Whaleoil reader gets right down to the heart of the matter

Len, you haven’t been “stupid”.

“Stupid” is when you buy a beat up car for way more money than it’s worth.

“Stupid” is when a complete stranger walks up to you and asks you if you’d like to buy a bridge in Antarctica and you say “yes”.

Stupidity is a lack of intelligence.  


You have behaved in a manner which is deceitful, conniving and self-serving and not just once.

You have done this repeatedly and continually for a two year period.

That’s not stupidity……it’s a lack of character.

You have looked your wife in the eye every day for two years knowing you were deceiving her.


Character is doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching.

Character counts…..or at least used to in the NZ in which I grew up.

Now, I’m not so sure.    — hunk4hire


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  • johnbronkhorst


  • blokeintakapuna

    Once is a mistake – several times over a 2+ year period is a choice.

    • Jimmie

      Was at an engineering firm in Te Awamutu today getting a few parts. Joined in with several guys cracking Len Brown jokes and having a good ole laugh at him.
      His credibility is shot. Just gotta wonder when the next woman gets exposed?

  • JeffDaRef

    Stupidity is thinking that screeching out “The world is in da house” at the RWC opening would make himself cool….

    • sheppy

      That was the eureka moment for me!

    • disqus_W4KjfaOksA

      I could never take him seriously after that.

      • blokeintakapuna

        … or before…

    • Orange

      I thought it was “the mayor is in da house”?

      • Dave

        the pink house….. again!

  • jb

    Being deceitful for two thirds of a term is not a mistake, nor is it stupidity. It’s ludicrous and sad. And I pity the fool.

  • Andy

    Len has more issues than tissues

    • kehua


  • Toryboy

    This is akin to Sir Joh Bjelke-Petersen claiming no knowledge of what the Queensland Police Commissioner was up to, and expressing astonishment at the 14 year prison term handed down to that Police Commissioner for corruption, simply because Terry Lewis never sat down and actually told him “Mr Premier – I am the biggest crook in town”

    • blokeintakapuna

      …and Aussie are still dealing with rampant political/union/complicit media corruption…

      • PM of NZ

        And here in NZ, we haven’t even started as the Nats squandered their political capital.

  • Almost instinctively, using his wife/ex-wife and children as shields …

  • Goldie

    Of course it was merely stupid by Len Brown. He was just going about his own business in his council office (and several Auckland hotels), and accidently fucked a hot chick. For two years. It happens to everyone.

    • cows4me

      Still waiting here.

      • Hollyfield

        Maybe an office job would help you in this regard?

        • cows4me

          No you can have your office job Hollyfield I’ve got 231 girls on the go now and it’s hard work. Besides I don’t think any Auckland hotel would be to impressed if I showed up in a stock truck.

          • Dave

            You’ve got 231, an Len cant keep up with 2. What a man C4M

      • Sri

        Your time will come…;-))

    • kayaker

      I need to get a better work story, clearly.

  • LesleyNZ

    Spot on!

  • dilligaf2013

    Actually conniving would have to be added, as he is deliberately trying to
    hide his actions behind what he describes as “stupidity” – Hmmmm two years of
    stupidity indeed – just the credentials required by the mayor of NZ’s largest
    diverse population…..or not

  • wiltinpenis

    LB ” Believe in me Auckland – trust your daughters to me”

  • Acid

    Dude should have seen a hooker.

    • Steph H

      That’s what I can’t figure out! One of those discrete for the wealthy type ones run by a madam. Surely Auckland has those?

      • pidge

        Lisa Lewis? Hang on, that’s not discrete…

    • Harvey Wilson

      He did.

  • GenericUsername101

    Never thought that I would say this, but I have to agree with Len. He is stupid. Not stupid because of his affair, that was deceiptful, but Stupid in believing that a little rail loop of a few kilometres in the CBD is going to solve congestion over the thousands of square kilometres of the Auckland Region, and Stupid in assuming that restricting the supply of available land in Auckland is going to decrease property prices. Now that is Stupid.

  • GregM

    ” Character is doing the right thing, even when nobody is watching. ”
    Comment of the year.