The carnage continues, Telecom and Vodafone bail too

Two more companies have bailed from advertising on the Radio Live Willie and JT show.

NBR reports the ongoing carnage:

Vodafone has followed suit and suspended all advertising from RadioLive.

Vodafone acting head of external communications Emma Carter says in a statement:

?The issues raised by the ?Roast Busters? case are of huge concern to us all at Vodafone including the way that social media has subsequently been exploited to expose and attack the victims.??

?We are network leaders in cyber safety and have developed many products and services to empower our customers to address these types of issues and, in particular, to equip young people with the tools they need to operate safely and confidently online.?

Telecom?s external communications manager Holly Wilkinson says Telecom advertising is broadcast through MediaWorks “across a wide range of shows that our customers listen to ? including the show hosted by Willie Jackson & John Tamihere.

?Following the recent ?Roast Busters? controversy and offensive comments made by hosts on the show, under our instruction, our media buying agency has taken action to remove all Telecom advertising from the Willie & JT Show.”

Radio insiders tell me now it is just a matter of time before they are off air.