In other words…pay the taniwha

Unsurprisingly Maori are upset over something that has the potential to fill their coffers with extortion payments…er…payments to the taniwha to appease the spirits.

Plans to drill for oil only 220 metres from the Egmont National Park boundary were described as desecration and a disgrace yesterday.

Commissioner Mick Lester was holding an independent hearing into Tag Oil’s application to drill up to eight wells at 1045 Rowan Rd, Mahoe.

If oil or gas is found, Tag Oil is proposing to use the site for production purposes, with associated pipelines, for up to 30 years.

However, several iwi are opposing the application to the Stratford District Council. Ngati Haua Whanui Inc, a subsidiary of Ngaruahine, said they were not properly consulted by Tag Oil over the proposed drillings.  

Omahuru Robinson, of Ngaruahine, said the mere thought that the proposal would allow the desecration of whenua, or land, to take place “at the back door” was an “absolute disgrace”.

“It discredits those who advocate or have approved this application to proceed,” Mr Robinson said.

“It’s inconceivable to mention the region of Taranaki without immediately thinking of Mt Taranaki.

“Ngaruahine have visited the proposed site and are astounded by the proximity to our mountain.”

Mr Robinson said the drilling would not be an issue if was 5000m away from the mountain.

“But this is the first time it has come so close to the mountain, and there are a lot of things they cannot quantify,” he said.

Missy Spooner, of Ngati Haua, said she could not bear to think of the potential desecration of Mt Taranaki.

A teary Spooner said when the mountain is desecrated, one is taking the “link out of the whakapapa, genealogy”.

Watch…they will come to an arrangement where the spirits will be satisfied with the sprinkling of coin into their pockets.


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  • Toryboy

    ..and equally unsurprisingly a National government will let them get away with it.

    Finlayson will start more name calling and personal abuse if anyone highlights this nonsense for what it is.

  • Rusty B

    Pay up as usual….suckers!!

  • blokeintakapuna

    … just like with what happened with the Auckland / Waikato water pipeline Water care needed to build for Auckland.
    The protests were going to be formidable. The opposition rock solid.
    Yet, somehow with more “consulting” over a number of hui’s (read tax payer funded parties) the local Taniwha was appeased with extensive “consulting” to the Iwi “Consultants” …and the pipeline was built.
    An OIA request surrounding the amount of “consulting” Watercare paid for would be a very illuminating matter indeed.

  • Patrick

    Ngaruahine have visited the proposed site and are astounded by the proximity to our mountain

    Perhaps someone should call upon Mohammed to move the mountain.

    • Rusty B

      Yip. There is enough of them here now too!

  • Dick Brown

    Can someone tell me the difference between this and the pokies for cenvention centre deal?

    Thought not.

    • BW_Lord

      Ummm, hows this?

      One is exploratory drilling and the other is a building.

      One involves a business negotiating potential benefits while putting up its own money for something that will benefit an entire city, the other is blackmail of a business using made-up fairy creatures for a small group’s ill gotten gain.

    • Bad__Cat

      Can you tell us WTF this has to do with the pokies for “convention” centre deal?

      • Dick Brown

        They both involve negotiation. The means of which are unimportant; however; both have a stench about them but only one has the means to improve the quality of life if handled properly.

        • Dick Brown

          Can you guess which one?

          • Hazards001

            I can’t.

            I’d imagine all the people that could be employed as a result of drilling exploration and the high wages paid could get a better quality of life as those are people like me. Practical pragmatic and willing to get hot wet sweaty dirty and damaged.
            Then there are those that will build a convention centre. Similar types of people, they will have a better quality of life as the project will employee any number of them for a period and then they will go to another project.
            THEN the finished article will employee the types of people that are not so adventurous or that way inclined.

            They will have a better quality of life as they will have work they are capable of, entry level into the work force and opportunities for training and advancement.

            So who have I missed?
            The mythical gambler who’s life will be destroyed by the introduction of additional pokey machines in a place that has plenty of them already and they are never EVER fully occupied?

            Tell me Dick…are jobs only for those that protest and make a living sucking off the publics tit or can other people have one as well?

          • Dick Brown

            You have a very narrow-minded view on what constitutes a quality of life. There was an excellent piece on the Ngati Rarua Atiawa Iwi Trust last night on the uniformly excellent Native Affairs programme on Maori TV.

            Here is the link to the show, fast forward to 34 minutes in for the story:

            Although the circumstances are different, it does show how the power of negotiation, litigation and confidence can improve the lot of the disenfranchised.

            This all goes back to what Maori deem as important to them; just as the almighty $$ and material wealth are important to us, so it is for Maori as well; human nature does not discern race when it comes to happiness.

            So we can agree that everyone is on the same playing field when it comes to wants.


            So let’s look at what Sky City has at their disposal in order to get what they want… a shitload of money and all the power and influence that comes with it, backed by multi-national conglomerate criminals.

            What do Maori have at their disposal? Land and legislation.

            Conclusion: they are both using their strengths to get what they want.

            Singling Maori out for doing what is expected of them is ignorant and racist sorry to break it to you

          • Hazards001

            Go and get fucked you arrogant troughing cunt. Who the fuck are you?
            NOT fucking once did I say Maori. I implied people that want to work. Perhaps by your definition that excludes Maori and makes me racist?

            What the fuck would you know about my quality of life or my expectations?

            And who exactly are you calling criminals?

            As for this “What do Maori have at their disposal? Land and legislation.”

            Says who? What they actually have at their disposal is soft cocked interpretation of those laws. And fuck all land. They flooged that off for years. Hence why so many people are sick and fucking tired of the gravy train known as the Treaty of Waitangi instituted by the cunt Doug Graham and still in effect today!

            This is the ONLY (democratic) country in the world where someone can can sell something and their ancestors can demand it back as they didn’t get enough for it as deemed by the current standards.

          • Dick Brown

            And after that performance ladies and gentlemen; I win the argument.

          • Dick Brown

            Maybe Hazard’s post above is what WO was going on about with regard to bad behaviour on this forum.

          • Hazards001

            Really? ok…you win numbnuts.

          • WABloke

            I thought it was a fair post with some valid points. Am I a racist?

  • blairmulholland

    I don’t know why people are so afraid of a bunch of Maoris. Just tell them “Eh bro, you are full of tutae, haere atu!” and ignore them.

    • maninblack

      Haere atu ra bro

  • OhopeBeachBugger

    Hard to take seriously a spokesperson called Missy Spooner, more so when she’s all lachrymose…

  • BJ

    The only truth is that it is a tangible thing named ‘mountain’ – anything else is just myth and legend – in other words, convenient fantasy to get a group an advantage over others.
    Time we stopped pandering to everything in the name of culture/religion/tangata whenua – it is people believing in magic and it takes the focus off personal responsibility for ones own behaviour through life. I don’t give a toss what fantasy another wants to believe – I care about how much integrity there is in an individual or group’s words and actions.

  • Magoo

    Someone should do an exorcism on the Taniwha and then declare that it is either dead or has been expelled back to the spirit realm and no longer inhabits the sacred oil fields.

  • drummerboy

    I’m going to start a business ‘Taniwha busters’. We will specialise in hunting down and slaying taniwha and other imaginary creatures that get in the way of economic progress. Wonder what Maori will say if I claim to kill a taniwha so oil drilling can go a head haha

    • Dick Brown

      Do it, you might learn something like humility, empathy and a sense of history.

      • drummerboy

        Nah, i got that when I did my minor in Maori history at Victoria university.

        • BigDes


          • Dick Brown

            Not really; he should have known better

      • Mike

        It’s maori who need to learn humility, empathy and a sense of (other peoples) history, instead of always acting all high and mighty, pretending they are/were the custodians of the land and all that PC BS.

        • kehua

          Some Maori Mike take advantage of this type of situation ,just as some Europeans do, have you heard about the `lease for sale ` deals conducted by some of those ` high and mighty` South Islanders. No? thought not.

        • AnonWgtn

          Nah – New Zealand all belongs to the Maori – all 14% of the population who claim a hundredth part Maori.
          Gimme the money honkey

  • steve and monique

    They were happy with, muskets and blankets, and some money way back when.. Wonder what has changed, oh that is right, Greed. Pity this endless claims industry for any, and every thing has not stopped. And the thing that really gets irritating, is the money only goes to a few, and does nothing to curb the bullshit, which is becoming the trade mark of a race, eg child abuse, crime, and an apathy worthy of deadbeats. Tell them to fuck off, and sort their shit out, then complain.

  • cows4me

    The only fucking thing that will be desecrated will be Tag Oil’s wallet. These people are the new wailing women, the more they wail the more you pay.

  • kehua

    They want to stop being so precious and grow up and think about the positives for their kids by way of employment opportunities and corporate sponsorship of schools and community projects that go hand in hand with this type of progress. Look at what has taken place on Mt Ruapehu and bugger me the Rock still stands

  • tspoon

    I saw this article early this morning. At that point it already had one comment to the effect that money would solve all problems. I added the comment “Nice Oil business you’ve got there, be a shame if something were to happen to it.”

    I see now all comments have disappeared from the article, looks like Fairfax attempt to edit reality just like the Herald try to.

  • Allan

    Im actually surprised any progress gets done in this country with all the pandering to maori that goes on!

  • Bad__Cat

    Learning to speak Te Reo:
    “were not properly consulted” means “were not properly paid”