50 houses a week for 4 years? Yeah right

Labour has promised to build 10,000 houses in Christchurch inside 4 years.

Labour leader David Cunliffe has defended his party’s plan to take on Canterbury’s housing crisis, which industry experts say leaves more questions than answers.

David Cunliffe announced yesterday that the party would build 10,000 homes in Canterbury over four years as part of its KiwiBuild policy, which aims to build 100,000 affordable homes over 10 years.

“The time has come for the Government to stop denying there is a housing crisis in Canterbury,” Cunliffe said. “Labour is prepared to take action.”

Yesterday, Cunliffe cited Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment figures that estimated up to 7400 people were living in insecure housing.

He said the party would also investigate the use of appropriate red-zone land and properties as a stop-gap measure for temporary accommodation. 

Just look at the simple math to make that happen.

10,000 homes in 4 years is 2500 home built per year, or 50 homes per week.

Chances of Labour making that happen? Almost nil.

Some questions for media to ask David Cunliffe since he is spending today explaining…

  • Where are the sections?
  • Ever heard of the Resource Management Act?
  • How are you going to bypass that?
  • Where are the consents?
  • Who is going to build them?
  • Immigrant labour?
  • If the private sector is supposed to build them how can the government do anything other than get in the way?

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  • Toryboy

    When it takes 6 months to get a building consent somehow I think he is talking rubbish.

    I do not believe anyone thinks this is feasible; I really do not think knocking on doors in the by-election and saying “it is only because there is a National government you are waiting so long, but we in Labour are so morally justified we will save you by 9 o’clock Monday morning” is going to work.

    If they tried this silly policy, I guarantee it would crash land at 378 houses; either that or they would buy 10,000 portacabins and dump them in a paddock and say “look! see? we did it”

    • Kendall

      Even 50 portacabins a week is a tough ask

      • Toryboy

        I think Labour believes you can commandeer men and resources; they probably think you can go to places like Gisborne or Wanganui, grab the Yellow Pages, and ring every builder and say “right, you start work tomorrow in Christchurch” and the builders would actually agree to do so instead of telling them to get stuffed.

        Any businessman in Christchurch involved in building, or supplying materials, or plumbers or electricians etc will tell you they have a 6 month waiting list for existing customers and no ability to up the ante.
        Despite that Cunliffe thinks he can wave that magic wand and do it all in 5 minutes flat.

        • Dick Brown

          There are occasions when our planets align Toryboy; this is one of them.

          • Toryboy

            Thank you Dick; I suspect we agree on 99% of things

        • Whanga_Cynic

          But under a socialist nirvana, that is exactly what you CAN do. Mass movement of people is really easy in that environment.

        • Whanga_Cynic

          But under a socialist nirvana, that is exactly what you CAN do. Mass movement of people is really easy in that environment.

      • AnonWgtn

        But who is going to live in a portaloo – not anyone from the Holy City – very much beneath any dignity.
        Want a 4 bedroom etc house for free, like all the other Christchurch expectations.
        As long as the Taxpayer pays, as they are owed.

  • AnonWgtn

    Again, another load of bollocks

  • Sooty

    Ticky, Tacky, Little Boxes. Wasn’t there a song about them in the 60’s.

    • rrroberto

      Yes there was, Pete Seegar sang that one. But not very good for Labia. “There’s a green one and a pink one and a blue one and a yellow one”
      There just aint no red one, prophetic maybe

  • JC

    Hmm, 10,000 new homes for just “7400” people needing them?


    • Alloytoo

      and this is precisely why command economies crash and burn.

  • cows4me

    Perhaps Cunny is going to pull them out of his arse, everything else they propose seems to come from the same area. If Labia supporters believe this horseshit then I despair that 30% of our population are so thick. I sometimes think it would almost be worth watching these clowns totally screw the country up but I fear those that actually produce the wealth in this country would be bankrupted in the process.

    • Bad__Cat

      They would just re-write history and blame the Previous National government.

  • DLNZ

    As co-leader of the Labour/Greens party, Wussel will insist that buildings must be made from recyclable materials, solar powered and garden snail audits must be carried out on a weekly basis. Foundations must be dug by hand as all forms of mechanical drilling / digging will be banned as it has been shown to cause earthquakes.

    The Green economy will flourish as a result of the 10,000 new snail auditor jobs being created, and Silent T will ensure they are all fluent in Te Reo Maori and will consist of 50% women, 5% disabled, 5% gay, 1.2% gay and disabled, 0.045% gay disabled south-east asian and 0.1% transgender gay disabled Maori learning impaired workers to ensure all types of New Zealanders are allowed equal employment opportunities and representation among snail auditors.

    • Kimbo

      Id imagine they would need a large number of external advisors on contract rates to facilitate this. And of course as it is to do with money a separate Maori advisory boardl.

  • James Growley

    Perhaps the cretin is testing the waters for ridiculous policy in the up and coming by-election to see how far he can go with the general election.

  • tarkwin

    Rufus Painter will be busy.

    • Agent BallSack

      Rufus Paynter is tied up at Shearers mansion doing a knock off before he heads back to NY.

      • Dave

        Maybe that is where Rufus is training all those immigrants to be painters, on the promise of work if they sign up to the union.

        Double bonus for them, union members, creating bullshit jobs !!

        Hey Mr Shearer, remember that scum Phillip T Field, and the tiler……

  • Bart67

    Well, this is just as accurate and beleivable as every other bit of economic jiggery-pokery that comes from the left. Do a little digging, and guess what, nothing stacks up, ever!

  • DJ

    The funny thing is John Key was interviewed this morning on Mike Hosking and he says they are already building 20000 homes over the same period, so their run rate is higher.

  • Dave

    Or will Cunnliffe have to suck up to the big bad businesses he despises, the ones like Fletcher’s etc. Hey Cunnliffe, don’t forget Fletcher’s started as a one man firm in Otago, yunno, a labour stronghold!!

    Dooby brothers …….. Only a fool believes. We don’t believe you Cunnliffe

    • drummerboy

      Fletchers will be supporting labour because it means money for them. Just like when exporters were supporting the greens money printing because they thought they would benefit from it.

      • Agent BallSack

        Be more likely to get paid by National and they wont have to hire Pinkertons to ensure the work is done by unionised labour. IE crap twice as expensive and blows out to 4x the expected timeframe.

        • drummerboy

          Fletchers won’t care about the costs because the government will be paying with the seemingly bottomless cheqe book.

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      According to Rogue Morgan, entire country believes them….

      • Dave

        Entire country of voters living in Otara, that would be the Pacific Island countries SCS. As above SCS, Doobie Brothers – Only a fool believes!!

        They don’t call it a Rouge Morgan poll for nothing.

  • Arnie

    Is this in addition to the 15 or so thousand that are already planned? If so there will be a huge over supply.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Smelling Hippie Norman has promised Green volunteers for the constructions. So scaremongers stay away. The Fat one is capable of lifting beams on her own…..

    • Team ENZ

      where can he muster enough volunteers from? The beneficiaries??? yeah right! time for a Tui

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Shipping containers will take only a day to transport……

    • Agent BallSack

      Perhaps we can lock the Labour caucus in it and export it to Siberia

      • Dave

        Prefer it to be a high tech, space shuttle, might be the best use of Bransons shuttle, but one way only. Best effect of Gravity ever. (Not that gravity has been kind to almost 50% of the labour caucus)

  • nudgy

    Can’t wait for the first Key v Cunny debate on TV. Cunny’s little honeymoon will be well and truly over then. Cunny is a spin doctors nightmare in the Lenny Boy category.

    • DLNZ

      Lets just hope its not hosted by John Campbell.

      • tarkwin

        Sounds like a job for Paul Henry.

    • LinkinHawk

      It will not be just Key vs cunners though, it will be key vs cunners,Norman and tuatara, and you can be sure there will be no one on one debates .

    • Bad__Cat

      Wait for it……… “Show me the money!!!!”

  • fastcompany

    Labours last venture into this area is Hobsonville Point which at the time was Helen Clarks big initiative to fix the housing affordability problem. This was nearly ten years ago and to date has resulted in around 100 new houses (ten per annum) none of which are affordable. Here’s the actual solution. Rezone lots of land for new houses. Let “developers” build some houses for “consumers”.

    • Dave

      Hobsonville point became a green zone, eco friendly touchy feely place, costs blew out, sections became affordable to all but the well healed, and the lot size along with the home size grew and grew. Nice area now, and Ab Fab farmers markets.

  • Dick Brown

    What is it with all this Canterbury-focused shit?

    Are my eyes deceiving me? Isn’t the firm foundation of the national housing crisis smack bang in Auckland?

    Maybe Labour think CERA and the govt are standing still in a circle, making twisitng motions with their feet in the sand, heads bowed mumbling about ‘what are we going to do next’.

    And where is the acknowledgement that if you are going to plan X amount of houses in X amount of time, of WHERE are the skills and manpower necessary in order to enact this plan going to come from?

    Looking for some mention of a national overhaul of apprenticeships in the policy… can’t find any.


  • BJ

    “Lolly scrambles and lucky dips, helicopter pingpong prizes rollup rollup – everyones a winner.” But come election time as the empty ludicrous promises slink quietly away Cunner’s will be counting on perceptions the Labour Party is the Sugar Daddy of our future translating to votes

  • Jp

    Darien Fenton wants to regulate the amount of hours we work each week as well so thats another spanner in the works

    • Team ENZ

      and a minimum wage of $18.00…and cheap housing…. ???
      Only the idiots who cannot count past 10 will believed them Labias..

  • rouppe

    I think the term they used was ‘started building within 4 years’, so at the end of the 4 years as long as there is a peg in the ground then that is ‘started’

  • In Vino Veritas

    I seem to recall Phil Goff slagging off John Keyas making things up, for suggesting that 10,000 houses would have to be demolished.

  • Rodger T

    Cuntliffe keeps coming up with this bullshit cos` he knows the average labia voter can`t see past the platitudes and are to thick to think for themselves.
    They know a Labia gummint will handout the lollies and a National gummint will keep them down and stop them realising their potential, cos` the risen Cunnyliffe has told `em so.

    • Bad__Cat

      Actually this is an Obama strategy. You keep talking about what you are going to do. No details needed. Just keep saying “We will build 10,000 houses in Canterbury” and soon enough the low information voter will go “I’m gonna vote Labour ‘cos they’re gonna give us free houses”

  • Whafe

    Most have neurons between their ears, not sure what Labour have, but it ain’t

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Labia could not build 10000 letterboxes for those houses in 4 years.
    They are just so full of shit promises

  • Bryan

    cunicliffe is dreaming just about every builder in christchurch is working flat out now, and when you talk to them many of them have already come from other parts of NZ. All the talk of saving heaps is also rubbish hear are the facts to build a house allow

    30% for land

    10% for labour

    10% for outercladding
    10% for timber

    10% for roof

    8% for kitchen
    3% for bathroom

    2%for plumbing

    3%for electrical
    2% for insulation
    2% for internal gib

    2% for painting
    5% for landscape
    3% for Legal and council fees

    and you could work these for a 400000 or 600000 deal etc to give an idea of what to allow for each area when estimating a contract.

    these were the general percentages that Industry QS would estimate a contract estimate the thing that had jumped out from these percentages is that the land has

    become 40 to 50% of the total cost
    so you work say a 450000 house and land at 30% would be 135000 but most are being asked to pay 175000 of more so the average house is being built for 275000. which is about 175 a square foot or 1571 a m2

    now even if you got 5% off the house by bulk buying that would only take 13750 off the deal and bring the total 450000 down to 436250 so a total saving of only 3.05% simply it is the land price that is the killer as the house price does not change much except in auckland , talking from experience in the industry its always cost 20% more up there because of local system of no pricing just charge it up

    so there you folks some inside information from when i was a QS about 10 years ago

    • Bad__Cat

      But Bryan, you can’t let facts get in the way of a Labour policy!

  • Bad__Cat

    Let’s see… 7,400 people need houses. Say, 4 people per family. That’s 1,850 houses. Cun*liffe is going to build 10,000 in Canterbury in 4 years . So WTF are the other 8,150 houses for?

    Socialist New Maths, brought to you by Labour, sponsor of Auckland’s sordid Mayor.