, embraced and been pissed off at various times with both Host and contributing visitors. I have delighted in discussing Current Events with friends before they were `Current`, and I have gone to War with detractors of the man behind the Blog when required. Not because of some infatuous state of mind , rather a measure of my respect for an individual who talks the talk and walks the walk, I have yet to hear of Cameron Slater making an excuse for his behaviour (I have on occasion cringed ), he puts his Name to what he writes and if it offends, then so be it. I am a firm believer in the saying, “ Evil flourishes when good men fail to speak out“. Cameron Slater & Co you are Good Men. Salut.

    • blokeintakapuna

      Amen to that!

  • Sidey

    Of course, you’d have to naive to think that one day someone won’t bust open the encryption-locky thing behind online identities (IT ain’t my bag…) and then we’ll all know who is who. That’ll be an interesting day!

    Most of us will be proven to be exactly what we appear to be: sad lonely gits with access to a keyboard. But I’m damn sure there will be a few surprises tucked away: public officials, pollies, who the hell knows.

    Kinda makes you want to make sure you don’t do a Redbaiter, lest you find yourself explaining to yourself to employers & loved ones in the future.

    Pete/Petal could be David Fisher for all we know….

    • nasska

      ….”& loved ones”….

      Baity’s….you’re having us all on

      • Sidey

        Well, if his Sarah Palin doll is capable of reciprocal feelings..she can’t speak of course – too full.

    • “Pete/Petal could be David Fisher for all we know….”

      I would actually like David Fisher to be on board, but I don’t think I can get Cam and David to get on. Too much water under that bridge :(

      They are actually very similar in a way. One is jealous of the resources of the other, and the other is jealous of the freedom he has to do whatever he wants.

      They would actually make a killer team.

      • Jester

        Just what WhaleOil needs. 36 daily posts with a picture of the Whangarei Fire Truck. No thanks.

        • He didn’t take out the Reporter of the Year by accident. He’s got skills. If I was his boss I’d forbid him more than 10 tweets a day, but if he still manages to bring home the bacon for the Herald, then who cares? I think he’d have a ball in an environment like this. But alas… fate has thrown him on the side of the Corporate monster that needs obeying. He’s professional enough to take it up the chook from the likes of Brown and Dotcom because he’s paid to do so, but I wonder if he would privately admit to feeling just a little dirty ;)

          • Jester

            What ur gmail address again. Need to ask a favour.

          • very easy – pete aaaaaaaaaaaat whaleoil dot co.nz

            or [email protected] or [email protected] – it take no degree

          • Dave

            Nope, he is egotistical, loves the attention!

  • History of Violence
  • History of Violence
  • mike

    I’ve been reading this blog for almost a year now, and the only reason I started doing so was because of the truly open and honest discussions that occur… and because it is fun to take the piss out of those people who need the piss taken out of them.

    I don’t agree with all of Cam’s opinions, we aren’t meant to… we are meant to read what he and his team post, discuss it amongst ourselves and then come to our own conclusions. If we wanted to be told what to think we’d watch Campbell Live or read the Herald.

    Thanks Cam for all your work, keep it up.

  • timemagazine

    The left is always calling names, when they lose the battle of ideas, which happens all the ting.

    • Great pic , gotta source for that ?

      • Sidey


        • The one place you can get something from nothing …. sweet 8-)

      • timemagazine

        I posted it by accident. Sorry. It was in my photo folder.

        • Can see my pet zero G dark star … interested if it’s real or art.

        • GregM

          Looks like a Mac wallpaper to me.

          • GregM

            Edit: I was wrong, here is the Mac one, way cool.

          • rangitoto

            That one is NGC 3190 with fake stars added and other strange editing. Here’s a proper image of it.


          • GregM

            Yep I fucked it up three times in a row, posted the wrong photo again.

          • Saved that one to, Cheers 8-)

      • rangitoto

        Just google Messier 31 or Andromeda Galaxy. There’s heaps of pics of it on the net.

  • timemagazine

    The left always calls names, when they lose the battle of ideas, which happens all the time.

  • emmess

    It’s interesting that in the unbiased CNN article, Brown is described as centre-left and Palino is described as centre-right, and this blog is described as right-leaning (although leaning may be be a bit of a stretch but that’s par for the course) but in the herald it’s right wing, right wing, right wing or nothing.

    EDIT: This one that History of Violence linked to

  • Raine

    oh what an orsome character reference.

    any chance you could get one from john key too? cuz that would be extra great, right? :)

  • Rebecca

    What’s with the sensitivity stuff? This site is popular because people know they’ll find ritual abuse of mayors, teachers, unionists, Herald journalists, Catholic boy buggerers, business ratbags, various named cunts (sic) and other caricature villains. Balanced opinion is not the attraction and while It seems unlikely that I would agree with the likes of Rat, she is correct that for WO, explaining is losing. WO wins by a well-earned reputation of being first with sensational stories whose publication never is prevented by bullying, threats or cosy back-scratching conventions. Why change a winning formula? Display inflexible indifference when they come at you and consider the Rule of Rebecca which is that “you never get in trouble unless you act guilty.”

    • Like your heroes two dimensional do you?

      • Rebecca

        LOL… I didn’t create any two-dimensional universe around here. Prove me wrong: show me the OP allowing a positive attribute for Len or anything to do with unions or Catholics. This is not a criticism: clearly it’s a winning formula that makes the site popular.

        • ;-.{ , They even ignore my tears babe!

        • I have written many times in support of teachers, but I suspect you will find them as comments, as you suggest. Oddly enough, both Cam and I are married to teachers…

          Personally I worship the ground they walk on – as long as they do a decent job and don’t use kids as a weapon to advance political agendas.

          Things are changing a little, and you may start to see posts by people other than Cam that don’t tow the company line.

          That said, this is still his sandbox, and we can’t turn it into a union loving boy buggering approving teacher supporting labour party blog overnight.

          • Rebecca

            LOL at last paragraph. There’s no shortage of blogs like that with 3 hits/month. Whereas WO rules the NZ blog market. Success is its own bugle and people can snipe at CS all they please- but they cannot take away the fact that his blog draws the audience. Maybe that’s what makes them so cross- that the populace doesn’t gravitate to “appropriate” grey blogs by the Leftist Illuminati but to a cheerfully colorful WO blog by a Tory scion. The horror, the horror.

          • The media strategy behind WO is actually both extremely simple and quite complicated. But in the end, it all comes down to this:

    • dumbshit

      by your definition where would one go for balanced opinion