Bad day for stinky thieving hippy-crites in Opotiki


A reader emails from Opotiki:

Greenpeace was having a mare of an afternoon in Opotiki today.

1, ? ?A young man in Greenpeace T-shirt with clipboard was following people down the main street who were saying to him ” we need oil”, and “renewable energy has to be subsidised overseas”. ?

2. ? ?Then in local dairy there is a large photo on their rogues gallery of a man in Greenpeace T-shirt who used dairy’s internet earlier this year and walked out without paying. Greenpeace?man from Para 1 ?had been trying to say that anyone can wear a Greenpeace t-shirt? but when I left he was trying to do damage control by seeking to pay for whatever the cost had been. I guess he would be trying to remove the photo from off the dairy wall. I’ll try to get a photo next time!!

Sounds like there are good sensible people in Opotiki who realise the benefits of oil and what it may mean for their town if we strike oil off East Cape.

He’s lucky he didn’t get the bash pulling that stunt on main street in Opotiki.