They will all be registered too

The Labour party and the teacher unions all vehemently oppose partnership schools. Their hatred is pathological and their arguments are irrational. Once of the arguments against Partnership schools is that there isn’t a requirement for all teacher to be registered.

Registration they say will protect the children. They say this despite a long line of registered teachers before the courts on all sorts of violence, sexual and dishonesty offences.

Then there is a Herald story which shows just how bad registered teachers really are:

A child bitten by her teacher, teachers smacking children and staff smoking near pupils were among almost 250 cases of abuse and neglect at early childhood education centres reported last year.

Information about the complaints to the Ministry of Education were released under the Official Information Act to child advocacy group ChildForum.

The group’s national director, Sarah Farquhar, called the results “horror stories” and raised concerns about how complaints were dealt with by the ministry. She felt there was a heavier focus on supporting early childhood education (ECE) services than complainants. 

They will all be registered…it is compulsory for the state sector teachers. Here is the long litany of failure of registered Early Childhood teachers.

The 247 complaints included:

* Teacher bit a child and twisted her hands and arms.
* Parents not told their child had fallen off a slide and had to wait for medical treatment.
* Student on teaching practice saw staff smacking children and dragging them by their arms.
* Child found wandering on the street while centre was unaware he was missing.
* Dogs roaming in play areas.
* Staff not administering prescribed medication to a child.
* Children left alone in vehicles.
* Staff smoking near youngsters.
* Food withheld from pupils.
* Infants’ nappies unchanged.


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  • opusx

    Ah yeah, but these examples all occurred in South Auckland right? Or maybe Whangarei…or…um…Gisborne?

  • Col

    What about teachers in schools from primary to high school, two words here,
    Mental Abuse.

  • nudgy

    Add to list of complaints early childhood teacher at a Takanini centre who didn’t disclose tuberculosis infection and exposed all babies, children and staff to this dangerous illness

    • Nechtan

      How does a teacher (or anyone) contract TB in this day and age in NZ? I thought we had eliminated it, we were all vaccinated at high school. I know they haven’t for quite sometime as its not meant to be a problem. Relaxed entry requirements into the country?