Will Auckland survive its Top 10 ranking without Len Brown?

The Lonely Planet Guide has selected Auckland “in the Top 10” (that is code for 10th) of best places to visit world-wide.

The city, which attracts 1.8 million foreign visitors a year, sits alongside iconic places including Paris, Zurich, Shanghai and Vancouver in the ninth annual Best in Travel guide, published today. The book highlights the best trends, destinations, journeys and experiences for the upcoming year.

Auckland was praised for its newly revitalised waterfront districts such as the Wynyard Quarter, and shopping and dining precincts such as the City Works Depot and Britomart.

Also singled out are black-sand beaches on the west coast, the Waitakere Ranges, Rangitoto Island, Waiheke Island, the 77km Hillary Trail, the SkyWalk atop Auckland’s Sky Tower and the refurbished Auckland Art Gallery.

I’m sure someone politician will come along and take the credit for 1) natural beauty, 2) result of private enterprise.  Oh look:  

The Mayor of Auckland, Len Brown, said the accolade for the city was well deserved.

“The work we are doing to make Auckland a fabulous place to live and visit is paying off and putting Auckland on the map.”

Unfortunately he’s done more to put Auckland on the map than the Lonely Planet Guide.  People all over the world are aware of his Lencivious behaviour and Auckland is now the butt of many jokes. Even business people around the country are aghast at Len Brown’s antics int eh Town Hall.

Well done that man.

Various outlets are reporting Aucklanders and New Zealanders think Len will survive this.  His spin weasels certainly think they’ve got it all under control.

The moves have been pre-signalled for some time.  For maximum effect, and maximum disappointment, the next revelations will probably hit when Len thinks he can start prefixing his name with Teflon.

Len should have a cup of coffee with Trevor Mallard.  They may both need to chat through the options that allow a dignified exit from politics.

In fact, Len will need the safety net of being a list MP for Labour for the next election.  His undoubted popularity will be able to shed the mayoral difficulties of the past.  Worked for Andrew Williams. All he had to do was cut down on the drinking and stop watering trees, and now he is at the national taxpayers trough.

Len could surely put his rooting behind him?  Freshly divorced, he could dedicate all his time to “making New Zealand them most liveable country in the world”.

A win for everyone.


Source: That nice  Alanah Eriksen at the NZ Herald, with additional reporting by Cam Slater


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  • Momo

    I’m about to explode. Please stop teasing….please?

    • Steve R

      I recon. Cam the cock tease has had us all about to blow. He just won’t open wide.

      • Momo

        No, Steve, no. The visual is too disturbing.

        • Steve R

          Even I’m disturbed by it hahaha

  • And that placing was before they announced the ‘2 minute Walking Tour of the Ngati Whatua Room’. Ain’t tourism wonderful?

    • Bart67

      You sure it’s not a ‘2 minute wanking tour’?

  • Dick Brown

    I heard Mr Brown on the radio about an hour ago; it was in the news about this top 10 city business.

    He sounded tired, confused and the whole story just dripped tragedy.

    He needs to step down; Auckland, for all her faults, deserve better than him.

  • Rusty B

    We would probably rise to 5 if we didn’t have the philandering fuckwit at the helm.
    Do the honourable thing Len…oh wait…your honour has gone along with your cred!

  • Release the Hounds

    Cam unless you blow this story open again soon you know no one else will. Its either over or please end our suspense. You promised him gone by Friday last week.

    • Dick Brown

      Timing is everything RTH; maximum effect would be to release the evidence after his swearing in; thereby causing maximum damage to the system, which deserves every financial and ideological punishment it gets.

      The time to strike, causing maximum collateral damage, is not now.

      It is not enough to get rid of Len now, it has got to the point where Auckland herself must suffer horribly so she does not tacitly accept this behaviour again.

      • Release the Hounds

        I just feel momentum is being lost and any further revelations will have to be BIG without the momentum or else he stays.

        • Dick Brown

          At this stage of the game even a parking ticket may be enough to tip the balance.

          • Release the Hounds

            Well we know there is more than that but good luck having it come out and being reported.

  • dilligaf2013

    The question shouild be “how can Auckland possibly stay in the top 10 WITH Mr Brown as mayor..?”

  • Ya wont be after that all deep sea oil drilling that’s going on, wait for the impact on shores :P

    • Bunswalla

      You mean all the royalties and extra jobs? Yes, i can see that would have an effect – maybe bump Auckland up a few places.

      • NZ is not know for its oil/gas reserves etc, its know for its beauty that’s what’s made it the Top Best Countries to Visit, So couple of hundred or thousand jobs, hundred millions investment and after a decade messed up shores and then wont be in the list of best places to visit(presumable 2nd world country), i assume you are also the supporter of fracking((process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside)) that results in polluted drinking water for generations to come, well if some one pays me 20K extra in salary but in return I have to risk generations to chemical infested drinking water, i wont do it, upcoming generations have a right to enjoy nature we dont have right to destroy it before their time just because there is a bit of profit in there we can make for luxurious life mate.

        • philbest

          What a Luddite, doomster outlook. Anyone would think deep sea oil drilling automatically means a spill, and any fracking well anywhere will leach into the groundwater for the whole of NZ.

          Do you ever come out from under your bed?

  • philbest

    It is typical of cities that are “the best to visit”, that the local proles are overtaxed, over-regulated and crammed away out of sight, out of mind in ghettoes, while the “vibrant” city core, sucking up taxpayer subsidies like a sponge, is enjoyed by well off elites, yuppie singles, and tourists. Oh, and the cost of all housing of all kinds, even in the said ghettoes, is a scandal.

  • CheesyEarWax

    Top 10, even with un-mowed berms. Imagine our placing if they are mowed.

  • slade52

    Lencivious. Not in the dictionary but we all know what it means. Brilliant.

  • kph

    This mornings’s interview on TV3 nearly made me gag on my cornflakes!
    Does this man have even a shred of decency or integrity at all?
    Shameless to come on TV after he’s been so publicly outed as a liar and
    cheat, to then front for an interview to try and nail his colours to the
    popularity of Auckland with international visitors. And has anybody seen a more perfect example of how not to answer a question? Particularly when the question is around the matter of more affairs to be revealed. ‘Auckland wants me
    to move on…’ Yes we do. Preferably to somewhere that isn’t Auckland.

  • James Growley

    The real reason why most attend conferences is to have a good time and get laid. Now that we are on track to have a bigger better facility with Len the fornicator in charge, Auckland will be numero uno……

  • AnonWgtn

    I think that Brown should stay on a Mayor.
    It will make Auckland the number 1 city for tourists and business people to come to and take the piss out of the city and it’s Mayor.
    Would make a great tourist poster.
    “Come on, come up, roll up and see the City’s major laughing spot”

    • philbest

      Yeah, some cities have a dog for mayor, we have gone one better…..

  • Mark

    How is it possible that in a Law Abiding country like New Zealand, Len Brown is not prosecuted by the State for breaking the law being “misconduct while in public office” ?!
    In UK there is a major trial of media people who were hacking phones of celebrities and the major papers were closed as a result but here a guy who is a “serial lair” get away with :murder” ?!
    Unfortunately it shows how the left wing media can manipulate “simple minds” and how many are there to manipulate so easily.
    Shame !
    Cannot someone bring out a civil case against this despicable creature and FORCE his out of office ?!
    Maybe a ‘crowdfunding’ for a fund to make such a case ?

  • john Doe

    Sex capitol of the world fully supported and sponsored by the Mayor and Council.

  • seeare

    The lonely planet is an outdated guide which was in its heyday about 10 years ago.. no ones reads it now because of all the online comments, which are much more up to date..