The benefits of sunlight

Len Brown called for more privacy for politicians after I busted on of his sordid little secrets wide open.

Like Len’s mistresses, secrets fester in the darkness…Matthew Norman at The Telegraph explains clearly why any moves to curtail press and media freedoms must be opposed strenuously.

Secrets are onerous, dangerous and destructive things, in public life as in human relationships. They fester in the darkness and become fetid, until eventually they turn toxic. Just as people become ill without enough Vitamin D, so the body politic needs sunlight to stay healthy.  

The Americans, for all the sporadic lunacies of their Congress, have always understood this. They did not make the absolute right to freedom of speech the First Amendment by accident. They did so because it is of primary importance that the media is at liberty to inform the people of what their masters would rather keep quiet.

George Orwell succinctly explains why it is that Len Brown thinks he can get away with his behaviour and keeping his other women secret as well…he deceieves himself.

“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”
―George Orwell, 1984


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  • Statehousekid

    Keep giving us our daily dose of vitamin D Cam regardless of those who do not believe in good medicine.

    • Rimutaka

      Or quackery, it all depends on ones POV.

      • Statehousekid

        It is proven fact humans need vitamin D just like it is proven fact Len Brown gave his mistress a reference for a council job.

        • kehua

          I wonder how many more Women were given references for Council Jobs by Len Brown?

          • Patrick

            Wonder how many more got “the Len Brown two minute take down”

      • GazzW

        Quackery or not you seem to be addicted to your daily dose of whaleoil rimutaka.

  • Col

    The worse person to tell a lie too, is yourself, the reason being you will believe the lie.
    Poor Lenny, take the walk boyo.

  • ratesarerevolting

    LBIAFC !

  • thor42

    I agree with this. The TPP is a good example – it could do with a sh*tload of sunlight on it, that’s for sure.

  • Allyson

    Not sure why Team Red think it in their best interest to keep Labour cheat in his office. Surely his presence will continue to prove a festering sore, and with elections soon his gift to the current Govt could be even greater than Shearer’s.

    • Cowgirl

      This is something I don’t get either – the guy is a scumbag (and they know it) so why would you rather keep him there, than not? Is there no one else they’d prefer? Wouldn’t they rather see a by-election and maybe get Phil Goff in there instead, if they absolutely have to have someone red there? At this point I don’t care who is Mayor, so long as it isn’t Len Brown. I just don’t get why Team Red has to have Len Brown as Mayor at all costs.

      • Patrick

        They continued to back Philip Field even when it was patently obvious that he had misused his position & exploited immigrant labour for his own personal gain.
        They continued to back Winston Peters when it was patently obvious he had misused his position to gain favours from the racing fraternity. The continued to back Peters when it was patently obvious he had lied about the funding he had received from Owen Glenn.

        See the pattern here….? Don’t be at all surprised if Labour turn a blind eye to misbehaviour of one of their own, political expediency is the determining factor, not doing the right thing.

        • Chaz

          Don’t forget about David Benson Pope. The problem is the whole party is full of perverts, so how the hell can they call time on any one of them that is busted.

  • JohnRW

    Just heard Bevan Chuang on Q&A just before 11:00 am. Probably an extract of tonight’s Sunday program. Maybe watch with filters on.

    • Hazards001

      I probably won’t so feel free to report back with the Readers Digest version.

      She is finished. There is no way she can ever have a credible career in politics (not that there is such a thing as a credible career in politics) and she probably won’t get much of a career anywhere else either.
      She is not trustworthy and I for one would not hire her to wash my car.
      If she’d had any sense she’d have avoided the media completely.

      They won’t save her. They will through her under the bus and use the sound bites that make the story run the way they want it to.

      • Cowgirl

        A couple of good things came from it actually – an admission that they were definitely sleeping together when he recommended her to the Art Gallery, and also a ‘warning’ that she hopes other women will learn from her mistakes. Designed to scare them off I think, but rather a nice big confirmation that others exist perhaps?

        • Hazards001

          Oh I’m sure others exist. Rat bastards do tend to have continuous form!

          • Cowgirl

            I hope both of those things are what the general public take away from it all. The rest was just all we’ve heard before.

  • Dave

    Len is the one in control of his own privacy, its like this Len.

    1) Don’t screw the crew in the company’s time or premises
    2) Don’t write references and appoint your mistress/s to positions you control
    3) Don’t have people lie for you, it wont work.
    4) Don’t sack the team defending you, they know more of your dirty little secrets Len, they will spill one day, Soon Len!! (be afraid Len, be very afraid)

    5) Finally, Resign Len, as soon as you resign, withdraw from the media, it will all go away within a week or two, otherwise you will be the butt of all jokes for years.

  • Toryboy

    I think anyone seeking public office should be open to ‘sunlight’.

    However I think there is a place for secrets; I think some people do not ‘really’ want to know the truth about certain people, or certain events, or certain institutions no matter how much they claim they do.

    For instance, let’s say there was a war, let’s say that war was started because the right politicians were paid by Defence contractors to start it (Swiss bank account filled up, promise of seat on the board and massive salary in retirement, secret share options etc).

    Does the ordinary man in the street ‘really’ want to be told by a weapons manufacturer the following? – “We saw a way to make billions of dollars, we knew the Prime Minister was for sale, so we bought him and he declared war, and we made billions thanks to the blood of your 19 year old sons”

    Does the average man in the street really want a Prime Minister to tell them – “I saw a way to make my fortune and I took advantage of that. I am $100 million richer – and there is nothing you can do about it. So there!”

    I very much doubt anyone ‘really’ would want to be told those sorts of secrets – they would prefer to believe idealistic speeches by a Prime Minister about “supporting the weak against evil agressors” “we cannot appease tyrants” “we must act now or history will condemn us” etc (the usual bullshit).

    • Patrick

      Sounds like you know Tony Blair’s secrets…..

  • LabTested

    I think anyone should be allowed to have a wank at home ( as long as the cat is not watching) but when you get caught squeezing one out at work the entire room will forever be contaminated by your actions.

    • Hazards001

      Noted. No wanking at work and lock the cat out.
      Probably the most salient advice of the day!

    • ex-JAFA

      My cat’s quite disinterested. But her occasional glances to see if I’m finished still creep me out.

  • steve and monique

    So the mistress is going to air Lens dirty deeds on TV1 tonight. Will be interesting to see if it is truthful, and containing fact, or just a media load of hog wash.