Winning elections by eating steak, eggs and whiskey

Far be it from me to argue with the wisdom of the Iron Lady…but here is the diet of champions who win elections.

As Baroness Thatcher plotted her victorious election campaign of 1979, one key part of her strategy was so closely guarded that it has never before been revealed: her crash diet.

For two weeks in the run-up to her historic win, the Iron Lady stuck rigidly to an Atkins-style regime which included 28 eggs per week, steak, salad, and her favourite tipple, whisky. 

Each day she ticked off every item on a typed sheet of paper kept tucked in a pocket of her personal diary, with the goal of losing 20lb to help look her best when she became prime minister.

The diet was discovered among thousands of personal papers which are being published for the first time by the Margaret Thatcher Archive Trust, and which provide a fascinating insight into life with Lady Thatcher.

How long before “The Thatcher Diet” book is published?


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  • Col

    Sounds an interesting diet, be worth a try, and the reward is a whisky each day!!!

  • tarkwin

    The Muldoon / Peters diet has been around for some time. Their version contains more alcohol and less food.

  • MrAuz1989

    In the Old West, gamblers like Doc Holliday etc used to go through 24 hour plus poker games subsisting on black coffee, whisky and cigars. Obesity wasn’t an issue, Consumption on the other hand……….

  • Patrick

    Bet she ate the steak raw, the eggs from their shells & drank the whiskey on the rocks.

  • Tom

    Thought the title sounded like Winston Peters