Backstabbing back stabbers back stab stabs back

“The man behind the muck-raking blog Whale Oil…”

Now hang on a minute…

A complaint about Cameron Slater’s comment on a Newstalk ZB show that gay Labour MP Grant Robertson “enjoys being stabbed from behind” has been dismissed by the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

The man behind the muck-raking blog Whale Oil made the comment in a discussion about the Labour leadership race in August. “He’s the one who really is the natural leader in this out of this whole lot, giving that he enjoys being stabbed from behind,” Slater stated.

It came on The Larry Williams Drive Show during a segment called The Huddle.

James Clark complained that the double-entendre was offensive and ‘disgusting’, and breached good taste and decency standards in the Radio Code of Broadcasting Practice.

James Clark needs to harden up.  

It described the comment as “subtle and glossed over, with the other panellist and host not picking up on it at all”, and it considered that most listeners would have seen it as a throwaway line not to be taken seriously.

The Authority has ruled that while a double entendre may have been intended, the comment could also have alluded simply to ‘back-stabbing’, and it was not entirely clear which candidate the panellist was referring to.

“Even if it was intended as a double entendre as alleged, the comment fell within the panellist’s right to free speech, and would likely have bypassed many listeners given the quick delivery and that it was not picked up on by the other participants,” it says in its decision.

“We are satisfied that the comment did not threaten standards in this context, including that it formed part of a legitimate political discussion, and the nature of the programme and the radio station which are both targeted at adults and unlikely to appeal to children. Accordingly, we decline to uphold the complaint.”

Of course, Josie said Grant was “pitching internally”, and that never got a complaint!

Shows that gays are normal people too – some of them have no sense of humour.

Here’s the Huddle that caused the “incident” for you, in case you forgot


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  • David

    I doubt he would have been offended more just being a sad bastard; I showed this to a gay workmate just now and he’s still laughing!

  • He should ‘ harden up? ‘ oooh that sounds ruuuude.

    • As does “he man behind the muck-raking”

      Bugger me if this doesn’t turn into another shit storm.

      • johnbronkhorst

        It will only turn into a shit storm should it be withdrawn rapidly…………….the comment, why what were you …….EEEWWWW!!!

        • Cowgirl

          There are double entendres all over this story

    • Orange

      Maybe, but it wouldn’t stand up in court

  • LesleyNZ

    Interesting reading the history of the Muckraker.

    • Thanks for that – fascinating:

      “the term “muckraker” was used to refer in a general sense to a writer who investigates and publishes truthful reports to perform an auditing or watchdog function. In contemporary use, the term describes either a journalist who writes in the adversarial or alternative tradition or a non-journalist whose purpose in publication is to advocate reform and change.”

  • Pissedoffyouth

    But whale has been defending the gays for a long time… uncalled for!

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Why is Lentils Brown not in the mix? This is a serious question bros….

  • Pete

    I never heard any of the media complaining at the endless “ding dong the witch is dead ” comments when Maggy Thatcher died !
    I found that very bad !

  • Constantine

    Precious is as precious does: when will the gay mafia ever learn………………..

  • Saccharomyces

    I wonder if this is the same James Clark that was a teacher at Edgewater College in the 90’s who as I recall is also a Labour Party member and former candidate…..

    • It wouldn’t surprise me :)

  • phronesis

    And to think John Key got away with saying that he thought Len Brown would be “back on the whores again soon”. Just goes to show that it’s all in the delivery, and keeping a straight face.

    • Dr Wang


  • Have a cry James Clarke, you bloody sook.

    Would it be better if Cam said Robertson was a choo choo train and he didn’t mind his carriages being shunted.

    • Timboh

      Um, pulling a train is Labour speak for the number of people you suck into the government bureaucracy , I could be wrong of course.

      • I said shunting, not pulling. let’s leave Len Brown out of this for once.

        • Timboh

          Fair enough. Unfortunate surname to bring into this conversation. I understand , no bum extended.

          • Timboh

            Sorry, virtual keyboard. No offence defended.

  • pukakidon

    No wonder the Gays get such a hard time, many of them are whiney unlikable shits like this Labour Party School teacher. He gives Gay people a bad name, what an arsehole.