Is the BSC a stooge of the SFWU?


Via the Tipline

The great thing about getting abused is that those doing it are never quite as clean as they make themselves out to be. And Whaleoil’s Rules of Politics No.7 explains everything.

The BSC and its El Presidente Patrick Lee-Lo is a good case in point.

A wee while ago I started exposing the cartel like behaviour of a little known trade association called the Building Services Contractors of NZ or the BSC for short. They’ve turned out to be a gift that keeps on giving.

There were always serious questions that needed to be answered by the BSC about their affiliation with the SFWU. Rodney Hide had a crack at them. The Owl has exposed questions about their financials and even the Franchise Association had to give them a slap.

But then this came in via the tip-line.   

It’s from Patrick Lee-Lo’s latest (October) newsletter. It says;


Just like their union mates at the SFWU, the BSC is essentially too lazy to follow up their membership (some say about 50 members) and instead intend to tuck their members into a higher paying levy category.

If the BSC’s newsletter is anything to go by, the chances of a business coming across a letter asking them to pony up $20,000 in membership fees seem remote. But just like the Owl’s investigations into the SFWU member rort, the BSC has similar questions to answer.

The question is does the BSC Board know about this? And does the BSC Board or membership know what else El Presidente has been up to lately on behalf of the BSC?


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  • Dick Brown


    Comic sans font. That’s an automatic fail even before you scratch the dodgy surface.

    This is messy; looking forward to the fallout.

  • LionKing

    The BSC Board must really be in la-la land with blinkers on not to realise the damage Patrick Lee-Lo is inflicting onto them. But then again, when you’re part of a cosy little club that fleeces its members for $20k per year for sweet fuck all, and you get some nice little overseas junket, who gives a rat’s arse about little things like overcharging members. Hell their union mates get away with it, so why can’t they!

  • Quinton Hogg

    That reads like one of those fake invoices you get from time to time from fraudsters…

  • rouppe

    So if there’s only 50 members and they pay $20,000 each that’s only $1million. That’s not even a good rort once you pay board members, staff, office costs etc…

    • Dick Brown

      That’s a lot of blow and hookers though.

    • Kopua Cowboy

      FUCK giving some other prick $20k out of my pay packet, seriously.

  • Dave

    Maybe someone needs to arrange a meeting of all BSC members and advise them all NOT to join and, that at $2500 each, they can get a part time exec to better represent them. I know of such a person, there are many, representing smaller associations at very reasonable fees.

    They could them keep $17,500 in their accounts, more profit, or another part time employee.