Willie and Whale?

Rachel Glucina has raised an interesting conundrum about what is happening in radio:

Last week’s radio survey results yielded little groundbreaking news with both networks spinning their own positive picture about their commercial and talkback stations.

MediaWorks announced RadioLive increased its listeners by 14 per cent nationwide and golden boy Duncan Garner had a 141 per cent increase on his drive show.

That’s a huge coup. However, Willie Jackson and John Tamihere, whose show precedes Garner’s, made few gains.

Sources in radio circles say their afternoon talkback show is likely to be rejigged now Tamihere is plotting a political comeback.

RadioLive bosses told The Diary there are no immediate changes afoot, but “it’s no secret John has never got politics out of his system and who knows what could happen down the track”.

So, who could fill the void alongside Willie? Here are our picks:  

1. Cameron Slater – He’s polarising and partisan, but can cross-pollinate via his widely viewed website.

2. Linda Clark – Her school ma’am whip-cracking is TV gold, but she’s unlikely to forgo Chapman Tripp responsibilities.

3. Paul Henry – If he actually liked talkback he’d be a welcome return. He’s in the MediaWorks stable and his TV show is yet to have a start date, so maybe he can be persuaded.

4. Mark Sainsbury – He wants a job in media and is already a contributor to the station.

5. Grant Dalton – Does he have a job? He’s certainly got plenty of opinions, mostly sporting, unfortunately.

6. Anna Guy – She’s desperate to be a media star, but with a fifth kid on the way and limited views beyond motherhood and Feilding farming she’s an unlikely contender.

7. Rachel Hunter – She’s a bona fide media star with a big TV following. But can she make the transition to radio?

It won’t happen overnight, but it could happen.

So, what do readers think…Willie and Cam?  Willie and Whale? Thoughts?


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  • Lion_ess

    Whale with no willie.

    • Michael

      Castration? That’s a bit extreme.

      • blokeintakapuna

        Whale without a Dork – brilliant!

  • OhopeBeachBugger

    I started following this blog after hearing you (Cam) on the radio while driving from Northland back to Ohope last December holidays. I remarked to my wife ‘This chap speaks good sense’. Anyway. Would like more of that on radio.

  • Whafe

    Be an explosive combo, I think in the end you would have to smack Willie in the chops, he is that left it leaves one bewildered if he is thinking straight

  • cows4me

    Anyone will be fine as long it’s not another bullshitting, lefty dribbler.

  • Apolonia

    As long as it’s not Deborah Codface!!!

    • Nice to find that I am not the only one that can’t stand that woman’s drivell!

  • andrew carrot

    Rachel and Linda: why do you need talk-back when one of those girls has some intellectual creds and strong opinions and the other has strong opinions?

  • expression07

    It’d be good to have some more balance on in the afternoon.

    It was quiet good when they had Rodney Hide covering for JT, he was loads better than Deborah Coddington.

  • andrew carrot

    Paul and Anna: one of them would NOT feel desperately sorry for the other. The callers would provide a small distraction.

    • OhopeBeachBugger

      No idea why Anna Guy is suddenly a ‘media personality’. She has no talent at all which is embarrassing, and the whole thing is just a bit tacky – riding into it on the death of her brother at the potential hands of her (ex) husband.

      • OhopeBeachBugger

        Oh, wait, to answer my own question: she’s pretty hot. Necessary, but not sufficient, I’m afraid.

  • Monty

    Surely it would be whale and willie. I mean who is the star attraction?

  • MarcWills

    Why would Mr Whale want to encourage the racist Willie? He would be better with a show of his own, ’cause I sure won’t start listening again while that MF***ker bro is on air.

  • richard.b

    Yeah, Nah.
    I am sorry but it would take much more then Mr Whale to make me want to listen to the second biggest racist in the country.
    He might even have passed Hone.

  • Col

    Cam yes, should be called Maori Radio.

  • “Cameron Slater – He’s polarising and partisan, but can cross-pollinate via his widely viewed website.”

    Y’know this has got to be the one of the nicest descriptions of Cameron I’ve heard, the tide is turning ?

    Maybe as a guest host….good civilised discourse etc etc

    And Rachel of course …. she’s gorgeous M8!

    • dumbshit


      • A lone voice in the wilderness ya reckon ?

        • dumbshit

          take a hand full of flour with ya

          • Not adverse to a bit of weight myself.

          • Bunswalla

            Guys it’s radio, it doesn’t matter what the hell they look like. There are some who say that Cameron has the perfect face for radio – but I couldn’t possibly comment.

          • Aw M8! , He scrubs up all-right, didn’t you see that photoshop of him in the “Lair” ?

  • thor42

    I have a couple of suggestions – John Banks or Rodney Hide.
    Banksie had a *great* interview with Willie about a week ago (on “partnership schools”). Rodney Hide has been writing some excellent columns for the Herald so he could be an option too.

    Oh, and a third option – Michael Laws. I miss hearing his talkback show in the mornings – it would be great if he came back.

    • kehua

      Banks is an idiot, Rodney has done his dash and Laws is a woose, I`d go with Cam facing the all the lefty listeners, ol Willie is a pretty onto it sort of a bloke and likes to take the pissd but beneath all that he is no fool.

      • Peej

        Are you saying the Honourable John Banks is an idiot because you thought he told lies in his “great interview” with Willie or do consider he deserves your description because he wasn’t lying on there but was idiotic in thinking that there wasn’t someone, somewhere who would know of the pure distortions he spouted.

        • kehua

          No , I am saying that the Idiot is a two faced, lying, sanctimonious prick, who has achieved fuckall in any of his Political endeavours both National and Local. He is perceived by some as being tough and decisive mainly due to his own propaganda, the Idiot had a knack of talking big after `the event` and after someone else had done the `hard yacker`.

          • RightOfGenghis

            Oh I dont know kehua. A long time ago when we were all much younger he was a hard line minister of police who promised 900 extra police. And delivered…

      • Hazards001

        Willie is a racist and a separatist.
        He is just another elitist Maori trougher that made his way on the backs of others.
        How come the Maori elite can piss and moan about the white elite on the radio and still live in a million dollar house?

        • kehua

          Like I said , he is onto it and likes taking the piss. Willie believe it or not as much of a racist as many who comment on here.

          • Hazards001

            Name one.

    • Hazards001

      Seriously? The three most bi polar half wits in the country.

      Hide that demanded a super city that no one had ever heard of or wanted and that he never campaigned on as a price for his vote that now everyone that lives there is getting robbed blind in.

      Banks that could not get elected into it as even those on the right outside of the Auckland City Council environs couldn’t stomach the thought of actually voting for him after his last efforts.

      Laws a megalomaniac that can’t keep his hands in his pockets or his dick in his pants.

      The opinions of pricks like these is as relevant as the opinions of the likes of Duncan Garner and just as relevant.

      But of course that’s just my opinion.

      • kehua

        You are a Judge, your perception is bang on.

  • GregM

    Yep, I think it would work. Willie is okay when he not being a whinging racist, so as long as whale gave him a good smackdown every five / ten minutes it could be interesting.

  • Toby

    Rodney Hide would be a great balance.
    The times those to have been on together have been very thought provoking.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Ganesh Nana and Peter Conway….

  • OT Richter

    Trevor Mallard will be looking for a job soon.

  • I think Cameron has seen enough Hell to add depth to any show.

    If you let the “Labels” live that people brand you with, you rob yourself of your own identity and do yourself no favours.

  • boristhefrog

    Whale without some whiny dick on the side….

  • Justsayn

    Trevor Mallard.

    Seriously. He’d suit their political agenda, is polarizing, loves the sound of his own voice, is / will soon be looking for a job, and would come with the threat of a few honest revelations about recent political backstabbings.

  • Rex Widerstrom

    Slater, Clark and Sainsbury are the only people on the list who have any depth of understanding of politics and what makes politicians tick. Of the three I’d imagine Slater might slightly edge out Sainsbury in terms of having a useful network of informants (assuming that Clark probably hasn’t cultivated hers of late), which could prove useful.

    So any of the three, with a slight preference for Cam.

    Dalton would make a decent sports host but would have no more to contribute on political issues than any caller, so why pick him?

    Which leaves Paul Henry and Rachel Hunter. The parallels are numerous and apt, though at least Hunter managed to succeed overseas. I know there’ll be those who say the former “is controversial” as though that’s a difficult and admirable achievement in and of itself. Forgetting that anyone from Russel Norman to Dun Mihaka can and has caused controversy, and we don’t wish to entertain their egos just for the sake of it.

    Cam can be every bit as controversial, but with a far greater depth of understanding of the issues and an obvious willingness to do some donkey work to back his opinions with a few actual facts.

  • AnonWgtn

    100% 0f nothing is still 100%

  • RightOfGenghis

    Who cares. Take the winz clients, the undead, the kept men and trophy wives out and only 3 people nationwide listen to daytime radio. A 25% increase in market share equates to 2/3rds of SFA ;)

  • GazzW

    Danny Watson? I’d be happy to start a collection towards his severance pay from ZB.

  • Rat

    This is a pisstake you know