Will Auckland survive its Top 10 ranking without Len Brown?

The Lonely Planet Guide has selected Auckland “in the Top 10” (that is code for 10th) of best places to visit world-wide.

The city, which attracts 1.8 million foreign visitors a year, sits alongside iconic places including Paris, Zurich, Shanghai and Vancouver in the ninth annual?Best in Travel?guide, published today. The book highlights the best trends, destinations, journeys and experiences for the upcoming year.

Auckland was praised for its newly revitalised waterfront districts such as the Wynyard Quarter, and shopping and dining precincts such as the City Works Depot and Britomart.

Also singled out are black-sand beaches on the west coast, the Waitakere Ranges, Rangitoto Island, Waiheke Island, the 77km Hillary Trail, the SkyWalk atop Auckland’s Sky Tower and the refurbished Auckland Art Gallery.

I’m sure someone politician will come along and take the credit for 1) natural beauty, 2) result of private enterprise. ?Oh look: ?

The Mayor of Auckland, Len Brown, said the accolade for the city was well deserved.

“The work we are doing to make Auckland a fabulous place to live and visit is paying off and putting Auckland on the map.”

Unfortunately he’s done more to put Auckland on the map than the Lonely Planet Guide. ?People all over the world are aware of his Lencivious behaviour and Auckland is now the butt of many jokes. Even business people around the country are aghast at Len Brown’s antics int eh Town Hall.

Well done that man.

Various outlets are reporting Aucklanders and New Zealanders think Len will survive this. ?His spin weasels certainly think they’ve got it all under control.

The moves have been pre-signalled for some time. ?For maximum effect, and maximum disappointment, the next revelations will probably hit when Len thinks he can start prefixing his name with Teflon.

Len should have a cup of coffee with Trevor Mallard. ?They may both need to chat through the options that allow a dignified exit from politics.

In fact, Len will need the safety net of being a list MP for Labour for the next election. ?His undoubted popularity will be able to shed the mayoral difficulties of the past. ?Worked for?Andrew Williams. All he had to do was cut down on the drinking and stop watering trees, and now he is at the national taxpayers trough.

Len could surely put his rooting behind him? ?Freshly divorced, he could dedicate all his time to “making New Zealand them most liveable country in the world”.

A win for everyone.


Source: That nice??Alanah Eriksen at the NZ Herald, with additional reporting by Cam Slater