November 2013

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A public service announcement

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The first Canadian casualties of the war in Afghanistan were from an American pilot bombing a training exercise. (source)


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How did stoneage people open cans?

Christmas is coming – forget the RC Helicopter and find me one of these

Disclose.tvStar Wars:SDI Missile Defense – Brilliant Pebbles


Two words professional eater

I wish I could do this to my computer


Hitler prefers to be called Marshall – Waikato Times crim hugger complies


Meet Hitler

via Fairfax NZ

via Fairfax NZ

Now, Hitler doesn’t like it when people call him Hitler.

He should have considered that possibility when he planted the “don’t ever employ me” swastikas on his face, but his actual name is Te Rangi Jamie Charles Trangmar.

Who prefers it if you call him Marshall.

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Chart of the Day – More Climate Change nonsense busted


Russel Norman embarrassed himself by politicising deaths in the Philippines. What made it worse is that there is no evidence to support his claims that severe weather events are either increasing or caused by Climate Change.

In fact there is a new report out that proves otherwise, meaning that they are either stupid, ignorant or liars…quite possibly all three…to scaremonger like they do.

James Delingpole comments on the report:

What the report shows is that – contra m’learned professorial friend at that conference the other day; contra Sir Paul Nurse and the Royal Society – there is no more evidence that there has been a recent increase in extreme weather events than there is that we are in the throes of runaway global warming.  Read more »

The Herald has no respect for their own staff

The Herald has an article celebrating an award by one of their photographers….and then disrespects him with poor captioning of his work.

New Zealand Herald chief photographer Brett Phibbs has been honoured at the Sir Terry McLean national sports journalism awards for the stunning images below. Phibbs won the Nikon Award for best community/sport/recreation/adventure portfolio.


You have to wonder if they actually give a shit anymore.

They got it right in the end though. Got to give them credit for being triers I guess.



Original article by Andrew Stone at the NZ Herald, drawing attention to idiot sub-editors by Cam Slater